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A grim and bleak situation
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The situation in India today is grim. I am consciously avoiding making this into a political post be

Traveling with electronic items
4 replies

Hello every one
Where can i keep my new power banks and new mobile while travelling in flight.H

Exiting kuwait without cancel VIVA wifi router
7 replies

Hi friends

If we exiting kuwait without cancel the Viva WiFi router
what will happen

9 replies

Can anybody advise me, where i can get cast iron kadai .i saw few videos that its healthy and import

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Im a 36 year old, living in Kuwait with family and 2 kids (6 & 1 year old) since 200

cancellation of dependent visa
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Hi friends

I need to cancel family visa as they will leave kuwait.

i will be here

KSE (kuwait society of engineering)
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Hi everyone i say nba college list, my colleage was not on the list but my university is there, jntu

Dependent Visa for Parents

Posted by raja on 12/10/2019 3:43:23 pm

hi ,

i want to bring my father to kuwait under dependent visa . i heared recently some of the new rules in kuwait allow you to sponsor your father. is it true?
what are the requirement to apply dependent visa for my parents?
is there any age restrictions?
how much we need to pay during residency stamping.?

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1gram gold

Posted by iskan on 12/10/2019 12:47:05 pm

is there 1gram gold shop in kuwait preferably near by fahaheel mangaf area if any one knows please let me know
thanks in advance

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Civil ID Taking too much time

Posted by subash shekar on 12/10/2019 12:30:06 pm

dear iik friends i applied for civil id now it is for more than 10 days .my civil id is not ready.showing the message "your civil id is under process" is there any isdue or it is common.i am travelling also after tomrrow.what i will do?? i checked with company mandoof..he told me i dnt know..before i was getting it with in 2 my ticket i took is worried .

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Tamdeed or visa extension for family visa(Residence)

Posted by arun joseph on 12/10/2019 11:58:43 am

i had to deal with farwaniya governorate. since the office is at riggae now, with pretyped forms and necessary documents. at the main entrance in the ground floor itself is the area where you have to submit your documents. right of the hall is the area from where you can take the token. wait for your turn. when your token is called, submit the papers and tell them how long you need tamdeed(1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or more). they will scribble something on your form and ask to get the mudeer''s signature. after getting the signature (mudeer sits close by..ground floor itlsef), get the required stamp (there is a guy next to the stamp vending machine). then go inside the waiting hall. 17 counters but only 2 women working there. it takes for ever. if luck favours you, good. god bless.

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Restriction on Transfer of work visa

Posted by abraham on 12/10/2019 11:37:12 am

is there any rule that transfer from a new work visa (18) from one private company to another is not possible without at least having worked 6 months / 1 year with the old employer. assume that old sponsor has no objection for said transfer.

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MoH increases the age limit for recruiting Nursing

Posted by husband of non moh nurse on 12/10/2019 10:40:17 am

this is good step taken by moh .

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Sponsorship Certificate from Indian Embassy in Kuwait for PCC in India

Posted by yaseen mehmood shaikh on 12/10/2019 8:38:06 am

what is the documents required for it.

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Lost my car

Posted by mohammad mokim on 12/9/2019 4:23:23 pm

dear iik friends i have lost my car before 2 years till now showing my name in in moi how can close my name. i have already done fir please advise me

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Traveling with electronic items

Posted by traveller on 12/9/2019 2:29:36 pm

hello every one
where can i keep my new power banks and new mobile while travelling in flight.hand luggage or main luggage .please give me advice. i am going through go air this week .

thanks in advance

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Exiting kuwait without cancel VIVA wifi router

Posted by ahilan shanmugam on 12/9/2019 2:12:37 pm

hi friends

if we exiting kuwait without cancel the viva wifi router
what will happen

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Taking Edible print for cake topping

Posted by anjaan anjaan on 12/9/2019 12:55:02 pm

hi all,

can anybody please help me that where can i take edible print outs for cake toppings. i would like to prepare cake all by myself, but may need the frosting sheet print.

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Telephone bill payment

Posted by a on 12/9/2019 11:11:04 am

hi friends

since many days i was trying to pay the ministry telephone bill through moc web site, but always giving the error message, could not pay, anyone paid online ? i am living in salmiya block 12, where to go any pay the bill,

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Posted by shajith gc on 12/9/2019 10:05:32 am

please share the questions asked for electrical engineer examination. i have the syllabus with me. please help...

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Posted by ramesh on 12/9/2019 10:03:54 am

hi ,

i want to know how to transfer electricity meter & what documents required to transfer electricity meter & which place i can register it ,

my rental flat is in farwaniya block 6.

m a nurse & new in kuwait.

your kind support are appreciated my sisters & brothers .


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Goa - Portuguese citizen - Work visa process

Posted by minoshka vaz on 12/9/2019 9:23:28 am

i have accepted a job offer and my employer wants to sponsor a work visa but i am originally from goa with portuguese nationality so in which country would i have to do my formalities? has any fellow goan done this before who can guide me?

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Bringing daugters on visit visa without mother.

