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55 Inch TV Screen protector or guard
4 replies

Dear Parents,

Please advise where can i find screen protector or screen guard for 55inch T

DL renewal - Pending request
4 replies

Dear All,

I am trying to renew the driving license. However the system has an open request

Beyond borders travel and tourism
6 replies

Anyone hear about beyond borders travel and tourism company in Hawally. I want to know is it scam to

wtc invest ment
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for information of wtc investors
anybody contacted for investment in wtc noida or wtc viridia

Car passing 1.5 month earlier?
4 replies

My car passing is due on 1 September 2024 and I am travelling end of July for 1.5 months which means

Passport renewal
6 replies

My son''s passport validity is missing two days for the residency renewal. Is it possible to renew i

Schengen Visa process from France Embassy which travel insurance need
7 replies

which insurance is required for Schengen visa process. online AXA insurance is good. Please advise.

Seeking Salon with Men''s Waxing Services in Mahboula

Posted by private on 7/13/2024 8:53:25 am

i am unfamiliar with the mahboula area. could someone kindly recommend a salon that offers waxing services for men as well?

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Mechanic Car door misaligment

Posted by daniel emir on 7/12/2024 10:32:31 pm

kindly suggest a good mechanic in farwania/jaleeb/shuwaikh,,who ca fix car door mislaignment,(diffcuility in open car door after hitting a car to some object).

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Distance education degree for Driving license

Posted by xyz on 7/12/2024 9:55:33 pm

can anyone pls tell me that is it possible to get a driving license with distance education degree? is there anyone who has done distance education degree course from brillianz group of institution(kuwait)where they provide courses from jaipur national university?is it genuine one ?

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Beyond borders travel and tourism

Posted by farrukh abbas on 7/12/2024 1:22:18 pm

anyone hear about beyond borders travel and tourism company in hawally. i want to know is it scam to offer tourism packages and benefits. kindly share if you know anything about this company and past experiences

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Residency History Paper

Posted by st on 7/11/2024 11:14:19 pm

i need to get residency history from general department of immigration. can someone please guide on the procedure, which office i should visit to collect this document and the location? i belong to farwaniya governate and i am getting different responses from those i asked. someone said go to farwaniya main immigration office and another said go to liberation tower office. kindly help.

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Indian house Termite issues

Posted by indian on 7/11/2024 7:49:37 pm

i have built the house and completed it nov2021. we did termite control in the basement and after completing the house.
house is locked and on and off visit once in 2 months by my family members as it''s away from their town.
i visited the house after 45days of their visit this time.
i found termite tube formation in the kitchen.
please advise what to be done to avoid the issue.
i''m doing pest control again for termites.
how we can prevent it in the future.
thank you for your support.

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Posted by hd on 7/11/2024 6:14:00 pm

if the ps5 to india do we have any pay customs duty
if any body have prior experience pleased share

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55 Inch TV Screen protector or guard

Posted by joe fernandes on 7/10/2024 3:48:11 pm

dear parents,

please advise where can i find screen protector or screen guard for 55inch tv , as my toddlers threw some toys at it and broke the screen panel. i have tried searching at xcite service center and also many other shops. but most of them dont have it here.

thank you.

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Baladiya 500 KD fine – Untrue

Posted by van guard on 7/10/2024 3:00:08 pm

kuwait city, jul 10: the kuwait municipality has denied issuing any warning against placing any items in front of apartments or on the stairs of residential buildings, whether they are rental apartments or commercial properties. the prohibition includes cabinets, children’s toys, shoes, and any other items on all floors. building watchmen are instructed to remove any such encroachments to avoid immediate fines of 500 dinars for the owners of the rented residential units. additionally, both landlords and building watchmen could face legal accountability by safety regulations for individuals, property, and public facilities.

the municipality emphasized on the need for accuracy in publishing and obtaining information from official sources. earlier, al seyassah newspaper clarified that its report was based on a document believed by the editor to be valid and issued by a reputable official body. the newspaper expressed high regard for the efforts of this and other official bodies in monitoring violations and taking appropriate legal measures.

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MOH Clinic for Salmiya Block 9 residents

Posted by kishore vasudevan nair on 7/10/2024 1:15:32 pm

can someone advise the moh clinic and hospital for salmiya block 9 residents/paci number

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Posted by ja on 7/10/2024 1:09:25 pm

hi iik family,
i have recently obtained a visa for my spouse and have applied for a police clearance certificate (pcc) in india. however, i have been informed and i know that the process typically takes about two months to complete (issuance of pcc).

i am writing to inquire whether a pcc directly obtained from the police department can be used for visa purposes, or if only a pcc issued by passport offices is considered valid. additionally, i would appreciate any information on possible alternatives to expedite this process.

thank you in advance.

