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I would like to know what is the criteria for travelling with children in City bus and KGL buses

Nimisha Priya’s campaign
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Was wondering if, anybody has got a further update on “save Nimisha Priya’s campaign

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Hi all
Can anyone suggest me good tailers in abbassiya doing alteration work ( for men shirts)

Sarees and Lehengas
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Dear All,

Good evening. We are new to Salmiya. Can anyone please guide us where can we ge

Post Delivery 2 hours permission during Ramadan
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Dear HR/ Legal experts,

I have a question, one of our female staff member is availing 2 hou

Same Civil ID has not processed transaction yet
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I have renewed the residency of my wife and after ten days when I check the status it showed the fo

Family Residency renewal issue
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Hi everyone,

While trying to renew my wife''s residency on MOI website (where we need to pa


Posted by aa on 3/26/2023 1:59:38 pm

can anyone suggest me a good urologist (indian).
thanks in advance

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Indian community school textbooks for sale

Posted by happy man on 3/26/2023 1:22:10 pm

i have class 9th (option french) , 7th and class 5th text books for sale.these are new books for which we had placed order in we are leaving kuwait , our kids won''t be using them...selling the books at reduced prices .if any one wants kindly contact on 65951607.books are for indian community school students...not sure if they can be used by other schools...

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Can we bring my wife on khadim visa in kuwait?

Posted by md abshar alam on 3/26/2023 12:50:37 pm

dear indian expats.

one of kuwaiti co-worker is ready to give khadim visa to bring my wife here. is it safer? and what could be total cost to bring on khadem visa ? does any people have an idea please let me know. thanks.

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Posted by ra on 3/26/2023 11:31:54 am

i have few texts of class vii, ix, x, xi and xi if any one need please contact

class vii - maths lab manual & maths text

class ix - french text

class x - all texts

class xi (commerce) - english, accountancy, marketing, entrepreneurship and business administration.

class xii (commerce) - marketing, entrepreneurship, business administration and employability skills. (all new)

mob. 99076494

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UK University

Posted by ali on 3/26/2023 11:16:42 am

any student enrolled for uk university in this september intake from kuwait? we are planning to create a group of such parents.

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Car Rental

Posted by sm on 3/25/2023 8:39:37 pm

dear friends,

i have just arrived in kuwait 6 months back and i am looking for car for rental for a year. could you please advise the best suv and the best car rental service provider.
please suggest suv cars for my monthly budget for kd 150-200

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Posted by lalu on 3/25/2023 2:34:59 pm

hi all
can anyone suggest me good tailers in abbassiya doing alteration work ( for men shirts)

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Same Civil ID has not processed transaction yet

Posted by hakkim on 3/25/2023 1:30:23 pm

i have renewed the residency of my wife and after ten days when i check the status it showed the following.

unable to issue civil id card, please provide us with recent photo, a copy of your passport then use paci e-services , photo update service. click here'' target=''_blank''>click here

i clicked there and updated the photo and got the message that request accepted. after two weeks when i check the site , it shows the same message. in paci new site it shows "same civil id has not processed transaction yet".

can any one pls share what is the next step.


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Post Delivery 2 hours permission during Ramadan

Posted by human resources on 3/25/2023 1:09:36 pm

dear hr/ legal experts,

i have a question, one of our female staff member is availing 2 hours daily permission to leave (after the delivery) as per the provisions of kuwait labor law. during ramadan, she''s demanding the same and needs 2 hours permission in this 6 hours working schedule. my question is whether this is correct as she''s already working only for 6 hours and anyone who can put a light on this topic, please reply me at the earliest.



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KSE Timings During Ramdan.

Posted by p on 3/25/2023 12:28:16 pm

dear all ,

anyone knows what’s the kse timings during the month of ramadan ..

please response .

thanks ..

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Dependent visa

Posted by ani on 3/25/2023 12:10:22 pm

is dependent visa open in kuwait for wife and kids.
someone told me it''s open for indians.
any idea on it?

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D and c procedure

Posted by sk on 3/25/2023 10:54:03 am

hi ...
my wife is 11 weeks pregnant and doctor suggested to abort ( d and c )and gave referral letter to adaan it good to do in adaan or any private hospital or is it good to go back to india and do the procedure. i''m worried please suggest.

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transfer residency from 22 to 18 company.

Posted by shalini on 3/25/2023 9:40:20 am

dear all,
i got one good opportunity and that company want immediately transfer from 22 residency to 18.
if i transferred and in future i want to come again in 22. it is possible?
my husband salary is not 500 kd.
please advise can i transfer?

