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Online driving license renewal
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does anyone know the process how to do this, nothing there on moi website

Online driving li

Plants got burned after today’s rain
5 replies

Today 17/11/2019 after rain most of the plants in my balcony got burned.

Did anybody face s

Jerky/Vibrating situation when exceed 80 kmph - GMC Envoy
15 replies

when i reach 80/90 kmph, i can feel some jerky/vibration condition. When i did the computer checkup

KYC for ICICI Bank
12 replies

Dear all,
Have anyone done KYC updates for ICICI bank recently. They are asking for third party

My Son''s Civil ID Expired because he turned 5 in October 2019 and i forgot to renew
4 replies

I renewed my son''s residence in June, the expiry date was in October as he was turning 5 years old.

Article 14 visa
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Dear IIKians, for how long can article 14 residence be stamped? Can we ask for 3 months? Thanks

residency online now.
7 replies

You can goto MOI website. There is a section called EForms under Gen Department of residency. Fill t

Visit Visa For Brother

Posted by priya chhetri on 11/20/2019 2:06:05 pm

good afternoon,

i wanted to apply visit visa for my brother and his wife. i am a working women with visa 18 and of salary 350 kd.

do you all think i can get?
if not, what if only for my brother?

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Boulevard - Salmiya

Posted by ronaldo on 11/20/2019 2:01:20 pm


can somebody on this forum advice as to how do we get permission to utilize the facilities at the boulevard in salmiya - is there any charge or is it free

thanks in advance


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VIVA 4G slow internet

Posted by ali on 11/20/2019 1:56:40 pm

my internet gets slow in the evening everyday. they have restricted the bandwidth cap to 2mb in the evening whereas during day time i get full speed of almost 30mb. viva has put it 20000 users in restricted mode of 2mb which is unfair.
do we have any viva users here?where can i make complain about viva unfair treatment?

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Spending tracker App for ios

Posted by indian on 11/20/2019 11:01:05 am


can someone suggest me a simple spending tracker for ios to record daily home expenses.
kindly let me know if u r using something and is useful. please note i need it for iphone / ios app.

i searched forum but found nothing and online search is not giving me something satisfactory.

thank u

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Buisness ideas

Posted by adil on 11/20/2019 9:55:18 am

i am planning to start a business in india is the restaurant business or mobile shop.can any one in this forum share your ideas.

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Article 14 visa

Posted by sm on 11/20/2019 9:55:02 am

dear iikians, for how long can article 14 residence be stamped? can we ask for 3 months? thanks

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how to check travel ban

Posted by roy on 11/20/2019 9:16:58 am

how to check travel ban in kuwait.

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Dance Costume and Ornaments in Salmiya/Abbasiya

Posted by iik user on 11/20/2019 8:26:04 am

good morning..

can anyone tel me where i can get dance costume and ornaments in salmiya/ abbasiya.please share the contact details for the same.

thank you

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Posted by ismail on 11/19/2019 9:02:01 pm

is gde accepted in kuwait university? and is american international college expensive in kuwait?

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Family Residency Expiry

Posted by roshan jasmin on 11/19/2019 7:29:45 pm

i''m here in kuwait since 1 year, the company which hired me had some issues. so,we were released by the shoon to a new company .now there is a delay in renewal of the new civil id by the new company due to some unexpected delay,but they are promising to do so. unfortunately ,even we were refused to get extention (article 14)due to our old company was closed.

as my family''s residency is expiring in two weeks
i''m worried that
#can i keep my family till my civil id will be renewed?

# in case if my renewal gets further delay .. & i want to send them to my country after expiring their civil id ... can i simply pay karama & send them?

expecting your valuable advice.
thank you

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Saudi Tourist Visa for Indians from Kuwait

Posted by traveller on 11/19/2019 2:36:55 pm

hello reader,

on advent of saudi tourism, as anyone applied for saudi tourist visa from saudi embassy or appointed agents within kuwait, if so then are you planning for road trip from kuwait to saudi ??

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IIk forum will be inactive?

Posted by keralite on 11/19/2019 10:57:37 am

now that, kuwait is making everything digital, from residency to driving license renewal, i think this forum will see drastic decrease in the number of posts posted.. because no more querries, no more majority of the topics used to be related to these renewal stuff. what do u think guys?

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Can i use my ICICI Credit Card in kuwait

Posted by retheesh a r on 11/19/2019 10:25:24 am

i have a credit card from icici india. can i use that credit card in kuwait ? can i purchase from any goods from kuwait ? please tell me...

