Working in Kuwait
If you intend to take up employment in Kuwait, you will need a Work Permit and a No Objection Certificate. The first is issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour at which point the Ministry of the Interior must be applied to for the NOC and entry permit. These formalities of course must be completed by your sponsor.

In order to obtain a residence permit, it is necessary to complete a form issued by the Ministry of the Interior and to have this signed by your sponsor. You will need to be fingerprinted and also to undergo a medical check. After completion of these two, the form is then taken to your local Passport Office with the following:

  • Fingerprint Department form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Work Permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
  • No Objection Certificate and copies
  • A copy of your passport
  • At least four passport photographs

As a general rule, these procedures are the responsibility of the sponsor. In a large company, a man who deals with various government departments and agencies (called in Arabic a mandub) will probably have the responsibility of carrying out these jobs

Vaccination Certificates are required against cholera and yellow fever for travellers coming from infected areas. Children less than one year old are excepted. Vaccination against TB is also recommended. In order to qualify for residence in Kuwait, you must have a medical check. This is primarily aimed at detecting such major infectious diseases as AIDS and TB. Those found to have serious infectious diseases will not be allowed to stay in the country.

Once residence procedures have been completed, you are required to register for a Civil ID card. This is compulsory and the cards, once issued, should be carried with you at all times. Once the form has been completed, you will need to submit it along with photographs and a photocopy of the relevant pages of your passport to the Public Authority for Civil Information


As the rules are changing very often, please check with the officials for latest rules and procedures.