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animal baby sitting

Posted by dharshan navaratnam on 3/24/2023 10:11:15 pm

i have 2 lovebirds, (a boy and girl) and one cat.(girl) i''m looking for someone to take care of them for 45 days from may 27 till june. please respond if you can take care of them

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Electricity Bills

Posted by boocha bhai on 3/24/2023 8:27:35 pm

dear all ,

i am staying n farwaniya from the time new digital meters are installed , i am unable to pay bill''s online it''s near about 2 years now.

i had visited to electricity division in farwaniya but its informed that they are shifted to ardiya .

after going to ardiya it''s the same they are not ready to help out , any clues or updates to solve electricity bill''s .

even my building haris is not helping out.


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Residence transfer

Posted by ms. mohd on 3/24/2023 1:17:24 pm

what are the requirements to transfer 18(mother)to sons ?

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Repaint car

Posted by boocha bhai on 3/23/2023 10:26:46 pm

hello ,

any professional painter to paint full car , any disadvantages kindly share.

thank you

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11 Grade Admissions

Posted by khan on 3/23/2023 9:18:42 pm

respected parents,

my daughter has just finished her 10 grade exam & want to know 11 grade admissions procedure.

what is the procedure to obtain admissions for 11 grade.

we have to enroll for admission before declaration of results or after.

even i heard that 11 grade new academic year will start in april 1 st week but without results how we able to get admissions.

requesting all parents to please share your valuable feedback please.


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Sarees and Lehengas

Posted by enquiry on 3/22/2023 5:05:15 pm

dear all,

good evening. we are new to salmiya. can anyone please guide us where can we get good quality sarees , lehengas etc.

i heard there are lot of good botiques here in salmiya.


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Driving License Renewed after designation change

Posted by xs on 3/22/2023 8:57:05 am


good morning

i had posted enquiry before here regards driving license renewal after profession change, i got my dl on 2013 may 9 with engineer profession, however due to the new rule happened i did change my profession to programmer during the visa renewal, but someone said i cannot renew my dl because the rule apply from 2013 april . it’s not true and yesterday i got my dl renewed for 3 years without any issues.

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decision to withdraw 2000 currency notes

Posted by dreamer on 3/21/2023 8:16:11 am

yesterday in the tamil news, i heard that the reserve bank of india is planning to withdraw the existing 2000- currency note and initiate to issue 5,10,50,100, 200, and 500 only.
does anyone have any idea about the authenticity of this news.

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Help !! Fraud Money

Posted by jan jas on 3/21/2023 6:21:08 am

yesterday 700euro (240kd) got fraud without my knowledge.nobody called me or msg me.
i don''t know how my money was debited.
called the bank and registered complaint.
they are saying ''may be'' i will get my hard earned money credited within 60days.

did anyone experienced this? do banks recover our lost money.

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Posted by sanmuga on 3/20/2023 5:40:17 pm

can i renew my passport before 2 years as many migration requirement is the passport validity must be 2 years.
please advise

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Transfering work Visa to Dependent Visa for wife

Posted by s. kumar on 3/20/2023 2:46:09 pm

dear friends want to know about the present rule for transferring visa from work to dependent.
my wife''s visa was transferred from dependent to work visa, now she lost her job and need to transfer to dependent visa again.
want to know the procedures and the salary standard. although i am getting salary more than 500 but in my work permit it is 450 only.
i got the increment last month only. it will be in my work permit after the renewal, that the company mandoop says.
please let me know what should i have to do in this situation,
thank you

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Hotel visa

Posted by fc on 3/20/2023 12:50:18 pm

can someone please share experience if hotel visa is open and which hotel can give visa. and what is the process and how the total cost depend ? the reason i am tired waiting for family visit now. i am ready to take extra cost and bring my wife for one month of this ramadan. your kind valuable reply will be appreciated. thanks in advance

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Vacation Tour to North East

Posted by cherian on 3/20/2023 11:31:47 am

our family is planning to visit north east places like assam / meghalaya / sikkim / bhutan etc., in may for 7-8 days . whats the best mode of travel from kerala, by flight. since its a short vacation, not planning to travel by train, since its a long hour journey from kerala. anybody can help me by suggesting the best tour operator in north east in a very cost effective way. your suggestions will be helpful to me. we are 2 families going, please let me know if a tour operator is required, or can we explore these places by ourselves. would appreciate receiving a response from people travelled these places before. please provide tel no of tour operator. is there any other places in north east which is worth going.