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MEW Stickers on Apartments

Posted by rajesh on 11/19/2019 9:42:05 am

dear all, good morning.

we stay in mangaf bl.4 and our water & electricity charges are included in house rent; that means kuwaiti is paying.
two days back once we returned from duty, we noticed mew stickers on every door. when asked the haris, he told nothing to worry; it is their routine job. previously, we never experienced this.
do any of the readers know, what is the exact matter and what is your advice please?

with thanks & regards- rajesh

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KYC for ICICI Bank

Posted by jj on 11/18/2019 4:55:36 pm

dear all,
have anyone done kyc updates for icici bank recently. they are asking for third party attestation from embassy , notary or bank. if anyone did this before, please share the process and cost of attesting the documents. on the embassy website it is mentioned 3.25 kd per page.

appreciate your feedback.

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Posted by jj on 11/18/2019 2:15:09 pm

step 1-
user ur moi login id and password
-upload civil id copy pdf
-upload signature in .jpeg or .jpg or sign online
-check the box and continue
-pay 1 kwd
-download receipt and show license
upload new photo in .jpeg or .jpg if required
applies for licenses going to expire in 30 days.
if you apply license today online , your license expires next year same day on which you apply online.

-collect the driving license at machines those installed atthe avenues mall in shuwaikh area, al-kout mall in fahaheel area, service centers at ministry of interior, and genergeneral department for traffic violations in capital and hawally areas.

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Car computer checking

Posted by krg on 11/18/2019 1:25:58 pm

hi guys... i want to buy a used car.
is there any computerised car checking in salmiya area?
any popular computer checking in shuwaikh? please give name an phone number if possible.


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Umpires Required for Leading Cricket Tournament in Kuwait

Posted by upl management on 11/18/2019 12:54:15 pm

dear iik viewers,

we are one of the leading cricket tournament organizers in kuwait looking for umpires to be a part of our team.

if you match the below criteria please contact us

1. must have good cricketing knowledge
2. must be flexible with schedule (matches held every friday at 6.00am, 9.30am and 1.30pm)
3. candidate with own car is preferred
4. payment will be done per match

for more information contact below
lucas - +965 6688 0015

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Visa Article No. 20

Posted by abiman on 11/18/2019 9:05:42 am

hi... good morning all,
i would like to inquire about visa article no. 20 (khadim). one of my family friends is working in kuwaiti house as driver from past 8 years. due to his financial issues he is willing to get a better job with better salary. my questions are :
1. will he be able to get article 18 work visa immediately after cancelling the present residence and going back to india or he should wait for 2 years to get a new visa.
2. is it possible to transfer residence from article 20 to 18 with another sponsor (i heard that it is only possible with the same sponsor, if he owns a company).
waiting for your valuable suggestions.

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Contact Number for Manorama news paper in Kuwait

Posted by apc on 11/18/2019 9:01:35 am

hi all,
i need to publish one advt. in manorama and would like to get in touch with manaroama kuwait contact person. can anyone share if you have the contact number for manorama kuwait.

appreciate your help.

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Effect of Change in Civil ID name on other contracts.

Posted by friends on 11/18/2019 8:11:14 am

if we change the order of name in civil id correctly as per our passport, will they give any letter showing the old name and new name is the same person. i am asking because rest of our documents like electricity contract, house contract, shares if any, car daftar, bank account all are in old name .could some one please share their experience on this.

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Online driving license renewal

Posted by rd x on 11/18/2019 7:30:23 am

does anyone know the process how to do this, nothing there on moi website

online driving license renewal for expats from today article published at iik - read more at

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Plants got burned after today’s rain

Posted by maannuuu on 11/17/2019 4:22:36 pm

today 17/11/2019 after rain most of the plants in my balcony got burned.

did anybody face same issue in salmiya

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My Son''s Civil ID Expired because he turned 5 in October 2019 and i forgot to renew

Posted by raghu vijay on 11/17/2019 3:45:12 pm

i renewed my son''s residence in june, the expiry date was in october as he was turning 5 years old. it has been almost 27 days since my son''s civil id expired. what is the procedure to renew my son''s civil id, where to go? and what will be the fine till date? if there is fine, where should i go and pay the fine.

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whats happening in abbasiya

Posted by keralite on 11/17/2019 3:30:43 pm

guys, whats this checking going on abbasiya? is it safe to carry our office colleagues in my own vehicle? what if the police stops?

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New born Baby Residency Procedures in Farwaniya Jawazzat

Posted by kazi on 11/17/2019 2:21:27 pm

residency process for the new born baby in farwaniya jawazzat
visit the farwaniya passport office in riggae, with all the documents and the application form, any typing center will type the application and will tell you of all the required documents.