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+2 marksheet 1988

Posted by mohamed on 7/10/2024 11:30:57 am

dear tamil makkale..

please guide me how to get duplicate +2 mark sheet of 1988 passed out from tn board.

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Inquiry About iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

Posted by driver on 7/10/2024 10:24:32 am

dear sirs,

i have an iphone 8 with a battery health of 61%, and i wish to replace it with an original battery. could you please recommend any genuine shops in the fahaheel area that can perform this service.

your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Car passing 1.5 month earlier?

Posted by car passing 1.5 month earlier? on 7/10/2024 8:24:51 am

my car passing is due on 1 september 2024 and i am travelling end of july for 1.5 months which means i will be outside kuwait during car daftar expiry date. i have the following questions:-

1. is it possible to get car passing done now in july (1.5 months earlier than daftar expiry date)?

2. is car insurance papers prepared physically or online?

i have been getting my car passed from private inspection agency since i bought the car. the private agency used to make car insurance papers on the spot and do car inspection and issue the daftar. i understand that there is change in insurance paper making process and policy is not prepared physically. i do not have any further knowledge on this subject.

those who have passed their cars very recently, kindly advise the process.

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Finding Cost-Effective SAP TM Trainer

Posted by kt on 7/10/2024 7:59:12 am

can someone suggest a reasonably priced freelancer who can teach sap tm module training? preferably hindi-speaking.

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Timberland safety shoes

Posted by mahi on 7/10/2024 5:04:26 am

i want to repair my shoes. please share any contact number if you know. thanks.

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Documents required for School Admission in Kwt

Posted by q8 on 7/9/2024 11:36:12 pm

please let me know documents required for school admission in kwt.
my kid will be admitted in 5th class, he did schooling in india.
transfer certificate is enough or need any other docs as well?

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Posted by mohammad fahad on 7/9/2024 7:27:41 pm

how convert majra to khadim what is process

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PACI Appointment Slot

Posted by mo on 7/9/2024 6:42:31 pm


does anyone know what time new paci appointment slots are released? all slots on meta are full.

any advice on getting an appointment as soon as possible would be much appreciated. i tried visiting in person but they are not allowing in without appointment.


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Malayalam Classes

Posted by anil george on 7/9/2024 1:29:23 pm

any teacher or institution that conducts malayalam classes for kids from basic onwards in the abbasiya area or anyone else knows, please share.

thanks in advance.

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sony lense zeiss 4/16-70.

Posted by santosh on 7/9/2024 10:56:55 am

please let me know if somebody can clean my lense from inside. thanks.

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Passport renewal

Posted by sajos on 7/9/2024 10:38:23 am

my son''s passport validity is missing two days for the residency renewal. is it possible to renew it one month before the validity date? is there any way i can do it now instead of using the residency expiring date as the effective date for renewal? is there any way to do so, or will i have to renew the passport? i appreciate your valuable advice. thank you!

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DL renewal - Pending request

Posted by dl on 7/9/2024 10:30:25 am

dear all,

i am trying to renew the driving license. however the system has an open request which is the printing of driving license. as the printing is suspended now for expats, i cannot renew the license online.

the below is the message in the portal.
"the applicant has a pending personalization request and cannot submit a new request. (at electronic services - self service)" please suggest what should i do?"

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Posted by me on 7/9/2024 8:25:01 am

please suggest me a good arabic/kuwaiti breakfast place with reasonable prices especially non-egg dishes as i am highly allergic to egg.

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Paci address Cancel

Posted by munna on 7/9/2024 8:14:38 am

me & my family staying with my father, house contract with my father name, as per civil id my address & my father address are same.
unfortunately, i check me & my family address in paci site (address validity) i receive message “please report to paci headquarters to register your address.”
father address still validity. more than 5 year iam staying same flat.
this is any reason automatic cancellation. please advice me how to solve this issue.

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Posted by mohd naseeruddin on 7/8/2024 10:54:50 pm

today went to salmiya -immigiration to apply visit visa for my sister in law. carried all the required docs they asked earlier, but got rejected saying they required my wife & her sister birth certificate [original] attested one .as my wife passport contains both her parents name , her sister has the same . but still got rejected .my wife sister lost her birth certificate dont know how long it gets to make new one .is just my experience sharing with you all .family affidavit is of no use so please dont waste your time making one as the girl in the counter said they stopped .any decent ideas are most welcome .
note :i went to two mudeers , no use .
thanks in advance .

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Posted by ali on 7/8/2024 3:44:03 pm

where can i purchase gold without any making charge.
just to keep with me and i will sell when i need money.

don''t suggest for share market.

