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Having Engineer Visa(Salary 600KD) without KSE
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Dear IIKians,

I have Civil Engineer Visa Residence having 600KD Salary not having KSE can i

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Hai friends,

Recently, I renewed my daughter''s visa by visiting Farwaniya Jawazat, located

weekend tour
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Dear All,

If anyone is going to Saudi, Bahrain, Iraq by car on long weekend, Kindly let me

Academic Qualification Accredition for above 55 age in Abu Fatira PAM
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For Residence transfer they asked me to go to PAM office in Abu Fatira to Accredit my Academic certi

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Visit visa for parents -ahmadi jawassat updated
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Yesterday i got visit visa for my parents from ahmadi jawasat (ladies cannot sponsor their parents ,

Insurance claims advice
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There is one technician who got his eyes spilled with chemicals while on works and he could see ok w


Posted by flat on 2/21/2024 11:24:53 pm

while we change/leave the flat, is it neccessary to patch the nail holes on wall, which occured because of hanging clock, etc. ?


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KSE NOC and driving license

Posted by seeker on 2/21/2024 3:48:03 pm

dear all,

i have engineering degree and work as engineer, previously before coming to kuwait (6 months ago) i got my degree kse approved and have the noc from them.

now i want to apply for driving license, my company said that noc from kse is required for the driving license, and i have to renew my noc because the old one expires in 3 months.

my question, is it really required for the driving license to have kse noc?
and is the kse noc really expired in 3 months?

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NEET Details

Posted by rajalakshmi on 2/21/2024 2:03:34 pm

dear parents,

i just want to inquire about neet medical coaching classes in kuwait and what the fees and admission dates are.

i am requesting all this because i am a divorced woman, and through court, my daughter is under my custodian. due to my lack of education, i don''t know the procedure, and my husband doesn''t want to guide me or my daughter either.

my daughter finished 11th grade and will be going to 12th grade this march.

apart from this, moldova and georgia are better, and neet is required.

your kind suggestions are highly appreciated

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Info change in Passport

Posted by jmohd on 2/21/2024 12:48:11 pm

kindly provide info on procedure to change info on passport.
place of birth mentioned wrong.

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Having Engineer Visa(Salary 600KD) without KSE

Posted by mohamed on 2/21/2024 9:00:02 am

dear iikians,

i have civil engineer visa residence having 600kd salary not having kse can i apply for family visa. is kse card is mandatory for family visa. kindly let me know.

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Visit Visa for extended family members

Posted by angle 360 on 2/21/2024 8:48:30 am

hi all
can you please guide me on the following;
what are the procedures for applying for a visit visa for a son, his wife, their son, and their granddaughter for 1-week visit only (all holding indian passports).
applier''s qualification eng., job designation executive manager, salary about 4k

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Unable to Register in MEW-PAY application

Posted by michael ibrahim on 2/21/2024 7:44:58 am

has anyone encountered an issue while registering to mew-pay app to pay electricity bills. i am not recieving otp to complete the registeration process.

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Posted by ivana on 2/20/2024 11:38:30 pm

i am on article 22 and currently pregnant. this is an unplanned pregnancy. we can''t be happy because things don''t go as planned. we are already on a tight budget. we want to know the total cost from the first day of check there any pregnancy packages available except delivery? because delivery should take place in a government hospital. or it is better go to india ?

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Insurance claims advice

Posted by zaker on 2/20/2024 7:25:18 pm

there is one technician who got his eyes spilled with chemicals while on works and he could see ok with only one eye slightly after treatment..for his insurance claims the contractor co. not doing anything , need advice since vision issues he worried to survive outside alone, without camp and afraid ...though he is working here since more than 4years.