Posted by parent on 12/9/2019 7:59:09 am

i am planning to bring my daughters aged 14 and 11 on visit visa to kuwait. their mother is not able to travel with them. i would like to know if there is any restriction on children entering kuwait without their mother. hope the experienced and knowledgeable members of this forum would provide me with an answer.
thanking you.

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Civil id

Posted by shams s on 12/8/2019 4:50:59 pm

my residency is renewed and awaiting civil id

in passport i have sticker with residency till 20.01.20
can i go for a vacation now and come back before 20.01.20 without new civil id as it is delayed

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Where to approach for bus service from workers city Shadadiya I

Posted by nasim on 12/8/2019 3:38:34 pm

there are foreign workers around 2000 staying in shadadiya workers camp, but no public transport bus services available from market area,b4 we contacted city bus through email. but no use can someone advise if bus service can be provided atleast weekends?

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Posted by mussels on 12/8/2019 1:51:25 pm

where can i find fresh mussels . i am talking about fresh ones to cook and not from a
restaurant .i have seen a couple of time in lulu but they are very small size .

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Traveling to Canada Via Frankfurt (German airport )

Posted by traveling to canada via frankfurt (german airport ) on 12/8/2019 1:20:02 pm

i am travelling to canada on student visa, traveling kuwait via frankfurt (german airport) to calgary. we require transit via in germany frankfurt airport.

any one traveled people please guide us. how we get transit via.


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Posted by rumy on 12/8/2019 12:58:59 pm

can anybody advise me, where i can get cast iron kadai .i saw few videos that its healthy and important to cook in iron utensils .but didnt find in lulu or carrefour and few other normal coperative .if anyone have an idea ,please let me know

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Wholesale sweets and mixture biscuits for sale

Posted by sam on 12/8/2019 12:55:25 pm

dear iikians,
please advise where my poor friend can purchase sweets, mixtures biscuits etc.fir retail sales in camp .if anyone has the idea please send contact information or address.

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Baby Lotion - Help

Posted by r on 12/8/2019 12:18:40 pm

friends where can i find this lotion in kuwait ? and how much.(if you know)

atogla lotion


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Renewal of Driving License online

Posted by sheri on 12/8/2019 9:23:30 am

i am trying to renew my driving license but it is giving following message
"sorry you are not eligible to request online . please contact traffic department "
can anyone suggest the reason

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Procedure for transferring visit visa to family via

Posted by iik user on 12/8/2019 8:59:04 am

hi all,

can anyone brief me about the procedure to transfer visit visa to family visa for my wife.
i am meeting the other required condition of minimum salary.


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car accelaration

Posted by nitin on 12/8/2019 7:45:19 am

my nissan sedan vehicle when acclerated slowly from the stop, vehicle moves normal but as it cross around 30 speed it almost stops for a second and then gets increased speed upon pressing the pedal. what is the issue?

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Nursing Lower Verification

Posted by dencen . on 12/8/2019 7:04:20 am

please share the steps and minimum attestations required for lower certificate verification of nurse.

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Moving from kuwait Without closing electricity bill

Posted by ahilan shanmugam on 12/7/2019 11:37:47 pm

what will happen, if we are exiting from kuwait without canceling electricity bill

please reply
thank you

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To customers of Expat Properties India Limited seeking refund and legal action

Posted by ammar zar on 12/7/2019 9:23:30 pm

we are a group of dissatisfied customers of expat properties india limited having
registered office carlton towers, a wing, 3rd floor,no-1, old airport road, bangalore-560008. opp. diamond district.
and branch offices in
611, a, kohinoor mall, kohinoor city, kirol road, off. l.b.s. road, kurla(w), mumbai – 400070,
office no. 32, bandal dhankude plaza, 2nd floor, opp. kothrud pmt depot, paud road, bhusari colony, kothrud, pune – 411038, 411, 4th floor, gera imperium ii, edc complex, patto, panaji, goa. 403001.

we are forming this group with the following objectives:
• to get as many dissatisfied customers to join us in filing a legal case for seeking full refund of the amount invested
• to share any individual/group success story who have been able to come to any settlement
• to identify and seek legal counsel on how to pursue our case
• to file a petition with indian embassy kuwait and other countries in gcc to black list expat properties india limited from carrying operations
• to alert others from investing with expat properties india limited

please strengthen our cause by joining us on whatsapp 97537576/66482660

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Travel to Saudi by own Vehicle

Posted by ibrahim on 12/7/2019 8:43:35 pm

dears- any possibilities to drive our own vehicle with family to saudi once we get saudi visa.?

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KSE (kuwait society of engineering)

Posted by mohammed iqbal on 12/7/2019 4:54:05 pm

hi everyone i say nba college list, my colleage was not on the list but my university is there, jntu anantapur, may i eligible for the exam

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Posted by blasio fernandes on 12/7/2019 4:41:55 pm

i got visit visa for my son to come to kuwait
do i need to translate the visa before travelling as he is coming to kuwait via mumbai by jazeera?

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cancellation of dependent visa

Posted by ts on 12/7/2019 4:36:41 pm

hi friends

i need to cancel family visa as they will leave kuwait.

i will be here in kuwait but sending my family to india .

what is the process ?

any info please comment.

thanks in advance

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Fahaheel clinic

Posted by xyz on 12/7/2019 2:59:35 pm

where is fahaheel govt clinic. anyone can guide.

