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minimum speed limit
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is there any minimum speed limit in kuwait? I read somewhere like
Maximum speed for cars: 120 k

wife snoring
3 replies

my wife snores like a man. how to stop. please experts reply. i cant sleep once she starts snoring.

Motor insurance claim
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I met with an accident last month near fintas area. My vehocle got sandwiched between a GMC pick up

Jetairways Refund
7 replies

Dear Friends,
I have booked jet airways tickets via rehlat 2 months back. Now the airline is col

Visit Visa Overstay
8 replies


My father is visiting and unfortunately only one month visa was granted whereas l

4 replies

where is farms in kuwait where i can go with family and pluck strawaberries and other fruits. ? can

Old Spice Original
6 replies

Can anyone advise where to get Old Spice original after shave. ? All supermarkets have blue lagoon a

New Bridge from Shuwaikh to Sabiya ?

Posted by bridge on 4/21/2019 9:47:13 pm

anybody knows when will the new bridge commence all vehicles from shuwaikh to sabiya ?
earlier it was told that it will start vehicle movement from national day onwards.

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Which bus goes from fahaheel to dhajeej ?

Posted by indian on 4/21/2019 8:35:45 pm

pls let me know which bus goes from fahaheel to dhajeej ?

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minimum speed limit

Posted by min on 4/21/2019 3:39:37 pm

is there any minimum speed limit in kuwait? i read somewhere like
maximum speed for cars: 120 km/h
minimum speed for cars: 80 km/h

what does minimum speed mean? you will be fined if you drive in less than 80km/hour?

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need information

Posted by geo on 4/21/2019 1:30:23 pm

please provide information, is here in kuwait any saloon for mans pubic hair remove? please dont comments bad.

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Posted by yusuf khanji on 4/21/2019 1:17:11 pm

i want to know the process of transfer wife residency from father to husband.
thank you

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Wisdom tooth removal

Posted by hussain saifuddin on 4/21/2019 1:15:55 pm

i want to remove my wisdom tooth.

please advise the best clinic and the lowest charges possible.


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Spy Camera

Posted by mohammad rasheed ismail on 4/21/2019 12:37:45 pm

is a micro spy camera available in kuwait. ??

if not where can get one ??

please leave you mobile number.

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Posted by tony on 4/21/2019 12:32:53 pm

please give me the telephone number of manual trvels, or any travels who have the transport facility from abbassia to al-rai

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wife snoring

Posted by gangadhar on 4/21/2019 12:17:56 pm

my wife snores like a man. how to stop. please experts reply. i cant sleep once she starts snoring. thanks

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Loan repayment (monthly EMI) from outside of Kuwait

Posted by vishal sutar on 4/21/2019 12:00:35 pm

how to repay loan of kuwait banks from india or any other country? how to transfer money to kuwait bank? how much charge needs to be given each month while paying emi? means what exchange rate we can get while transferring from nre to kuwait account?
how we will get proof of loan repayment after completion of all emi, when we are out side of kuwait?

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Public transport from sheikh saad terminal

Posted by indian in kuwait on 4/21/2019 11:37:28 am

any public transport available from sheikh saad terminal?

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Residency sticker. Name

Posted by chandrasekhar acharya on 4/21/2019 11:20:53 am

my name in the passport is chandra sekharachary
in the residency sticker
shandra shary
i got it corrected it in the civil id same as in passport
by visiting paci (paid 5 .250 kd) and got new civil id
but in the residency sticker it is the same. is it mandatory to change in the residency sticker and what is the process

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Jetairways Refund

Posted by anne on 4/21/2019 11:20:52 am

dear friends,
i have booked jet airways tickets via rehlat 2 months back. now the airline is collapsed my money is stuck with them. i spoke to rehlat and they said they did not get the refund from jet airways. looking at their current condition i dont think i will get refund. i am forced to cancel my vacation and the prices are gone up and it is beyond my budget.
kindly advice if there is any hope.