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Improving Employment Prospects through Training?

Posted by kumar t on 7/8/2024 11:36:01 am

i have recently relocated to kuwait for an administrative position with a basic salary. i am looking for advice on what short term courses or technical trainings i can pursue to increase my salary and job opportunities in the coming months.

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Queries Regarding Passport Renewal

Posted by rb on 7/8/2024 9:49:00 am


as my passport is expiring in february 2025, i would like to renew it in advance due to my planned vacation from december 2024 to january 2025. i have a few queries regarding the renewal process and would appreciate your guidance.

do i need to renew my passport in advance, or can i wait until it expires?
how will the new passport number be transferred to my civil id?
my passport was issued from kuwait, and i need to change my home address back in india. since our house in india is currently rented out, only the tenants will be present during police verification. will this be a problem, considering my family resides 10 km away from the house.
thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Importance of United Nations 2030 - 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG''s)

Posted by stennel dsouza on 7/7/2024 10:23:37 pm

the sustainable development goals (sdgs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals to transform our world. they were designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all” and part of the united nations 2030 agenda for sustainable development. 193 countries agreed on them in september 2015. each of the 17 goals strives for the universal reduction of climate change and poverty, and the improvement of education, health, and economic growth. united nations describes the sdgs as seeking to “protect the planet, and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.” the sdgs provide worldwide guidance for addressing each of these goals. most countries face crises within the sdg which can only be addressed if we work as one global community. th1 17 sdg are 1.end of poverty 2. zero hunger 3. health 4. education 5. gender equality & women empowerment 6. water & sanitation 7. energy 8. economic growth 9. infrastructure, industrialization 10. inequality 11. cities 12. sustainable consumption & production 13. climate action 14. oceans 15. biodiversity, forests, desertification 16. peace, justice, and strong institutions 17. partnership for the goals.
the sustainable development goals work towards a world of peace and prosperity, eradicating major issues such as poverty and hunger, all while protecting the planet. amid the climate crisis, this has never been more important. each of the goals is interlinked, meaning the key to achieving one often lies within another. the goals can only be achieved if they are embedded within all each area of governance. sustainable development means developing cities, land, businesses, and communities to meet the needs of the present, without affecting future generations’ ability to meet their needs. climate change is having a profound impact on the communities practical action works with. how the world responds to the climate crisis is closely tied to our progress against the sdgs.

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passport renewal in india and update in kuwait

Posted by rohit patel on 7/7/2024 5:03:10 pm

dear iikians,
my son studying grade 7 in india and visiting kuwait every 6 months. he is in india now and i need to renew his passport in india as here he spends only 7 days every 6 months. if i renew it in india how to change/update passport number in his civil id before he travels from india ?
if anyone did the same please inform me the procedure

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Posted by sharath kambala on 7/7/2024 11:29:49 am

hi guys ileft kuwait 1yr back before 9yrs i''''''''m in kuwait kadim visa now i came to kuwait with new soon visa i went to complete my fingers appointment as per the telling you have two civil i''''''''d numbers go to paci and delete one number iwent to paci and checked with staff they said go ahmadi jawajath...i went there they said go paci office bring cancelation form idont know where ihave to go and what is the process and pls help me to find solution and tell me which one ihave to keep number old one are new one civil id numbers pls help me guys ...9652771694 my whatsup numberbplz let me know and which civil id ihave to keep new one are old one because ihave to invite my wife on family visa soo any problems with civil id''''s pls tell me for civil id which one ihave to delete pls help

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Tiffin services in salmiya with home delivery

Posted by muzzii ahmad on 7/7/2024 10:37:14 am

good day

please can you suggest best tiffin services in salmiya with home delivery??
(bohra also ok for me)

please also provide contact number.

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Dryer and Dishwasher

Posted by mrs. on 7/6/2024 7:31:41 pm

any one uses cloth dryer machine, is it good and 100% drying. which brand good. washing machine with dryer give same drying result or less ?
also please comment on dishwasher good brands, as my maid stopped coming planning to buy a dishwasher too.

