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Al Daman For Vehicle Technical Inspection

Address: Shuwaikh Industrial

Place: Shuwaikh
Mobile: 90928544

Phone no: 1800288

Business Description.

fantastic place to renew your car registration. the place offers a speedy and respectful service, where you don’t get locked away. the procedure is extremely simple with no significant waiting periods or queues. the procedure goes as follows. 1. take a token at the counter (at reception) by showing them your civil id and car registration. here you’ll also get a photocopy of your civil id and car registration. 2. wait in the waiting area until your number is called. the average waiting time is between 15-20 minutes. just relax and enjoy a coffee or any other beverage which is sold at a small cafe in the waiting area. 3. once your number is called you’re required to deposit your documents and your car key. here you need to pay 19 kd for insurance and 10 kd for technical inspection. you will be asked to take your seat till your documents are processed and the car inspection is done. 4. you could wait in the waiting hall outside the office named ‘qism al murkabat’ which is by the stairs next to the stamp vending machine. wait till they call your name. normally they will locate your car and take it for the inspection. however, they could sometimes ask you to identify your vehicle. the average waiting time is 45 minutes here. once the technical inspection is done they will call you and you’ll have to pay 5 kd or 5 kd stamp. here you collect your new car registration. 6. take your registration to the receptionist who will laminate it for you. the receptionist will then direct you to collect your car. 7. collect a complimentary box of tissues, start your car and drive away. note: park your car as closer to the main entrance as possible, which is by al dabbous street, next to al sayer car dealer. normally you’ll find some space to park as the place seems to expand to accommodate all cars in the world.

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