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4/22/2020 7:13:45 AM
Seven Effective Steps to Redefine Your Career Post COVID-19

Unlike other epidemics in the past, COVID-19 is not only taking human life but also is a catalyst for th

3/30/2020 9:39:27 PM
Aha! Globalised, at last…

No! No! No! This is not another write-up to give you the latest number of deaths due to Covid-19 or

- Dr Navniit Gandhi
3/21/2020 4:28:10 PM
Ready, set, go!

‘Sports’ is a word that makes our generation perspire on-spot. Almost 75% of us are well-fitted sitting

- Krithika Karthikeyan, IIK Young Reporter

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Health is wealth

It is a very old maxim that "Health is Wealth". Health is the greatest gift and the most important wealth in one’s life . It is just like money ,

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4/4/2020 2:03:19 PM
Kuwait confirm first corona death: Indian expat died; 62 New cases registered today

Kuwait officially announced the first death from corona virus today. a 46 year old Indian expatriate died at Jaber Hospit

4/1/2020 6:35:08 AM
Amnesty begins today; Plan to send back 200,000 residency violators

Residency violators in Kuwait have been granted a 30-day period starting today to leave without paying fines or airfare, wit

3/30/2020 2:31:45 PM
Interior Minister announces procedures on granting amnesty for residence violators from April 1 st

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Anas Al-Saleh issued a decision to allow residency violators to leave the co

3/28/2020 3:45:53 PM
Indian staff nurse passed away in Kuwait; Mother dies on hearing news of son's death

Indian staff nurse Renju Cyriac working at Adan Hospital passed away in Kuwait. He was 38 years old. Renju Cyriac hails from