Warm and Loving Greetings to all of you!!!

Are you an Indian woman residing in Kuwait?

Would you like to belong to a place where you can be just yourself?

A space where you can be simply YOU; where your religion; your caste; your education and economic status does not matter?

Would you like to have a platform for self-expression?

Would you like to have or be a pillar of support to lean on???

Well... if YES, then you are just at the right place, reading the right content, at the right time...

The above thoughts and dreams have motivated the formation of a new wing under the aegis of Indians in Kuwait (IIK), namely the Indian Women In Kuwait (IWIK)—which shall be our own private little world for us and by us. We, the Indian women residing in Kuwait, need one unifying place to belong to; where our interests shall converge and our ideas are shared. It is this need that has encouraged some of us to take this initiative and present it to all of you... We do not have to pay a membership fee and/or take any pledge or be bound by any other commitment or obligation. We do not have to be a ‘somebody’, so as to be heard or spoken with. We are the Indian Women in Kuwait, and let us belong to a group, wherein we shall learn a bit; gain a bit; have a little fun; and express ourselves and our skills!!!


At the Diwali Mela, organised by IIK on November 2, 2012, we, the IWIK Team explored our potential and could successfully organise a series of events such as the Rangoli Competition, a live Cooking Session, and a range of other competitions and programs throughout the day. We propose to organise a wide variety of useful and fun-filled programs for all of us, in the months ahead. We intend to measure all our proposed programs against the following three parameters or yardsticks:

  • Is the program giving us any  information/knowledge/education?
  • Will the program allow some of us to showcase and  share our skills/talent?
  • Will the activity make us feel light, relaxed, and happy? 

IWIK aim is to provide Info-Entertainment Programs/ Activities to the Indian Women in Kuwait

Would you like to know us a little better?


The core IWIK Team comprises:


Mrs. Helen D’souza

Presently working for Lemonade International as PR Marketing Manager. Helen is actively involved in the activities of the most popular web portal, IndiansinKuwait.com and is part of IIK Team.


Mrs. Deepika Nambiar

A Freelance writer. Currently working for Lemonade International as Administrative Manager. She is part of the IIK Team and does regular contributions to the news portal IndiansinKuwait.com and also for Timesofindia.com. A Business Management (BBM) Graduate by education from Mysore University.


Dr. Navniit Gandhi

A passionate Academician, Freelance Journalist, and an Author— Navniit has authored Three Books and Two E-Booklets till date. She presently teaches at the Indira Gandhi National Open University, Kuwait Center and is also a member of the Writers’ Forum, Kuwait.


Mrs. Parimita Barooah Bora

An enthusiastic and spirited freelance travel writer, blogger and tutor. She is a regular contributor to several newspapers, magazines and websites. A post graduate in English, Education and Travel & Tourism, she worked as a lecturer until her relocation to Kuwait. She believes it is important to regularly watch your surroundings and keep discovering, much as you do when you visit a new place for the first time. Through her blog she tries to provide all information on Kuwait apart from writing about her other travels. She is also a member of AASHA, a group trying to help the needy people back in our motherland.

If you wish to be the first ones to know of all our activities, so as to participate in them...

If you wish to share your ideas and make useful suggestions...

If you wish to not miss the excitement; the fun; and the learning...

Then, RUSH... scroll down, fill the form below to register yourself... and AWAIT our next announcement—which shall be an exciting program for us and by us—the INDIAN WOMEN IN KUWAIT (IWIK)!!!


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