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Driving licence.

Posted by arun on 4/21/2019 10:08:10 am

my license was issued from asma muroor in designation is supervisor.i have university degree & above 600 kd salary.if my designation changes from supervisor to electrician does any problem for my driving license.(my new company provide electician visa only.)

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qurain lulu

Posted by qurain on 4/21/2019 9:20:29 am

how is lulu qurain? is it different from other lulu? or same? thanks

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Bus from Farwaniya to Aveneus mall

Posted by bus from farwaniya to aveneus mall on 4/21/2019 9:06:12 am

which bus is available for farwaniya to avenues. and which stop we have to get down.
please guide us,

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Job opportunities

Posted by sam on 4/21/2019 8:18:13 am

i am in my early 40''s and lost my job a few months ago. i realized that it is not easy to get a job for mid 40s person . i am talking about office jobs but sales and other specialized jobs it is not a problem. my co. terminated 2 of us indians for reason un-known . they had hired very young 22-24yr old arabs some time ago. i have joined a place but it is not a place i would like to work . i like to ask if i transfer my iqqma to this new employer and after 1 or 2 months if i am unable to continue , can i resign from this new place ? kindly advise. frankly very few people know the rules here and some persons told me before completion of 1 year it it not possible to transfer.

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Vist Visa for Parents of a Bachelor

Posted by vikram on 4/21/2019 6:53:58 am

i am unmarried. i would like to bring my father & mother for one week. my salary mentioned in work permit is 720kd.
i heard for visit visa for father & mother, wife should be here(civil id to be attached in application). as i am unmarried, what could i do.
any clear information or update in this matter will be highly appreciated. any wasta possible.

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door lock and hinges

Posted by sebastian on 4/20/2019 4:18:45 pm

where i can get good quality door locks and hinges(italy made) at reasonable rate. please advise.

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Govt Hospital Pharmacy

Posted by omar sheikh on 4/20/2019 4:14:16 pm

doc. from govt. hospital prescribed me some medicine after bringing those medicines to home from that hospital pharmacy i found that expiry date of those medicines is less than i can use them. if i take back those medicine to that pharmacy to change will they change those medicines?

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Posted by shabari on 4/20/2019 3:13:34 pm

where is farms in kuwait where i can go with family and pluck strawaberries and other fruits. ? can we pluck for free? i saw pics of some people sharing pics. i want go. thanku

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Old Spice Original

Posted by required old spice on 4/20/2019 7:49:08 am

can anyone advise where to get old spice original after shave. ? all supermarkets have blue lagoon and whitewater.

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Civil ID Arabic name change

Posted by civil id arabic name change on 4/20/2019 1:16:08 am

hello, i would really appreciate if someone would share their experience or help guide me on an issue i am facing regarding changing name on civil id. it turns out my arabic name in the system is not the same as on my passport. as a result, paci refused to issue me a civil id and asked me to get a form from the embassy confirming the name. i got the form and then paci gave me a paper to take to fingerprint office. i went and did the fingerprints in mishref and then was told i have to go to moi to change name. i have a govt. residence (art. 17). in jawazat (moi) they issued me a new paper and said to go back to fingerprint office in mishref. i went back and the lady entered it in system and said to go back to jawazat after a week. i''''m kind of confused on what is happening and would really appreciate if someone can lay out the steps needed to complete this. also note besides my arabic name, the english name on old civil id was wrong as well.


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Goa car driving in Mumbai

Posted by abby sequeira on 4/19/2019 9:59:01 pm

dear iik readers,
my dad is planning to spend his retirement life in goa. we are from mumbai, but we also have a house in goa.
dad is planning to buy a car in goa as he is going to spend most his time their and will be coming to mumbai only when we are there or for any work in mumbai.
will he have any issue if drives a goa number plate car in mumbai?
if yes, then what all are the issue and how to solve them?
i have gone to goa with a mumbai number plate car for a week or two, but i have never faced any problem. i feel if the car remains permanently in goa then it is problem.
can someone guide me.

