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Attesting documents for Immigration
10 replies

My migration to Australia is in process and have been told by the Agent to get certain documents (ce

Any experience using ''Motorgy'' for selling cars?
5 replies

Stumbled on the app for selling the car in Kuwait. They charge KD 10 for assessing the car. They wil

KSE NOC for Computer Science Engineer (CSE)
11 replies

Is the process of approval from KSE for a 4 years Bachelors (B.Tech) in CSE any different from Mech.

Need business ideas in India
7 replies

I am planning to leave Kuwait and start a business in India during this year. But totally confused w

Regarding electricity meter refurnd
8 replies

Hello dears

I submitted my electricity papers to MEW surra office & he gave me 1 small squa

Indian Covaxin better than Pfizer...Good job MODI.
31 replies

As reported by international media, hundreds of patients are died after taking Pfizer on the contrar

Car insurance policy purchased from Saiyarti
10 replies

I purchased online a one year car insurance policy from Saiyarti and when I submitted my papers for

where can I get good sofa from Fahaheel ??

Posted by man on 1/28/2021 5:16:17 am

i need to buy sofa from fahaheel area with value not exceeding 120 kwd
pls advice me from where can i get it ??

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Renewal of kids passport

Posted by indian on 1/27/2021 6:18:25 pm

i need to renew passport of my 10 year kid.

last time i prepared all documents and submitted in cox and kings office at sharq.

now the website of cox and kings is not working when i called their office they said bring all passports and civil id and they will prepare documents there and photograph also they will click there.

need advice from those who renewed passport recently
also how long will it take for passport to be ready

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Posted by sanju on 1/27/2021 5:24:53 pm

kindly advice the current rule/procedure for direct or private car passing...

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Not able to access FTP (Port 21) in Ooredoo 5G connection. Using Huawei B818-263 router.

Posted by john on 1/27/2021 9:51:20 am

i am not able to access ftp (port 21) in ooredoo 5g connection using huawei b818-263 router. same ftp able to access when i switch to other isp 4g connection.

what could be the issue. if anyone knows please help

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Need Dr. information

Posted by s s on 1/27/2021 8:29:22 am

anyone knows good male infertility dr. in kuwait. please provide me dr. name and location.
dr. should be male.

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Where can I get Samsung Smart TV remote?

Posted by muneer on 1/26/2021 8:32:53 pm

any idea where i can buy extra remote control for my samsung smart tv?
my remote is not working.
appreciate if anyone can guide the shops


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MOI Passport updating

Posted by deepak on 1/26/2021 5:48:41 pm

hi, kindly advise how to sort out the issue of updating passport details in moi to renew family residence. i uploaded documents to update the passport details in moi website about 2 weeks back, on checking status it shows modified but does not allow to renew residence. it says passport details not updated, how do i resolve the issue. insurance amount has been paid. if anyone can help please advise. thanks in advance.

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Electricity Deposit Refund

Posted by anon . on 1/26/2021 1:52:41 pm

dear all,

if anybody has the contact details of the bengali who is assisting with the refund of electricity deposit, please email it to [email protected]

i need to cancel my electricity connection and don''t mind paying to finish of the process.


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Posted by expat on 1/26/2021 1:36:10 pm

dear friends,
can anyone suggest to me a good vedic math teacher here or in india for my kid who is studying in 2nd class, also if anyone sending kids for vedic maths please share the experience...

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Posted by kumar on 1/26/2021 12:48:48 pm

in current situation, having bank fixed deposits in india is safe .which is the safe deposit avialble in india for nri

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Xiaomi Mijia Mi 1080P IP Smart Camera

Posted by san on 1/26/2021 11:32:37 am

anyone one has non working condition "xiaomi mijia mi 1080p ip smart camera 360 angle". please let me know. i would like to get it. please drop message here.

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Company visa to Factory visa and again back to company visa, Transfer possible???

Posted by abdul on 1/26/2021 11:20:24 am

dear all,

i entered kuwait in 2015 on a company visa, got transferred to another company''s factory visa in 2017, now i want to transfer to a company visa. is it possible??? what advice to be given to new company mandoub?
thanking you all

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MOFA Attestation

Posted by mohammad faisal ahmed on 1/26/2021 10:21:54 am

my degree is attested by ministry of external affair in india, can i attest mofa in kuwait without attestation by embassy of kuwait.

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Car insurance policy purchased from Saiyarti

Posted by ratna prasad on 1/25/2021 2:11:00 pm

i purchased online a one year car insurance policy from saiyarti and when i submitted my papers for the daftar i was informed by the muroor that the insurance policy was made on a defunct company. when i contacted saiyarti for the correction i was informed that it was my mistake and that they are not responsible for issuing me an insurance policy on a defunct company. that is the resolution i got from saiyarti.

please be warned and careful of such online scams and ensure that your insurance service provider is a reputed and valid company when you purchase insurance online.