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Family Residential Visa

Posted by sohail on 2/20/2024 2:08:05 pm

i have bachelor of commerce degree attested, and in my work permit my designation is whole sale shop supervisor.
am i eligible to get family residential visa on this work permit
kindly suggest and guide (other salary requirements are met)

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Visit Visa for parents

Posted by resh on 2/20/2024 10:43:57 am

hi please advise if any girls took visit visa for parents at farwaniya. is it possible for females to took visit visa for parents if salary is above 400 kwd and 18 visa.

thanks in advance

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Business Launch Discussion

Posted by entrepreneur on 2/20/2024 8:17:17 am

dear all.
hope you all doing well.
i would like to get your feedbacks and your views on my business launching.
i want to launch my taxi app its like uber or ola . as i can see there is already an app called careem in the market but their prices and the service is not up to the standard. i have done some research and gets to know that why careem is charging to its customer it very huge amount, and the local taxi is charging to their customer according to their nationality , if they found any foreigners they charge double or triple then what they charge to asian. i want to really equalize this with standards and affordability for all.

whats your views on this guys.

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How to get new driving license in Kuwait

Posted by mohammad ansari on 2/19/2024 11:05:33 pm

hello everyone

i am mechanical engineer and working in kuwait since 2018, but i cancel my iqama and moved to india and came to kuwait after 3month with new visa , now i completed 1year and 10 month in kuwait my salary is 600kd. should to be 2 yrs with new visa or maroor will count from 2018, in iznamal designation mandoop ,
am i eligible to get the d/l in kuwait.?
or should i complete 2 years with new visa?

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Salmiya Block 10

Posted by tenant on 2/19/2024 3:15:39 pm

salmiya block 10 residents. how much will be 3bhk rent in block 10.

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Status symbol Vs Shopping place

Posted by status symbol vs shopping place on 2/19/2024 11:24:51 am

why people link their status with the place of shopping?? for example;

high status- shopping from sultan center

medium status- shopping from lulu, city center, carrefour etc.

low status- shopping from oncost, grand hyper, bakala etc.

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Collect money before you exit

Posted by collect money before you exit on 2/19/2024 9:47:04 am

i am leaving kuwait. i visited bank to ask if my bank account will be frozen or will not be active as soon as i cancel residence. the customer care person informed me the following.

1. the bank account will be in active mode till the expiry of the cid irrespective of residence cancellation.

2. even if i am out of kuwait, i can do online transactions till the validity of cid date. if i give atm card to my friend, he can withdraw money from atm without any problems.

however, the bank account will not be operational after the cid date. only money can be deposited but can not be withdrawn. it means whatever money is left in the account post cid date, forget the money forever.

kindly plan your exit accordingly since many payments are deposited in bank account after we exit e.g. indemnity, mew deposit etc. kindly keep a gap of min. 4 months (date of cancellation of residence till cid expiry date) to get your money else forget.

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Visit visa for parents -ahmadi jawassat updated

Posted by ds on 2/19/2024 9:35:50 am

yesterday i got visit visa for my parents from ahmadi jawasat (ladies cannot sponsor their parents , so i converted the paper to my husband sponsorship

documents required
parents passport copy
translated birth certificate of myself (they will check parents name )- (mofa +justice stamp)they will take the original translated one, original to carry they will verify
translated marriage certificate (mofa +justice stamp)they will take the original translated one ,original to carry they will verify

sponsor ithinamel passport and civil id
return ticket and invoice
once all documents done they ask for meta appointment also and inform us to print and bring the meta appointment also along with the application .

no age limit for parents.

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weekend tour

Posted by emad on 2/19/2024 9:24:07 am

dear all,

if anyone is going to saudi, bahrain, iraq by car on long weekend, kindly let me know.

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Posted by innocent boy on 2/19/2024 8:01:55 am

my civil id address falls under farwaniya governorate. is it compulsory to make the appointment in farwaniya or anywhere i can take the appointment?

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Saregama caravan songs

Posted by musician on 2/18/2024 9:01:41 pm

i want to download saregama caravan 5000 songs collection to my mobile.

i am not finding the download link. i am ready to pay for download.

kindly any one please provide me link to download songs


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Posted by khader abdul on 2/18/2024 8:36:16 pm

as per the arab times news paper they have mentioned ,if your name is mentioned on your wife passport then you dont need relationship affidavit from the embassy ? is it correct

if somebody know correct information kindly share your experience

thank you

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Posted by khader abdul on 2/18/2024 7:58:05 pm

what is the minimum salary in cbk to open saving account for 17,18,20 iqama?
and how to open this account from online
and how much amount we have to pay to open this account
and which document are required
if anybody know kindly share your experience

thank you

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Family Visit Visa Duration

Posted by shan on 2/18/2024 3:53:39 pm

i am planning to bring my family from march 28 to april 27. i saw the news that family visit visa is given for 1 month.
since march has 31 days, 1 month means 31 days, or do they consider it 30 days only?

please respond if you have clarity on this issue.

thanks in advance.