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Passport Tatkal

Posted by kj on 3/20/2023 11:06:01 am

has anyone renewed the indian passport in tatkal for 10 years in kuwait. the website says that passport renewal in tatkal is only issued for 2-years for emergency reason. but my kids need to travel abroad for studies so i need for 10 years. does anyone has any information about this? thank you.

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Posted by kumar on 3/20/2023 7:21:05 am

yesterday i received a call from +965 66776070. initially, an automated voice was speaking in arabic and then in english, saying that my atm and civil id has been blocked by the moi and an officer will connect with me shortly. i realized its spam and was careful not to furnish any details. just to frustrate the so called ''officer'', who was asking for my civil id details, i asked him to show some sort of proof that he is from the moi. he said "wait i ll call you form the ministry landline" and hung up, never called again.

what i understood from this is :
1. the ''officer'' is some pakistani guy, trying hard to copy the arabic accent and speak like a kuwait official. but unfortunately, his natural slang dint help him there.
2. two days back, i had contacted ooreedo customer service regarding an issue, where i had furnished my civil id details and phone no. the customer service rep at ooreedoo was a pakistani as well. 2 days later, i get this spam call.
3. two months back, i had contacted ooreedoo customer service and again, 2 days later i get this spam call.

my question is, is these customer service guys / contracted agency is somewhat related to this spam group? because, these customer service guys are the ones who are totally accessible to all our info such and civil id and mobile no. what if they are all linked?
does someone using stc / viva experienced the same issue?

can a formal complaint be lodged to the ooreedo management to have a look into this issue ?

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Passport no not updated in Vaccination certificate

Posted by jj on 3/20/2023 7:17:21 am

where to update covid vaccination certificate passport no and latin name ? i recently changed my passport no and also latin name but not updated .
mobile id / license / sahel also changed but not on immune app / certificate ...

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Looking for Old car With Installment basis

Posted by hello hello hi on 3/19/2023 1:16:09 pm

hi friends, anyone knows the old car given by installment with a civil id copy and passport copy. please let me know by whatsapp 60073299

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Bike purchase in bengaluru through inter state

Posted by zaheer on 3/19/2023 12:11:06 pm

please advise , if its feasible to bring 2nd hand activa or scooty bike to bangaluru and use for daughter and then resent back to home state in 6months. or buying two wheeler here only. which area reasonable market place..if someone faced/ gone through pls share ur experience..

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Posted by jj on 3/19/2023 9:57:02 am


is there any shop which sells pakistanis / irani rotis in salmiya block 10 . i want to buy rotis only.

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Posted by rajesh pereira on 3/19/2023 9:10:54 am

i would like to know what is the criteria for travelling with children in city bus and kgl buses
city bus & kgl buses are forcefully asking to buy tickets for children where the govt rule states that children under the age of 18 are free of travel.
there is no rule in city bus and kgl buses.
it has to be made know to public if the children are to be charged, the drivers make up their own rule -is it so..

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Family visa

Posted by imman on 3/19/2023 12:19:35 am

is there any connect between formation of new government and issuance of family visa? can we expect that family visa will open after the formation of new govt.?

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temporaary shelter for cat. 3 months

Posted by dharshan navaratnam on 3/18/2023 7:02:01 pm

hi everyone
i am planning to go on vacation by the end of may for 3 months, does anyone know where i can find a cat shelter to take care of my cat for 3 months.

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Civil id - Renewal

Posted by clive on 3/18/2023 10:58:43 am

recently i had applied for renewal of my son’s civil id after he completed 18 years. since delivery of civil id has been stopped currently, i opted for sms service to inform me when civil id card would be ready. today i received a message that the current request cannot be processed through sms and to contact the paci office. has anybody got the same message ? and what does this imply?

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Shihab Chottur Kuwait Arrival

Posted by shihab chottur kuwait arrival on 3/18/2023 9:38:02 am

shihab chottur, a man from kerala, who has embarked on a pilgrimage from malappuram to mecca to perform hajj 2023. currently traveling in iraq, when will it reach kuwait? please share the information, if any. thanks

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Licence taken by Traffic Police

Posted by sai kumar raj on 3/17/2023 11:34:21 pm

dear iik friends i need some urgent sugestions from your side. i am a transportation driver when i am driving through 6th ring road traffic police follow me stoped me and told me i am over speeding about 130 km per hour,the actual speed of mine was 100km/h. they took my licence and went, they put 2 traffic violations on my name over speding and i dont have proper permit to run transport. i am a low income earner. really the cops were 2 young boys. no one tp help me i am worried working witjh transport company was my families only income. from 4 days i am not going for driving. please help me to recover this situation.