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Kuwait Mobile ID for infants

Posted by yousaf on 1/25/2021 11:04:13 am


my wife and infant is travelling to kuwait via dubai. both their civil id''s have been expired. i have renewed their residencies online and already applied for new civil id, which is under process currently. . my wife was able to activate kuwait mobile id for herself, however for my child, i tried a couple to times and it gives me error.

i would like to know if kuwait mobile id is required for infants when travelling or is it exempted. any person who travelled recently to kuwait with similar experience, please advise.

thank you.

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visa validity

Posted by mp on 1/25/2021 10:23:18 am

my family travelled to india in september 2020 and they are in india at present. their visa is valid till end of 2021. if they not come back with in 6 months their visa will get cancelled? or that rule is not applicable now? experts please advice


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Visa transfer

Posted by visa transfer on 1/25/2021 9:30:42 am

need an urgent help. is visa transfer from visa no:17 to visa no:18 possible now?(ministry visa to private company visa)

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help for wats up and facebook

Posted by sree on 1/25/2021 8:31:02 am

hai friends i need some help regarding to facebook and watsup.
1. how we move a video from whats up to fb? we move a vide of fb to wats up?

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Need business ideas in India

Posted by snow white on 1/24/2021 1:25:52 pm

i am planning to leave kuwait and start a business in india during this year. but totally confused which business to start. i would prefer starting business in any state of india, however, preference would be bombay / bangalore / kerala. investment would be around rs.25-35 lakhs. people with fresh ideas kindly share your views.

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Posted by abc on 1/24/2021 1:06:53 pm

when will the schools for small children''s open?

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Is 14 days home quarantine applicable for Dubai Travel?

Posted by sid on 1/24/2021 11:44:39 am

hello all,
if i travel to dubai for a week and come back to kuwait, is it mandatory that i have to remain in home quarantine for 14 days? since dubai is not in the list of banned countries, will i be exempted from quarantine ?
pls suggest. pls advice.

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Water Force is less

Posted by new tenant on 1/24/2021 9:52:08 am

dear all,
i have taken a new flat on the top floor of a building.
the problem i am facing is that force of the water coming is less (this is a general problem of top floor flats).
is there any remedy to solve this issue? experts pls advise.

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Indian Covaxin better than Pfizer...Good job MODI.

Posted by abdul kadir on 1/24/2021 8:07:48 am

as reported by international media, hundreds of patients are died after taking pfizer on the contrary indian vaccine bharat covaxin giving wonderful results....this led to multiple requests from other countries for bharat covaxin.

i would like to thank bjp supremo pm mr. modi for his relentless efforts to make sure indians get best vaccine for free.

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Residence Renewing (Article 22) outside Kuwait Above 18 yrs Without Finger Print

Posted by jeo on 1/23/2021 11:28:35 pm

is it possible to renew residence online for dependent who has crossed 18 years (recently) without finger print.
the child is in india now. not taken finger print earlier.
its difficult to bring child from india in this situation only to renew residence.

if it possible kindly let me know the procedure.

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Is it possible to trasfer from article18 to article20?

Posted by mohammad ajaz ashraf on 1/23/2021 10:48:04 pm

assalamu alaikum
i have come to kuwait in february 2019 on driver visa18 but i don''t work for my sponsor as its a so called azad visa which i purchased through some agent.
now 2 months left to expire my residency and my sponsor is not responding my call and msgs at all.
one kuwaiti is ready to accept my transfer as house driver so is it possible to transfer from visa18 to visa 20?
how can i transfer or cancel my current iqama without my kafeel as i m unable to contact him.
or if somehow i cancel and exit from kuwait new visa20 can be issued now?
mr zameer any help would be highly appreciated

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car buying suggestions

Posted by steven on 1/23/2021 2:09:50 pm

i am looking for used car 2015+ model,
suggest a good car with less repair/maintenance cost. and smooth driving
my budget is up to 1200 k.d
also what is the ideal mileage (total km run) i should look for?

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readymade pakistani churidar

Posted by shahanaz indian on 1/23/2021 12:17:58 pm

where can i find good quality readymade pakistani churidars in kuwait? i saw in djeej lulu, but very less choices.
(price range 10 -15 kd)

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Update Profession with DL

Posted by shaan on 1/23/2021 11:02:09 am

kindly advice the below
do i need to update driving license profession from asma muroor before renewing if i change profession with residency? i receive 10 year validity dl on 2013 may 03 with eng profession and before 2 year i change the profession .

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new family visa information

Posted by thahu on 1/22/2021 8:51:20 pm

guys i have been continuously behind the issuance on visa , anyone have any information regarding the issuance of new family visa please share authentic information.i need to bring my wife and daughter to kuwait i have been trying to bring them on new family visa. please do reply if anyone have any authentic information

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Sale Agreement; Conveyance Deed

Posted by jatin on 1/22/2021 2:57:37 pm

dear all, happy weekend.

i have an apartment at pune, which i purchased 15 years back.
today all of a sudden, i received a call from the society''s secretary to send scan copies of the sale agreement and "stamp duty paid receipt" for processing conveyance deed.

is it ok to provide him the documents or those may be mutualized by him ?

readers having experience in similar issues are requested to advise please.

thanks and regards,

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Collection of renewed driving licence

Posted by arun varghese on 1/21/2021 11:42:31 pm

do i need appointment to collect renewed driving license, can i get it from avenues,
do they started giving smart license,
is there any rush for collecting license?
advance thanks for replying.

