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Salon Lamset Hani

Address: We offers service with reasonable prices. We open 9am to 9pm MAKE UP Bridal make up Make up Bleach Face cleaning FACIAL Express facial Luxury facial Steam facial LASHES Full set of Individual lashes Half set of Individual Lashes Srtip lashes Eyebrow wax & Shape Eyelash Tint Eyebrow Tint Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint Eyebrow Shape & Eyelash & brow tint Eyelash Perm Eyelash Extension- Full Set Eyelash Extension- Half Set In Fils HAIR SERVICE Colour Meches Hair cut reguler- Mist or Dry cuts Hair Style Comb cut Perns Hair Up Bridal Hair Shampoo- Cut and fluff dry Shampoo and roller set Shampoo and blow dry Shampoo and Thermal Iron (Press & Cut) Hair curling Hair trimming HAND & FOOR CARE Manicure Pedicure Full set * Scultured * Acrylic Tip Overlay * Fiberglass * Gels * Tips only Fill In`s Polish Change Nail Repair Reflexology HOT Oil Parafiin Waxing Nail ART BODY TREATMENT Body Sculpting Full Body Relax Ocen wrao TEEN TREAT Fruity Acne Rllaxing Scalp Body Blitz Scrub WAXING Eyebrow wax Lip wax Chin wax Underarm wax Bikni wax Half leg wax Full leg wax Arm wax TANNING Eyebrow tint Eyelash tint Spray tan full body Spray tan half body Mitt application full body Mitt application half body SPRAY TANS NAIL ART Nail shape & Polish Gelish polish

Place: Farwaniya
Mobile: 99573790

Phone no: 98949834

Business Description.

we offers service with reasonable prices. make up bridal make up make up bleach face cleaning facial express facial luxury facial steam facial lashes full set of individual lashes half set of individual lashes srtip lashes eyebrow wax & shape eyelash tint eyebrow tint eyelash & eyebrow tint eyebrow shape & eyelash & brow tint eyelash perm eyelash extension- full set eyelash extension- half set in fils hair service colour meches hair cut reguler- mist or dry cuts hair style comb cut perns hair up bridal hair shampoo- cut and fluff dry shampoo and roller set shampoo and blow dry shampoo and thermal iron (press & cut) hair curling hair trimming hand & foor care manicure pedicure full set * scultured * acrylic tip overlay * fiberglass * gels * tips only fill in`s polish change nail repair reflexology hot oil parafiin waxing nail art body treatment body sculpting full body relax ocen wrao teen treat fruity acne rllaxing scalp body blitz scrub waxing eyebrow wax lip wax chin wax underarm wax bikni wax half leg wax full leg wax arm wax tanning eyebrow tint eyelash tint spray tan full body spray tan half body mitt application full body mitt application half body spray tans nail art nail shape & polish gelish polish

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