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Renewal of Car Registration ( Daftar) after Technical inspection

Posted by vijay on 2/18/2024 1:49:11 pm

dear friends,
kindly guide me
today i have done the technical inspection in jabriya maroor and passed my car.
now how to get renewed dafter after paying kd.5?
do we have any site there we can pay kd.5 online and get daftar renewed?

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Carrying 249 grams drone into India

Posted by n on 2/18/2024 1:43:59 pm

has anyone carried dji drone (mini 3 pro) recently to india which is less than 249 grams.

do we need to register the drone on dgca website in india?

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Chess club

Posted by tj on 2/18/2024 9:51:55 am

is there any chess club / trainer in jleeb (abbasiya)? heard there is one in salmiya , can anyone please give the location in salmiya.
my son is very much interested in chess , i need someone knowledgeable to guide him further in tournaments.

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Petrol pump near Nuwaseeb border

Posted by petrol pump near nuwaseeb border on 2/18/2024 9:46:01 am

we are travelling to saudi arabia.

which is the nearest petrol station to nuwaseeb border to fill the petrol before entering ksa?

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Posted by gac on 2/18/2024 8:43:00 am

i''m looking to buy gac gs3 or gs4.
if anyone is using gac, can you please give your feedback.
thank you.

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Did anyone visited Thailand recently?

Posted by steve on 2/18/2024 7:58:16 am

did anyone visited thailand recently from kuwait after thailand implemented visa free entry for indians?
did u faced any issue in kuwait while boarding without visa? any other document other than passport and hotel booking?
can you brief about your immigration / airlines experience in both kuwait and thailand?

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Family visit visa

Posted by mohammed yaqub on 2/17/2024 2:01:25 pm

what is the time that meta is opening appointment for the next date ?? cuz for past 2 days they are not opening at 1.00 pm and is already filled by morning itself . can anyone from hawally governarate update regarding this ?

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PRADO second hand

Posted by shawn on 2/17/2024 10:48:41 am

hi, iam looking forward to buy a second hand prado , preferably a four cylinder one. anyone knows a lead.
not very old . maybe 2015 to 2020. any idea on price range?

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Work from home job

Posted by jan jas on 2/16/2024 11:16:23 pm

hi all
any work from home job openings ?
please help.
i am a mom of 2 who s desperately looking for a trusted remote jobs
also i am taking maths tuition for classes 7th
location : mahboula

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Which exchange is transferring money to Iran

Posted by seiyed ahamed ahamed on 2/16/2024 6:23:20 pm

hello viewers,
i need to send money to iran for one of my friend who did my project. i visit several exchange but they refused to send iran.
if you know any exchange who is sending to iran plz comment
thank you

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Seeking Feedback: Air India Express Flight Experience from Kuwait to Chennai ??

Posted by babu t on 2/16/2024 2:59:52 pm

can anyone share their experience flying with air india express from kuwait to india (chennai)? looking for insights and feedback. thanks! ??

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Visit visa for brother in law

Posted by abdulla on 2/16/2024 2:24:27 pm

my salary is above 800kwd, can i bring brother in law in family visit visa??

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Posted by ja on 2/16/2024 11:59:30 am

dear all,
if anyone is going for umrah by car on 21st of 22nd feb, kindly let me know.
thank you.

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Passport Renewal delay dur to Passport application is under review at Indian Embassy/Consulate.

Posted by gani on 2/16/2024 6:56:03 am

dear friemds,
we have done local police verification last week friday and it is nearly week the status still shows as "passport application is under review at indian embassy/consulate.".

does anyone share their experiences how long it takes pp renewal from kuwait for adults.


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Triptik to exit is cumpulsory now?