1. obtain token number for the first section on entrance and go to the counter with all your documents. the person will verify all documents and stamp it.
2. then go to the cashier which is located in the right hand far corner in the main hall inside. this is called (khazina) in arabic. two people will be sitting there. give your documents to the person sitting on the left. she will give you a paper to pay kd 100.
3. in some cases she will ask you to go to the counter no 8 in the same hall (visitor residency area) where she will ask you to take the moi number.
4. the lady in counter 8 will check your details online and write down the moi number.
5. take this back to the same counter for preparing the payment paper for kd 100 (as in step 2.)
6. take the paper and pay the amount in cash to the counter on the right(in the same place)
7. obtain the receipt of payment
8. take a token no for the computer section. in some cases you can directly go without token if there is not much rush
9. now go to the computer room section (just next to the cashier) and give a copy of the arabic birth certificate of kuwait for the baby. he will note it down and ask you to wait for half hour to reflect it on the system for making online insurance
10. after half and hour you can go back again to him and confirm if the insurance system is updated to make the payment
11. you can now make payment online and print a receipt of payment.
12. alternatively there are a few mobile vans outside the passport office which can make the payment for you. just take your knet card and make the payment and they will give you the payment receipt immediately.
13. after making the payment, go back the main hall and obtain token for residency.

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Fake Recruitment Agency From india

Posted by jithin george on 11/17/2019 2:15:45 pm

hi guys,

please be aware that careersjet recruitment agency is fake one.

+918972338701 agent contact number.

please be aware he is very talented in making fake moh offer letters and other documents

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Posted by suno on 11/17/2019 1:14:50 pm

the accountant title in kuwait is subject to the relevant qualification and certification now. earlier it was given to people from any discipline. ..which certification is better and can get in a short period of time? i am a science graduate with experience in financial accounting me, please ...

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What name to be on CID?

Posted by what name to be on cid? on 11/17/2019 12:12:44 pm

1. my name in pp- amit sethi

2. father’s name in pp- dinesh pratap sethi

3. name appearing in cid- “amit sethi dinesh pratap”

4. remarks- my name (english & arabic) in cid is not matching with name in pp.

5. residence is due for renewal in jan. 2020.

6. what should be name printed on cid after residence renewal? do i have to correct only english name or arabic name should also be corrected?

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residency online now.

Posted by residency online now. on 11/17/2019 11:48:50 am

you can goto moi website. there is a section called eforms under gen department of residency. fill the form completely then go to nearest service center with orgional passport and moi message page at the end of application.

they will do the processing. you can find the nearest service centers under ministry moi app or website.

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Change of Name in Civil ID

Posted by unknown on 11/17/2019 11:23:09 am

here a lot of times the discussion regarding this matter came. still want to clarify one more time.
is there anyone in this forum who traveled recently from india to kuwait, who is having some discrepancies in their civil id and passport.
for me my passport is having my given name only and which is shown in civil id exactly as it is. but civil id added with that my family name and unfortunately there is a small spelling mistake in that. (just one last letter misspelled).

some one mentioned here before that they went for this changes and paci requested them for some long procedures. just for a small change and which is clearly a mistake from paci, i dont want to go for long procedures.

if any one is having a clear idea about this, please help.

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Online residency renewal

Posted by df on 11/17/2019 9:57:25 am

hi friends,
now the family residency renewal is done through moi web site or we need to go directly.


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lost civil id

Posted by jahangir alam on 11/16/2019 6:30:08 pm

i lost my civil id (which already expired) and now i am on 3 months (kuruj) extension period.
what should i did now?.
how i can get my old civil id?
should i apply now with 3- month extensions paper?
or need to wait for new stamping?
pls, advise.

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Cancellation of Residency

Posted by muhammad abu ahmed on 11/16/2019 1:22:13 pm

good day to all readers & supporters,
i have sent my family back to home land without cancellation of their residencies. any one can share his experience suppose if they not enter in kuwait within six months and there residencies would be expired no doubt, but can i apply visa for them again any time without any issue, or may i face some issue because of i did not cancelled their residencies.
if i must cancel the residencies please reply me the procedure.
thanks in advance for replying and sharing the experience.

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Name on Civil ID

Posted by john on 11/16/2019 10:04:08 am

dear my friends in iik, this forum is providing great help for others.
i am sure we discussed this issue many times, i am asking again bcoz not clear about this.
my name in passport john mathew
i my civil id john mathew mathew, the extra mathew is derived from the name of father.
passport number is correct in civil id.

any problem in kuwait & indian airport? need to remove the extra mathew?
any issues for travelling?
waiting for a proper and clear reply.

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Address Change in Civil ID

Posted by abey tom on 11/16/2019 8:00:13 am

dear all,

we have to change present address in civil id
i head we can get it directly at paci if we go there directly. if i go directly, will they allow me to change my family members civil id (wife & son) . if so, what all original documents of my wife & son, i should carry for the address change.

looking forward for your kind advise.

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Entry within 6 months.

