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Around 100,000 expats under fake companies to leave Kuwait

Sunday, August 9, 2020
Around 100,000 expats under fake companies to leave Kuwait

Around 100,000 expats are expected to leave Kuwait as security authorities intensified their efforts to control visa traders and apply strict action on fictitious companies.

According to Al Qabas Arabic report, around 450 fake companies have been referred on charges of selling visas. Around 100,000s of expats have bought visas from these companies where in reality they never worked for these companies. The files of these companies will be closed with restrictions.

According to the report, these companies had issued visas to expats and were given release to the employees. None of them were working for the company.

According to the report, many workers under these companies had already left Kuwait when the authorities initiated a strict check on them. Others are waiting for their flights to resume.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020
@H Paul @Ali @all the keyboard finance advisors
In case all you master-planners forgot the basis of the numbers that you are so quick to provide, let me explain some things...
In a nut shell, commerce is a TOOL for the advancement of human needs and wants.
In the current scenario, when the end user (Kuwait) NO LONGER requires your input, how will he give you a job?

This message for you - IF YOU DON''T KNOW ENGLISH, DON''T USE BIG WORDS :)
Exchequer is the national treasury in which taxes and other govt. revenue is collected. Your grand formula of 100kd per employee does not belong to the govt YET. It is a projected estimation at best. Also projected losses of potential employers are not the business of the govt. of Kuwait. They are not running a charity organization - and my deepest respects to real charity organizations who provide aid free of cost to the needy. But Kuwait govt. is not responsible for lakhs of expats. Go back to your damn country and see if your local constituency will give you one rupee without bribe or connections. Don''t worry about Kuwait govt. They are capable of taking care of themselves without the help of desi garbage like yourself. Provide your money to your country ''exchequer'' ROFL

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
100,000 peoples means 100 KD per month = 100,000,000 (100 billion) KD loss to exchequer per month! Who will compensate the employers for the big loss of business income?

Scaria Varughese
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Mr. Ali,
Nobody care about reason why you take wrong actions. Whether you are poor or rich, you are responsible for the consequences of your actions. If you are a slave to your circumstances and do not learn and evolve, you alone are guilty. Not govt. of india, kuwait, humanity, or any other reason.
What is your job and qualification? Who gave you job in Kuwait with such kind of idiotic reasoning? Silly fellow !!

EU Guest
Monday, August 10, 2020
Dear Ali,
All you have are sentimental conjectures....... There is no point in typing a page of something that appears to be the common song of almost every expat forced to leave Kuwait. Regarding your comments about businessmen making money by misleading people & your Indian culture where people are used to paying money to get things done, is it any wonder that you Indians are now in this situation where you insist on continuing the vicious circle of life as it were.
Eg. you insist on staying in a country that does not want you because you are poor and paid money to buy your way in, and you bribed your way in because you too illiterate to know any better.. (?)

''Why would they pay money if they knew it was not legal?''
Another silly question that can only be put forth by an Indian... You are assuming that they did not know bribing is illegal. How can you be so obtuse? Even an uneducated beggar on the street would understand the basic difference between right and wrong...

But it is useless to explain thing to people who are so set in their ways that you almost begin to feel sorry for them. Frankly, I think you people are getting what you deserve and you are so blind that you don''t even see it. I truly feel sorry for you Indian expats.
But I suggest you live a poor but free life back home rather than a delusional one where you will will always be hated and put down.

Monday, August 10, 2020
Nobody likes to listen to excuses when there is a problem and take your 25-point agenda to your local news agency if you have the courage. Don''t forget to take your sob story to your government and ask for help. It is shameful how Indian expats will beg and play the victim card in another country because they don''t want to leave. If a guest came to your house and it is time for them to leave, would you like it if you have to force them out? You are a perfect example of such mentality and I will be enjoying watching the show in the coming weeks and months how the rats are going to be removed :)

Monday, August 10, 2020
@ Amit
These so called RATS are not here for a better life unlike You.
They are here because they have NO LIFE back in India and so are willing to risk everything for SOME life (Not Better Life).
Working for 12 hours, staying in cramped quarters, missing meals or eating frugally for payment of around 10000 to 20000 rupees is defenitely not a "Better Life".
And as You rightly say these "RATS" have no rights to have "DREAMS".