Posted by altaf kadu on 2/16/2024 5:46:18 am

can any give confirm news about triptik is required to travel saudi via salmi border. in recent 1-2 days anybody is going please inform

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Visit visa what’s app group

Posted by ratna koc on 2/16/2024 3:56:45 am

dear friends, i want to make a whatsapp group for to help each others to know the visit visa obtaining process so if anyone interested pls send their whatsapp number .

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Good Lasik Doctor/Clinic

Posted by naveed khalid on 2/16/2024 1:01:03 am

is there any one who had lasik surgery done in kuwait?
looking for good doctors- preferred is for femto lasik.
thank you very much

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Flight Ticket

Posted by visit visa on 2/15/2024 4:47:53 pm

dear frnds

i have purchased return ticket last year for my son as he left to canada in sep 2023 and his return ticket is for may as visit visas are opened can he fly back ? his flight is lufthansa and as i read that no one will be allowed in to kuwait if not travelled in assigned airlines !!! worried that return ticket will be a waste and i need to purchase fresh ticket - ca - kwt - ca. if anyone facing similar issue please share comments.

genuine answers please.

thanks in advance.

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Refund security deposit on iqama cancellation

Posted by indian on 2/15/2024 2:55:20 pm

we are leaving kuwait for good, if i cancel my family''s iqama, will i get any security deposit refund which we paid at time of first iqama or just travel out of kuwait without cancellation?

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Family visa

Posted by vichy on 2/15/2024 12:12:48 pm

last week applied for family visa. but was rejected only for my son as his passport validity was less than 2 yrs. so didn’t take for wife and daughter also even though they said i can take for them.
now today , 15-2-2024, went again to mishref with my son’s renewed passport and other docs for my family. but now they don’t even give me token saying only the 14 exempted categories are given visa.
my degree is electrical engineer. no kes
job description: electrical machine sales
salary above 800 kes

anybody faced such situation

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Want to switch my career

Posted by want to switch my career on 2/15/2024 10:17:32 am

my age is 44 years. i am in manufacturing sector and don’t like the routine life such as plant, machines, fighting with workers, break down, production target and many more. the salary is not very good and job is very stressful.

i know pc skills such as word, excel, power point which is just sufficient for my job.

of late i have been thinking to move to erp as it is office job and very good pay and job in demand.

i don’t know anything of erp. can some one guide me where should i start, what should i do, whom to contact, which course is suitable for me?

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Nissan Mechanic

Posted by jsk on 2/15/2024 10:10:32 am

dear all
are there any mechanics or shope that can repair an infiniti power steering pump leak? the o ring needs to be changed. as far as i know, the new one is very expensive and electronic.

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Good Ophthalmologist in Kuwait

Posted by sab on 2/15/2024 9:19:05 am

i have slight blur vision in one of my eyes. can anyone please suggest a good ophthalmologist in kuwait.

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KSE Membership

Posted by amith on 2/15/2024 7:04:38 am

dear all,
my wife complted her b tech from nba accreadited college and she is here in kuwait dependent visa.can she apply for kse mebership .she is not working last 7 years .

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Family Visa for Wife if she is pregnant

Posted by indian on 2/14/2024 7:46:11 pm

dear expert,

please advice if i am eligible for family visa or not. my salary is above 800 and holding degree everything is ok but i am just concern that my wife is pregnant will they pass her medical or not.

can someone please advice.

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Job related

Posted by abc on 2/14/2024 7:04:46 pm

i am female graduate in b.e (cse) in 2016. i have never worked or had any experience and am always eager to learn. i am in kuwait on visa 22 since 2022. i am always dreamt of going job in it field.1st parents not allowed then there is no hindrance in going to work.somewhat i am updated in latest technology.also having good knowledge in front end tools(html,css,java script,react js, angular) python for backend and databases..a quick learner and always eager to i fit to go work?can i get a job without a referral? please give honest answers only. spit the truth even it hurts

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Family Visit visa Marriage certificate need

Posted by visa on 2/14/2024 6:46:28 pm

after reading all comments and details i''m getting confusion that, to bring family on visit visa did i need ...
1. relationship certificate with embassy attestation required or not?
2. or only marriage certificate with attestation is enough??
3. for child his birth certificate with attestation and relationship certificate both required?? or only birth certificate.

pls let me know, my governet is ahamdi.

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