Posted by qutbuddin saif mhowwala on 11/14/2019 8:29:48 pm

my son is in india for education purpose. he exit from kuwait on 28th may. can any one suggest when he should re enter kuwait as per kuwaiti law? i mean to ask does it calculated monthly basis ( so should reenter on or before 27 nov) or no. of days to be considered to renter within 6 month time?

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Company Authorised Signatory(Atematawqia)

Posted by sahil khan on 11/14/2019 1:11:15 pm


is there any way to get company (renewed) atematawqia (authorised signatory) from any website or any other way without asking to company mandoob.


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Residence permit to keep live after 6 months of exit.

Posted by pothiraj velusamy on 11/14/2019 12:43:33 pm

hello everyone,
my wife was pregnant and left to india june17, unfortunately miscarriage there after 10 days, now treatment going on, and doctor says avoid travel. coming dec, 6 months complete after exit, is there any chance to save my wife residence permit( valid upto next year june)

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Dear Kerala people,I Apologize

Posted by manidhan on 11/14/2019 11:59:26 am

as a tamilian,i am really sorry and publicly apologize to the respected kerala people for unable to protect your child fathima latheef a class topper in all subjects student in iit madras from kerala.
we are deeply saddened and ashamed ourselves where periyar taught us social justice.
it is an institutionalized murder by some people/group who discriminate our society in the name of caste and religion.

we failed to save your daughter/sister.

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No message for PACI Payment

Posted by residence on 11/14/2019 11:15:34 am

today i went to renew my wife & son residence along with application for change in my passport number, after changing my new passport number, i need to submit the same for the renewal of my residence to my new company. after collecting all documents together, police officer said that message will come in your mobile.
i got message for paci payment for my wife and son.
but till 11.15 am, i didnt get any message for my application.
what will be the reason? where i can follow up? or is there still time to wait today for the message?
any one with same experience, please reply urgently.
thanks in advance.

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KD 130 health insurance for expats in 2020......

Posted by yatin on 11/14/2019 8:13:52 am

120 kd for yearly health insurance ? or is it some different plan

instead of 40 do we need to pay 120 from jan ?

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Posted by leaving on 11/14/2019 7:37:18 am

i need 2 indian labourers to throw away few of my household items in garbage. where can i get ? ( salmiya )

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Laptop airport

Posted by traveller on 11/14/2019 7:33:28 am

are they still making you start your laptop at kuwait airport while travelling outside? as my laptop battery died...

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Strange - Ticket for violating traffic rules in Qatar.

Posted by joseph on 11/14/2019 6:08:00 am

hi friends,
i have a problem.. two weeks back i found a traffic ticket under my name in the moi app.. saying i have violated traffic rules in qatar and should pay kuwait dinar equavalent to 500qr.
the strange thing is i have not been to qatar even in my dream....
the ticket says the incident occurred on 2nd april 2016 at 12.01am....
don''t know how this ticket came under my name... i can show my passport to prove that i have not been to qatar... but what would i do if they say, somebody else used my car and did something in qatar? to prove any idea???
anyone faced this issue before... please help...

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Posted by joshi on 11/13/2019 10:10:51 pm

i came to kuwait in 2003 on project visa and transferred to another company commercial visa in 2013 and then in 2015 to another company project visa and remains same. my question is whether i am able to transfer to another company visa. please share those went through same situation.

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About probation period

Posted by subith on 11/13/2019 4:18:12 pm

hello iik members, i recently joined(not more than 15 days) in a company and they transferd my visa, every thing is good. now the problem is i got another opportunity from a reputed company with good salary package... if i want to join this company i have to wait for three months after resignation or i can quit immediately(or in a month). plz give me your valuable suggestions.. thank you

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Residence visa of my wife and kid

Posted by kola ramu on 11/13/2019 4:10:42 pm

dear viewers,
i hold residence visa for my family till april 2020. my wife and kid left kuwait on may 07,2019 for delivery 2nd baby in india. unfortunately she will not entry before 6 months of time. what is the process for them to bring here.
please advise...

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Bank Loan & Exit with cancelled Visa

Posted by chanaka fernando on 11/13/2019 4:00:50 pm

dear iik,

i have asked this earlier and i would like to get confirmed about exit with cancelled visa while remaining bank loan.

1.) i already have enough installments in ac to be monthly deducted but i am really unsure about whether immigration at airport would hold me with cancelled visa.have you guys have similar experiences or details about this.i heard that only if bank makes a case is travel ban is imposed on us,this also takes some months.

kindly reply your ideas or experiences.

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Iznae amal

Posted by shanila khan on 11/13/2019 2:49:07 pm

hii all,
i want to know, if we want to change our qualifications in iznae amal, then we should give to mandoop only translated degree or orginal degree as well.

thanks & regards

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