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Love All Creatures


Animal and birds Flowers and trees Bring to our earth Beauty and peace The chirps at dawn The doe and her fawn The rustle of leaves And the ...



Freedom from noise and anxiety Is the true meaning of peace. The sight of a dove flying high In the bright blue sky Makes my mind calm It free...



Small sacrifices give us all Happiness in our lives Look around dear friend At those tired and hungry eyes How many of our friends Each night g...



Oh Mother dear! What goes through their mind The ones who don’t care the mankind? Even if they don’t have anything to offer Why do they make oth...



A Calm and cool person Has a face like a treasure And pleasant as morning light Is always filled with pleasure Don’t fret, don’t cry Don’t let ...

Calm Amidst the Storm


When within you rages a storm Keep your calm And aback yourself from anger Think of the stomachs that live with hunger Be still even when everyt...

Tribute to Our Jawans


Our tribute to our martyred jawans, Who for us sacrificed their life. And bravely fought for us, To give us a secure land. Our tribute to the mig...

Tribute to The Martyred Jawans


My tribute to those brave men, Who stood up for our security Who sacrificed their lives for our country For what is precious, our motherland My t...

Tribute to The Martyred Soldiers


Our tribute to the Jawans, who sacrificed their lives for our motherland. Our tribute to the Jawans, who sacrificed their lives for giving us peace ...

Tribute to The Martyred Jawans


I give tribute to them, Because of whom we are secure; I give honour to those, Who sacrificed their lives for our nation; I give respect to those...

Our Martyred Jawans!


Our tribute to our soldiers Who fought day and night To give us peace and keep us secure. They fought bravely, With bullets and guns Whose mothe...

A Soldier


A soldier is a powerful man, who will always stand his ground. He will keep his country alive whenever dangers arrive. He promises to risk his l...

Our Martyred Jawans


They stand on the borders of our country With might and bravery. They make our country live in peace And fight with all our enemies. They fight f...

Heroes of India


The soldiers waiting, waiting as they lay, Their sweat dripping as their heart pounds, The curtains may drop upon their precious play, Who will li...

My hidden beauty


My hidden beauty The beauty that’s hidden, Deep in my heart Its something which can be seen by nobody,but by God. It’s the beauty that filled my...

The Striving of The Spirit


The one who seeks justice for even small matters is the one who will have to face more and more injustice in life’’. Just like when you go for a j...

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”


I’ve always loved proverbs, mainly because they bring out a beautiful message in the shortest and wittiest way possible. One of my absolute favorites...

Spinning the Wheels at the Charkha Museum Delhi


Every year while returning to Kuwait from India during our vacation, we stop at Delhi. We just love Delhi. Delhi is beautiful. Delhi is irresistible....

The Brave Princess


Long, long ago there lived a king with his wife they were sad because they had no children so one day a baby girl was born to the king and the queen....

24th Foundation Day at GIS


Here I write a few things about the foundation day. It was the 24 foundation day. The theme of the programme was ‘Change’. First, I would like to ...

English is the window to the world


‘’English is the window to the world’’ is really a true saying in our day to day life. English is the universal language. It means that througho...

The Striving of the Spirit


‘’The one who seeks justice for even small matters is the one who will have to face more and more injustice in life’’. Just like when you go for a...

Humanity at Loss – An Encounter with Reality


Subhadra Mahatab Seva Sadan (SMSS), a non-profiting destitute old age home/care centre located in Gopalpur, Odisha, India was registered as a NGO in ...

Education for all – An Innovative Initiative by PREM


People’s Rural Education Movement (PREM) is a secular, humanitarian, non-political and non-governmental organization working for the development of A...

Pieced and Peaceful (My school)


A splendid summer morning as I sipped coffee from my mug simultaneously drawing the curtains of my room; I laid my eyes on an old but beautiful red a...


Young Reporters

Women – The Epitome of Tenacity...

In the labyrinth of life, without a shadow of doubt, today’s Indian society has undergone a sea of change as our Indian women have set a trajectory for themselves, they

Indian Schools

Al Amal Indian School Salmiya
Al Rashid Indian School Farwaniya
Carmel School Khaitan
Fahaheel Al Watanieh Indian Private School Ahmadi
Gulf Indian School Fahaheel
India International School Mangaf
Indian Central School Jaleeb Al Shuwaikh
Indian Community School, Amman st. Salmiya
Indian Community School, Junior Salmiya
Indian Community School, Khaitan Khaitan
Indian Community School, Senior Salmiya
Indian Educational School Jleeb Al-Shuwaikh
Indian English Academy School Salmiya
Indian Learners Own Academy Jleeb Al Shyoukh
Indian Public School Hawalli
Integrated Indian School Jleeb Al Shyoukh
Jabriya Indian School Jabriya
Kuwait Indian School Jleeb Al Shyoukh
New Gulf Indian School Mahboula
New Indian Central School Mangaf
Salmiya Indian Model School Salmiya
Smart Indian School Abbasiya
United Indian School Abassiya
United International Indian School Jleeb Al Shyoukh Al Hassawi

IIK Young Reporter

IIK introduces a unique program “IIK Young Reporter” to encourage the writing skill for the young students from the community. Any student with a passion for creative writing and a little bit of interest in journalism and community activities can be a part of this program. Student from 6th standard to 12th standard studying in Schools here in Kuwait can be a part of this unique program. Click Here to register.

Ann Mariya Sabu, IIK Young Contributor

Women – The Epitome of Tenacity

In the labyrinth of life, without a shadow of doubt, today’s Indian s

Marushka Fernandes, IIK Young Reporter

Good Health and Good Sense are two of Life’s Greatest Blessings

‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithf

Krithika Karthikeyan, Young Contributor

To All the Teachers I’ve Ever Met Before

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior

Shreya V Arun, Young Reporter

Mama Priya Samskrutha Adhyapakow

Samskrita Bharathi conducted a Spoken Sanskrit workshop for 10 days t

Mohammad Yusuf Khan, IIK Young Contributor

What is teacher’s day?

What is teacher’s day? , When is it celebrated? , Why is it celebrate

Gauri Krishnan, IIK Young Contributor

Guru Dakshina – A tribute to our great teachers

As we commemorate Teachers' Day in the memory of Sarvepalli Radhakris

Mahathi.C.A, IIK Young Contributor

Happy Teachers Day

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expre

Ann Susan Abraham, IIK Young Contributor

The Value of A Teacher

‘A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill