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7/5/2020 10:03:01 AM
2020: The Year That Was

Sipping hot coffee on a rainy day in the monsoons of 2030, I plan to organize my folders in the computer

- Shehnaz Gujral
6/16/2020 10:32:18 AM
Can our child take it all?

What we speak often does not tell who we are... Our messages do not reflect what we think and even our

- Dr Navniit Gandhi
5/26/2020 11:28:02 AM
Our Pride and Prejudices

Is this pandemic a conspiracy? Seems probable… Is it a severe blow to our lives and livelihoods? Yes,

- Dr Navniit Gandhi

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FAIPS (DPS) Organises The First Ever GCC Online French Quiz-2020

To make a nation globally competitive the study and knowledge of foreign languages are very important. Due to its vividness ...

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“MAK Champions Trophy 2020 –Season 4” Volley Ball & Throw Ball Tournament

MOGAVEERS ASSOCIATION KUWAIT, Affiliated to Indian embassy Kuwait, is the community welfare association of non-resident Moga...

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Indian Women in Kuwait

Young Reporters

Equality or Equity?

“Treating different things the same can generate as much inequality as treating the same things differently.” ~ Kimberlé Crenshaw For those of you

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6/12/2020 3:32:13 PM
Quota for nationalities, 15-year stay limit, No renewal above 60 years - More measures on its way to reduce expats

Kuwait is planning to take more stringent measures to control the expatriates' populations to overcome the demographics im

6/10/2020 5:30:00 PM
NBTC Group organizes chartered flight to send their employees to India amidst covid-19 pandemic

NBTC Group Kuwait has organized chartered aircraft to India, to ferry employees those with pre-existing health concerns, eld

6/10/2020 9:41:32 AM
Busy days for Kuwait Airport. Chartered flights to India from today. Return of expats by August.

A Committee formed by Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs Mubarak Al-Haris will meet on Thursday to study variou

6/4/2020 2:06:13 PM
Renewed driving license can be collected from Saturday

Ministry of Interior announced that the delivery of driving licenses renewed through the online service will begin from n