Monday, August 10, 2020
@ Amit
Wow after reading your response I now feel that You beleive You will LIVE for ever.
You seem to have insured Your long term stability.
Kindly advice my Pea Brain how You were able to do it against accidents, Health issues (Heart failure, Kidney Failure, Liver failure to name a few, Next Pandemic, Natural calamities like earthquake and so many other things
As You know in our Indian Culture we are used to getting things done by paying money - School admission, college admission, Job, Birth certificate, Death Certificate etc. Defenitely not You.
In that same sense people would have bought Visas to come here thinking it is a one time payment and Legit.
How will this so called Half educated person sitting in India know about the rules and Law here?You being different would have known all the rules of this country before landing here.
Also when they paid money they would have trusted them thinking it is Legit.
Why would they pay money if they knew it was not legal.
You being a businessman must not know the meaning of trust.
Most businessmen make money by misleading people.
I beleive YOU would not be one of them.
I am really Jealous of You( Not pitying You)
My pea brain makes me
1)Fearful of what will happen tomorrow. (you have insured yourself forever)
2) Feel For my countrymen who have been cheated. (They are only RATS to You)

Suresh Kumar
Monday, August 10, 2020
@H Paul
Foolish and stupid decisions should not be blamed on god but on the people who took the decisions. LOL
You are typical expat who like to cry because you don''t want to go back.

H Paul
Monday, August 10, 2020
100,000 expats x 1000 KD from each expats =
100 000 x 1000=100,000,000 KD = 10 Crore KD = 100 million KD earned by corrupt people at the expense of 100,000 poor expatriates.
And now these poor people will be deported. I can very well imagine how these frustrated poor people are feeling after being cheated by handful and well to do people. Nothing will happen to these well to do people and they will get out of the hook.
Let us all pray go God for justice.

Monday, August 10, 2020
Right you are sir !
This expat removal project is going to become a classic case study in future of people biting off more than they can chew. Somebody did not teach risk management to these people who sold their property and took loans in the name of ''creating a better future''.
Risk should only be taken with what you can afford to lose and in worse case scenario - a calculated risk, for what you cannot afford to lose. Most expats here are used to taking unnecessary risks for everything. Those who have financial backing will not be affected by poor decisions BUT those with nothing to fall back upon will be severely affected.
Hoping for the best is like day dreaming..... Perhaps the only hope for such people is to keep dreaming and finally be forcibly put on planes and sent back. It is really shameful for any country to export unskilled labour in huge numbers and not provide backing.
Shame that Kuwait had to impose ban on incoming Indian flights to force the Indian govt. to increase outgoing flights approval from Kuwait.
Sorry to say that history will long remember the shameless behaviour of us Indians while THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!!

Sunday, August 9, 2020
@Suresh Kumar
Finally 25 years old rotten news is becoming a reality. Who knew? :)))

Sunday, August 9, 2020
You are one of the rats I mentioned below who will be quick to amplify the ''pain, anguish, suffering, hardship, victimization'' and ultimately ''unjust'' removal of people who CHOSE to take a risk and now might pay a high price. NOBODY forced them to do it, but most people want a better life so they take a chance like lottery.....
Everything is fine if they escape, but whole world is bad if their plans did not succeed. This is absolutely irresponsible behaviour on their part - especially if they have family and children and they took loan against their property which they cannot pay. But what can you expect from half educated people holding degrees and dreams that they cannot finance in a foreign land with no way out?
By the way, I am in business so as long as I make money for my partners and sponsors, I will be here or until they decide otherwise. BUT I NEVER RISK MY LONG TERM STABILITY FOR IMMEDIATE GAINS. THIS IS FOOLISHNESS AND YOU CAN EXPECT TO PAY THE PRICE NOW OR LATER. YOU CANNOT POSTPONE THE INEVITABLE FOREVER. Hope that is clear enough to your pea of a brain.

Sunday, August 9, 2020
@ Amit
Thank God You came here as a Cat and not as a Rat.
These so called Rats have would have taken loans or sold of property and come here to make a living
You and me are also here to make a living.
Time is not far away when eventually we also will be smoked out of here.
You dont think You will be allowed to stay here permanently. Do You?

Sunday, August 9, 2020
All illegal expats to be sent out. These numbers are under-reported. There at least 10 times more unwanted expats. The current lockdown and ban on travel will smoke these rats out of their holes. And soon you will have fellow rats talking about pain of the feeling of the rats :))

Suresh Kumar
Sunday, August 9, 2020
Rotten news . I am hearing it for last 25 years.

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