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new dependant visa started or no

Posted by th on 1/21/2021 5:52:41 pm

dear all

anyone have any information or update about the .issuancece of new family visa in kuwait. please share authentic news

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Last bus from Farwaniya to Faheel

Posted by suresh on 1/21/2021 5:06:27 pm

someone please tell me the last bus from farwaniya to faheel at late in evening

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Kuwait Mosafer App - Yahoo Email Issue

Posted by sn on 1/21/2021 12:19:30 pm

friends, if you try to register yourself on the kuwait mosafer app with your yahoo email id, you will have problem in receiving the verification code. to avoid hassles, use some email id other than on yahoo... just a note to anyone travelling now....

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Zerodha App and Advise

Posted by stock market on 1/21/2021 10:55:25 am

i would like to open an account in zerodha (online trading app in india). who can guide me?
i would like to invest some amount in trading instead of nri fd.

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Visa 18 transfer after 1 year of employment from primary sponsor to new employer

Posted by kumar on 1/21/2021 10:35:54 am

dear all,

i was brought to kuwait from india by one of the most established companies under visa 18 as a manager in nov 2019. i have a job offer from another reputed firm and would like to transfer my visa to the new employer. my current employer is refusing to transfer stating that it is government policy to not transfer within the first three years of employment. according to a lot of people i''ve enquired with so far, the criteria is only one year of employment.
since there is a lot of confusion around this topic, i would highly appreciate if anyone can give a clear answer to this query. thanks in advance.

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Posted by david jhon on 1/21/2021 10:20:14 am

mr.zameer can you give me your telephone number. i received my service amount. thanks for your advice

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Selling car under article 14 visa

Posted by kris on 1/21/2021 9:54:58 am

is it possible to sell the car when you are under temporary visa (article 14)?
i mean the civil id will not be valid under those conditions. will traffic department allow you to transfer the ownership with an expired civil id, although article 14 is a legalized residency?

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Driving License Renewal Request ONLINE

Posted by cb on 1/21/2021 9:41:35 am

the below message is displayed:

"your request is pending the final step. we will notify you once your license is ready to be printed"

how long does it normally take to approve?

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Indian License

Posted by shaan on 1/21/2021 9:08:16 am

dear friends

i have lost my indian license (state tamil nadu) i do not have copy of my license, it was issued in 2001 for 20 years, now what is the procedure to get the license or do i have to apply for new one. please share your experience.

best regards

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Wallet found

Posted by expat on 1/21/2021 8:55:38 am


found a wallet in kgl bus yesterday..
it does have civil id..
please provide your contact details here, so i could contact you.


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Trikart Review

Posted by b on 1/21/2021 8:22:28 am

hai all,
did any purchased from trikart kuwait. i am panning to buy a mi media box from trikart,
waiting for the valuable review from the persons who have already purchased things from trikart regarding quality of the product , delivery time etc.

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Posted by ag on 1/21/2021 8:05:41 am

how to apply for smart card license ? do we have to go directly to muroor and change or to apply online? please advise ..

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Posted by rich at heart on 1/21/2021 12:55:52 am

hi friends,
how much money does your family save monthly?
how many years have you and your spouse been working in kuwait ?
how much money have you saved so far?

i''m asking this because i''m no longer able to save anything.
monthly saving - between 10-30kd (both self and spouse working)
been in kuwait for about 10 years
total cash saved - 5000kd
once upon a time i could save about 200-250 kd monthly. then kid came, but was still saving at least 150kd after living lavishly.
now after cutting all corners, only able to save that much.
any advice?

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Posted by srinivas on 1/20/2021 9:13:52 pm

dear friends is it good to send used home appliances in india chennai through sea cargo ?

what are the rules and regulations. if i get tr affidavit from the indian embassy means it will allow me to takes my used home appliances in customs duty free or not ? i am waiting for your advice and suggestions. also inform me good sea cargo companies mobile numbers. thank you.

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Status of PACI machines for renewed Civil ids

Posted by civil id seeker on 1/20/2021 1:32:00 pm

what is the status of the civil id machines at paci.

have the machines started to give out recently renewed civil ids (say from november 2020 onwards) or all the machines still hold renewed civil ids from older applicants who have failed to collect them?

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Commercial loan

Posted by mohamed on 1/20/2021 9:49:31 am

hello, does any financial organization provide commercial loan or personal loan?

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Insurance Payment at Private Car passing Center

Posted by jm on 1/20/2021 9:15:46 am

is it possible to pay the insurance in private car passing center while doing the car passing? how much they will charge for 1 year insurance.

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Family Visa Issuing or Not?

Posted by john on 1/19/2021 1:03:00 pm

hi all,
is there anybody have any information regarding the issuing of new dependent visa (family). please let me know.

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PCR test -lab - Kerala

Posted by sm on 1/19/2021 12:54:33 pm

can we take pcr test from any good lab or is there any specified labs in kerala (ernakulam dist) which is recognized by kuwait ? - (travel to kuwait (direct flight)).

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