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Can Narendra Modi win Nobel prize?

Posted by dreamer on 3/16/2023 2:10:23 pm

if, barack obama won the peace prize in 2009, why not modi!

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Posted by dharshan navaratnam on 3/16/2023 1:48:29 pm

hi everyone
my daughter is 11 years old, she did not take any vaccine during the pandemic, and now i am planning to go on vacation in may.
is it mandatory to go for a pcr test?

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Foreign Currency Prepaid Card

Posted by das on 3/16/2023 12:07:01 pm

can any one explain the charges involved in "foreign currency prepaid card" ? i could find few things from the site (nbk). issuance charge 10kd and annual charge another 10kd. they support 8 currency including usd. i want to use the card on east asia trip.

"2.75% applicable on cards issued in kd and the transactions made outside kuwait, or in a currency other than the card currency, or when loading a single/multicurrency prepaid card by debiting an account in kd" . can''t understand terms like this. can someone simplify it?

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Lost phone-Salmiya Block 10

Posted by hr admin on 3/16/2023 10:40:01 am

my friend lost iphone 7 plus silver in salmiya block 10. yesterday @ 4.35 somewhere near bus stop/ oman/ amman exchange/ church nearby area. if anyone found please whatsapp me on 50406847 inshallah will be rewarded. please share in your connections.


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TOPIC : about "ISSUE" V/S "NON ISSUES" !!!

Posted by bk on 3/16/2023 10:39:10 am

it''s about a trick to keep all the effective issues away!
so for example :
bill gates visit the india. he met various key people by a special privilege,
so far this privilege was never possible for anybody else, never for any foreigner.
so what the "issue" here : nothing, because bill gates is businessman and for the sake of business (corporate-bushiness) he has been given special privilege.
so what the "non issue" :
bill gates has his trait, known throughout the world,
the way he acted during his recent visit is demoralizing the sovereignty of india
bill gates has insulted the india. "bill gates ne desh ka apmaan kiya"

so, the topic for voters could be :
(1) bill gates has insulted india or not?
(2) bill gates had demoralized the sovereignty of india or not?

but in reality, both above two is non-issue for the people of india.
the issue : how india can become better in education, health, infrastructure, equality.

( note: bill gates is looking for his own benefits, he is not at all interested in better education, health, infrastructure, equality for the people of india )

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Corolla 1.8 xli buying price

Posted by corolla 1.8 xli on 3/16/2023 9:11:37 am

i am planning to buy a 2004 corolla 1.8 xli. there are no major accidents as per the seller. the tires are 2 years old and doesn''t look bad, done 250km. silver color original paint with decent finish.
what will be approximate cost.

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Pinto - UMRAH Service - VERY BAD

Posted by mohammad zaki on 3/15/2023 6:23:57 pm

dear iik viewers, never ever travel thru’ pinto service for umrah. their services are very bad. lot to say about their bad services, but cannot mentioned all these here. kind advice not to travel with them.

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Best route to Salmiya from Jleeb in the morning

Posted by binu on 3/15/2023 11:49:11 am

good day all !!

please suggest me easiest /quick route to salmiya from jleeb by car in the morning for work as you are aware of the traffic congestion on the roads nowadays.

awaiting your valuable replies

thanks in advance

binu t

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SMS Received saying car is prohibited

Posted by sms on 3/15/2023 11:12:28 am

hi, did anyone receive sms "dear customer, your bank card is prohibited, please inquired xxxxxxxx" was in arabic which is translated and any response.

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Visa exension for wife due to pregnancy complication

Posted by sr on 3/15/2023 10:51:15 am

dear members,

advise required: procedure to get visa extension after six-month period outside of kuwait on medical grounds - pregnancy complications.

also is it possible for getting the visa extension along with mother for a baby of 3.6 years.

waiting for your valuable feeback.

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Posted by naveed on 3/15/2023 9:53:54 am

what is requirements for saudi umrah visa or 96 hours transit visa?

please share your experience...


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SBI Home Loan

Posted by marco on 3/15/2023 9:42:35 am


i have a home loan with sbi since 2015 for 15 years. almost, 50% of the loan has been paid till date. is it ideal to take loan in kuwait bank and close my home loan in india?. currently sbi is charging me 9.5% p.a. as interest whereas kuwait banks are charging 7% interest p.a..

experts kindly advise. thanks.

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