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Flat shifting services

Posted by raj on 7/6/2024 7:27:54 pm

hi, please provide and good and professional flat furniture, appliances, items shifting service providers . seen many advertisements in iik, need somone who can take and shift all carefull and properlywith experienced staff. thanks

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Real estate investment in Georgia

Posted by dhilshi ali on 7/6/2024 4:48:09 pm

hi readers
i would like to invest real este in georgia ???? is there anyone can help me with that
is that safe or no
pls help me to find out

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Husband at article 18 # wife article 20# sponsor ready to change to 18#

Posted by i’m indian on 7/6/2024 1:50:39 pm

hi iik ,,
what are the requirements documents . and procedure to bring 9 years son ,
which both parent are here in kuwait
husband article 18 # and wife article 20# to 18 transferring
pls give me valuable suggestions thank you
correct me..if anything wrong

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Cooking oven to India

Posted by maria on 7/6/2024 1:46:49 pm


i want to send a 5 burner cooking oven to india. what is the best option for it.

appreciate your guidance

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Which bank gives the best benefits with Salary account

Posted by salary account on 7/5/2024 10:15:46 pm

my company told me to open a salary account of my choice and they will transfer salary every month in that account.
i am confused which bank would be best that gives easy loans with low interest rates and any other benefits . pls suggest

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Notice to all tenants in kuwait (TIK of IIK)

Posted by tenants in kuwait on 7/5/2024 3:19:55 pm

due to the demolition of unauthorized additional rooms and flats on the ground and first floors, landlords might attempt to increase the rent of other units to compensate for their losses. it is crucial not to accept any rent increase under these circumstances.

remember, don''t think that how may i refuse as individual? you are not alone.... the entire building, neighborhood, blocks and whole city must stand firm in rejecting any unjust rent hikes.

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Medical test for 4 years old in Kuwait for residency purpose

Posted by sa on 7/5/2024 3:07:11 pm

my 4 years old son and wife have come to kuwait on family visa. what i know is that for kids there is no medical test required. do they need any vaccination card or something to show for medical test for the kids. please advise. thank you.

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Driving license

Posted by jeet on 7/4/2024 11:04:34 pm

having 3 years engineering diploma,present working as technician drawing salary above 600 with 10 years of kuwait it possible to avail driving license in kuwait.

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Absconding Case in Shoun

Posted by bilal hussain on 7/4/2024 5:37:59 pm

dear iik viewers,

i would like to share to topic and asking for the replies from those who gone through the same situation and how they solved after falling in this type of situation.

i filed a case for release in shoun which i won also.when i filed the case later on my sponsor filed absconding case too.but now when i took approval from shoun for the transfer of my residency permit the shoun system rejected it saying you have an absconding.

i am unable to understand when the shoun already approved my release then what does it means that you are absconding.

now my time which given by shoun is also finished and needs again time for processing my residency permit.

i would like to request every one to reply my post and mention the remedies to come out of the situation.thanks in advance

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Izn e Amal

Posted by mahir abbas on 7/4/2024 4:24:38 pm

how to get a work permit izn e amal in kuwait

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Quote of the day.....

Posted by advisor on 7/4/2024 12:05:37 pm

remember that 80% of the success in any job is based on your ability to deal with people.

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Family Visa Process

Posted by samir on 7/4/2024 11:49:48 am

i received a family visa recently and below are the documents required for a family visa (original + translated with mofa + moj stamp):

1) application form: obtain from a typing center.
2) civil id: provide your civil id.
3) passport: include your passport.
4) work permit: since the new format does not mention the qualification column, attach the employment id.
5) employment id: obtain from the relevant mobile app.
6) wife’s passport: provide your wife''s passport.
7) marriage certificate:
-> attest the marriage certificate in your home country.
-> translate it into arabic.
-> obtain mofa (ministry of foreign affairs) and moj (ministry of justice) stamps.
8) degree certificate:
-> attest the degree certificate in your home country.
-> translate it into arabic.
-> obtain mofa (ministry of foreign affairs) and moj (ministry of justice) stamps.

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indian restaurent salmiya - recomendation??

Posted by jj on 7/4/2024 10:23:43 am

any recomendation for a indian restaurent in salmiya block 10

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vehicle ownership

Posted by aziz on 7/4/2024 9:19:58 am

dear all,

need an advise on how to transfer the vehicle ownership in kuwait ( dafter ) to another person when the owner is out of kuwait and is unable to comeback to kuwait anymore due to his health issues.

he is also not in a condition or situation to process a power of attorney in case this option will work

appreciate your genuine advise on the situation

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Nursing Job for ANM

Posted by anil kumar on 7/3/2024 10:03:39 pm

good morning everyone
i hope all goes well
my wife now in india she studied mphw(multi purpose health worker) i want to bring her here in kuwait
i don''t know this field
if any one know can you please suggest
which education they want in hospital for job purpose?
what exam they conduct?
how much salary they provide?
thank you.

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Posted by kumar on 7/3/2024 8:56:25 pm

dear all,

i am a business man (shop owner) but my salary is kd. 800 in my position i keep driver. i dont have university, can i bring family in kuwait.

please advise me highly appreciate and thanks god.....

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