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Posted by kumar on 4/19/2019 9:46:49 pm

sir, please clarify my query, i have worked in construction company 2.6 years, for absent in work company terminating me. now my residency is valid 5 more months. can i try job other company and transfer. or while terminating my residency will also be cancelled. please clarify my query sir.

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Travel from with New Visa procedures

Posted by vinod kamath on 4/19/2019 8:32:48 pm

hi, as you know as per new akama rules, there will not be any stamping done on the passport(no visa sticker). as the visa stamping page is absent , how will the airlines & the emigration verify that we can travel or not.

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Gulf Bank Account Blocked

Posted by gulf bank customer on 4/19/2019 1:52:06 pm

any body know why gulf bank blocked most of the residents account blocked, they may have security laps and lack of system update. better time to change to other bank due to poor customer service and no clear and perfect answer from bank.

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Meditation Foldable Floor chair

Posted by deep r on 4/18/2019 11:57:29 pm

please advise where in kuwait would i purhcase foldable floor chair with back support for meditation.

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Need to service AC

Posted by ac on 4/18/2019 9:30:55 am

dear iik viewers please suggest (with contact details) good ac technician to service my window ac

thanks in advance,
time passers please excuse...............

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Jet Airways collapse

Posted by traveller on 4/18/2019 9:30:14 am

jet airways collapsed and govt of india did nothing to save it, cant believe, so sad. i agree it was private sector airways but it was pride of india

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Jet Airways suspends all operations......

Posted by friend on 4/18/2019 9:23:43 am

what will happen to those who have booked tickets in jet..

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Mobile repairing

Posted by rony on 4/18/2019 7:27:17 am

my s6 plus glass is broken where can i get it fixed with reasonable price in abbasiya. i checked with one shop they are charging 80 kd. if any one replaced please give the contact no of any good technician in abbasiya.

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Visit Visa Overstay

Posted by ravi kumar on 4/17/2019 11:24:13 pm


my father is visiting and unfortunately only one month visa was granted whereas l had already booked tickets for 32 days stay expecting to get three months visa.

does overstay have any negative implications apart from fine of 10 kd per day... for both the visitor and sponsor.

can anybody please share similar experiences or provide information... thank you.

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New Civil ID required

Posted by pay 5kd and collect new civil id on 4/17/2019 9:13:20 pm

now in wathzup new message is circulating that even u have vaild civil id u have to apply for new one online paying 5kd otherwise we cann''t travel with old civil id with vaild date also ; kindly confirm about thid news is this true as i have to travel tommorow

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MEW deposit money

Posted by mohammad yusuf on 4/17/2019 8:53:11 pm

hellow indians,

if i cancelled my flat electricity mew deposit money in how many days it will be credit to my bank account or they will give cash by hand , thank you.

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Lost Wallet

Posted by pankaja gouda on 4/17/2019 5:11:06 pm

dear all iik users,

please help my brother, he lost his wallet with civil id and bank card yesterday in mangaf area

details as bellow,,,

name : bhagaban gouda bipra

cid no :295061506241

please call on below number if you found his wallet.

cont : 50363642

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green island

Posted by shok on 4/17/2019 2:59:46 pm

how is this place- green island- near kuwait city? is there any entry free?

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toyo car mechanic

Posted by rk on 4/17/2019 2:28:50 pm

dear friends

where to find well expert toyota car mechanic

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Lebanon Visit visa

Posted by intersted on 4/17/2019 12:52:05 pm

has anyone applied for lebanon visit visa recently ? what is the procedure ,documents and
embassy time .please could anyone whose recently been tell me .

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New Indian Passport and Transfer of Residency

Posted by hk on 4/17/2019 12:10:32 pm

i need to transfer my daughter''s residency from old passport to new passport. her civil id name is not as per her passport and needs to be changed. can anyone advise what should be done in this case? should i transfer the residency first and then civil id? are there any agencies here that can help you with the paperwork or forms to get this completed? appreciate your advice.

