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Address: Al Quloshi Legal Group Block No.2, Near Round about, Abdelmohsen AL Muslim Street ,8th Floor, Office No.16 Al Rigai, Kuwait Tel: 99484656/99484652/24881701

Place: Reggai
Mobile: +96599484656

Phone no: +96599484656

Business Description.

subject: legal services dear director general good greeting ... we are pleased to offer: our clients will have all legal advice in the below legal problems: - direct cases of all kinds and representation of others and pleading on his behalf in all stages of the case ( criminal - civil - commercial companies -administrative - rent - family - (personal status) passport release/ settlelemt issues/ salary issues/ thanasil / money laundering police cases/ medical cassualities/ accidents - legal support for business and companies. - preparation and drafting of civil, commercial and administrative contracts ( international and internal) - providing legal consultations and studies in criminal, civil, commercial, banking, financial, administrative, labor and personal affairs fields - implementation of the court rulings and the conduct of the procedures necessary to satisfy the rights of satisfaction and the judiciary, both inside and outside kuwait. we thank you for your confidence regards al quloshi legal group block no.2, near round about, abdelmohsen al muslim street ,8th floor, office no.16 al rigai, kuwait tel: 99484656/99484652/24881701 indian representatuve for help call: 96965905 we fight you win

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