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Indemnity case appeal

Posted by david jhon on 12/7/2019 1:20:02 pm

my name david i register a case against my previous company to get indemnity. finally after four years i win the case. judgement already come before 15 days. after the judgement the previous company register a appeal against my win judgement. any body know after the appeal how long time need to finalize the appeal case. already four years after judgement come. please help me the matter if some one know the duration of appeal court.

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Posted by raja on 12/7/2019 11:40:42 am

experts please advice i had minor bone broken in the wrist for that doctor provided plaster bandage from shoulder to wrist. so during travel airlines/customs will make any problem. please advise.

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Buy Leather Jacket

Posted by asten roys on 12/6/2019 9:52:36 pm

dear readers,
could you you advise there i can buy leather jackets here in kuwait. appreciate your all feedbacks

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IIE Membership (KSE)

Posted by mohamed on 12/6/2019 9:23:23 pm

there is any advantage to get iie( institution of engineers (india) and kuwait chapter) . also please share the amount for iie membership if anybody knows.

could you please advise if anybody took noc - kse from non-nba college.

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Applying for fresh Kuwait Driving License

Posted by upen kumar on 12/6/2019 6:58:22 pm

i am planning to apply for a fresh driving license of kuwait, before this i am having a valid uae licence and have driven in uae for 5 years. can someone advive me the procedure or in case some one can refer me an economical agent who can help me out in the procedure.

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A grim and bleak situation

Posted by laxminarayan gopal on 12/6/2019 11:23:15 am

the situation in india today is grim. i am consciously avoiding making this into a political post because i had said earlier that i will refrain from political posting in this forum and i have respect for my word. despite the fact that i have moved out of kuwait i retain my professional connections here and even recently visited this country for official work; therefore i have some locus standi to continue posting in this forum once in a rare while.

now to revert to the situation in india. prices are up substantially for almost all commodities and services of daily use such as vegetables, cereals, even medicines. moody''s has downgraded india''s economic rating to negative from stable. the annual rbi report for 2018-19 describes the economic situation as grim. bank frauds are reported to have gone up about by almost 75% in terms of financial impact. getting a job for today''s graduating youth is not just a challenge - it is more of an unrealisable dream. women''s safety has become a joke because no lady is safe on the roads at night and sometimes not even in the daytime. above all the communal divide has been actively exploited, ruthlessly fomented and furthered so that the attention of the public can be diverted from the issues that matter such as unemployment, financial stability, education, public safety and health care.

but there is a ray of hope. it is darkest before the dawn as the old saying goes and within the darkness that prevails there are glimpses of the light that lies behind. people are waking up. people are beginning to think differently and vote intelligently. even the bhakts are beginning to sound subdued. if this process continues we can all hope that the dawn will usher in a new and better day for all of us: hindus, muslims, christians, atheists whatever who share the one common characteristic of being citizens of india.

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Driving licence expired ,fine for renewal

Posted by sijo devassia on 12/5/2019 4:54:57 pm

hello dear friends
my driving license is damaged and expired. how do i renew the licence and how much do i have to pay for expiry and damagr

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Skin Tag

Posted by ra on 12/5/2019 3:57:42 pm

hi all

pls suggest some good cream or naturally to rid off skin tags it’s growing on my body day by day.


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Posted by nazir on 12/5/2019 2:49:19 pm

dear brothers

please share your experience if anyone would have got the family visa from visit visa for wife.

thanks in advance

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Posted by abu aerish on 12/5/2019 2:46:59 pm

dear friends

kindly advise me where i can do premedical for my wife in india if i am in mumbai.

suggest me good gamca clinic in mumbai. same time suggest me if there is any doctor here in kuwait to consult the chest xray according to kuwait medical test.

thanks lot for your kind help in this subject

abu aerish

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Birth certificate

Posted by thunder cat on 12/5/2019 1:21:30 pm

to go outside kuwait i mean european countries or usa; they will consider the birth certificate issued from indian embassy kuwait or one which is issued by hawally department that green colour which is written in arabic
those who have experience please do reply

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Flights to Canada

Posted by flight to canada on 12/5/2019 11:57:25 am

which flight is good and less ticket now to travel canada. i am traveling first time

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driving license machine

Posted by varghese on 12/5/2019 8:20:54 am

can someone tell me where exactly at avenues is the machines to get the driving license and also if it is open today being a thursday , what would be the timing today ? thank you.

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Visiting Baku this month

Posted by indian on 12/5/2019 4:55:57 am

dear all,

i am visiting baku this month ending. i need its currency " manat ". from where can i get , pls advice

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Cancel Cinescape tickets

Posted by maya on 12/4/2019 1:30:07 pm

hi friends,

how can we cancel tickets in cinescape? i couldn''t find and tab for cancellation on the webside.

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Driving license for housewife

Posted by mohamed on 12/4/2019 12:33:12 pm

hru all. anybody can guide the procedure to apply driving license for housewife, article 22 with school going children.

thanks in advance.

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