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Visa category without losing driving lisence

Posted by ns on 4/17/2019 9:35:16 am

my visa is of an engineer and i have been in kuwait for 1.5 years. i need to renew my visa soon and i do not have noc.
is there any category to which i can change my visa by which i will lose my driving license.
any help is highly appreciated.
thank you

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NRI proof to banks in India

Posted by neel on 4/17/2019 9:23:24 am

dear all
i have a doubt !!!
with new residency rule in kuwait, there will not be any proof on the passport for residence validity. banks are requesting to submit the copy of passport residency page in order to update the nre account status.
do the banks in india accept the copy of civil id as supporting document.

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How to calculate indemnity ?

Posted by indemnity on 4/17/2019 7:19:23 am

please tell me how to calculate indemnity. 2 questions more :

1. is it true that if we complete 10 years of service in kuwait, then the indemnity benefits are more. i have completed 7.5 years of service in kuwait.
2. for indemnity calculation, is the basic salary taken into account or the total salary including allowances ?

pls answer

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Online health insurance payment

Posted by raj on 4/16/2019 9:19:57 pm

hi, i am trying to make online health insurance.
it is asking for "cover start date". which date i should enter there?

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soil for flower pots

Posted by curious on 4/16/2019 5:40:00 pm

i am looking to plant some plants, where i can get the soil for the same


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KSE online submission

Posted by arif on 4/16/2019 5:06:34 pm

hello everyone,
i recently registered in kse and got interview as my residence was going to finish in coming months. i thought i would explain the steps and issues i faced during online registration and submission.
open website create a login id and password.
once you login, click on submission option in the website and fill the details as asked in the webpage. be careful about the below entries:
- while filling the name just enter your name as in the civil id and also enter the arabic name correctly as it will create issues later.
- in the “university list”, if your college name is not there, you can select your university [in my case – kerala university” and you can give your college name in “english faculty name” option below.
- there is an option “english sub profession name” which didn’t work for me because of which i couldn’t submit the application in the first time. so i had to go to kse and enquire. but this is actually a bug in the website. in order to fix this issue, the option above “arabic profession name” must be filled first and then only “english profession name”. if you fill “english profession name” first, the bug will still remain.
- no need to enter the “company details”. you can leave it blank.
- in revision date option, you must select a date to get appointment for document submission. you can select a date and if its showing some warning in red color in arabic, you must select another date until the warning comes in green color.
- attach all the required documents like civil id, passport copies – front and back, residence page, work permit, degree certificate, all mark sheets, transfer certificate or conduct certificate from college.
transfer certificate or conduct certificate is to prove your college name as in my degree certificate only university name is mentioned [kerala university]
all documents must in png format or else it would not upload.
- once all documents are attached, you can save the submission.

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Court case

Posted by hari narayanan on 4/16/2019 1:57:58 pm

on 21 december 2018 i met and accident. while i was driving to the office my car hit a person who was crossing king fahd express way road no 30 by run, later it has been filed a case and i am under travel ban. if any one knows how long the case will take place to hearing and execution? when would the travel bad will be removed from the system please let me know.


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is it true?

Posted by waleed on 4/16/2019 1:17:53 pm

is it true that, within 3 months of taking driving license, if you hit your car to someone or cause any accident, your license will be cancelled forever? experts please reply.

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Neck Ties

Posted by sonu on 4/16/2019 11:22:23 am

i have been trying to find neck ties which are a bit broad but all that i find is the very narrow type of ties . is there any place where i can find those ties for office wear? please advise.

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Urgent Help

Posted by sdd on 4/16/2019 8:56:06 am


i have a srilanka maid under my sponsorship. she went for vacation and didnt come back.

is there is any way to know she returned kuwait ?
can i cancel her residency 20 without her presence in kuwait ?
do i need to file an absconding case against her ?

she has 5 more months residency validity , please reply

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