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Kelong Air Conditioning Service Company W.L.L

Address: Eqila Block 5, Qasima 24, Mujamma Dari, Floor 5, Office No 2.

Place: Fintas
Mobile: 67611148

Phone no: 23848814

Fax: 23848814


Business Description.

we service & repair products such as air conditioners, chillers, cold rooms, and freezers deliver better performance if they are serviced regularly. if air conditioners are used in very dust or dirty environment, then we recommend service after every three (3) months. kelong air conditioning services company w.l.l provides commercial service throughout kuwait. maintaining your commercial & residential equipment helps extend the life of your equipment, offers improved capacity to older units, lowers utility bills and leads to fewer repairs. preventative maintenance plays a key role in keeping your hvac equipment at its optimal performance level. our commercial service always includes the following precision tune-up procedures routine checking of ahu dampers operating correctly. (quarterly) routine checking of ddc system control, to make sure that economizer is working properly. (quarterly) routing checking of all heating and cooling valves. (quarterly) routine checking, washing and cleaning of cooling coils.(quarterly) routine checking and cleaning of ahu filters. (monthly) routine checking of the duct leakage and repair leak if any applying duct sealant. (quarterly) routine checking of exhaust fan controls. (quarterly) inspection of fan belts and lubrication of all moving parts. (quarterly) routine checking for unusual noise or vibration (monthly) routine checking and cleaning of evaporator drain pan, blower motor and drain piping. (quarterly) routine check for tension, condition and ligament of belts. (monthly) routine lubrication for shaft and motor bearing. (quarterly) we will attend to all service calls for the above mentioned equipment & will carry out necessary repairs to put back units to satisfactory working condition. in addition to the standard procedures listed above kelong air conditioning will customize your commercial service according to the specific type of commercial equipment you have. we can perform an on-site inspection in order to give you an accurate proposal for service. once you have received our proposal please feel free to contact us with questions or specific information you are looking for regarding your commercial service. we will do all we can to come up with a commercial service plan that fits your company’s needs. we design, supply & install kelong air conditioning services company w.l.l has been designing and installing equipment in kuwait region since 1981 and provides following installation facilities to your commercial and residential customers within kuwait such as. kelong air conditioning services company w.l.l offers qualified personnel with the expertise to provide an air conditioning advisory service for clients who may be contemplating upgrading, modifying or extending current systems. in addition we are able to provide a service for clients who are building new premises providing advice on the best system to install. in addition to the advisory service kelong air conditioning services company w.l.l have the capability to undertake any tasks required to install, modify or upgrade any air conditioning system and to subsequently maintain the equipment. the contracting department primarily concentrates on an installation service to meet clients needs multi storey office building commercial offices factories hospitals schools universities fast food outlets & restaurants kelong air conditioning services company w.l.l has the experience and expertise to successfully complete all types of commercial, residential and industrial projects. 1.) ducting (rectangular & round) supply & installation 2.) insulation, 3.) canvas connection 4.) machine mouth connection 5.) machine replacement 6.) machine hanging 7.) rag (return air grill) supply & installation 8.) sad (supply air damper) supply & installation 9.) vcd (velocity control damper) supply & installation 10.) smoke duct with exhaust) supply & installation 11.) plenum box supply & installation 12.) linier supply & installation 13.) fixable duct supply & installation 14.) sound box supply & installation enquire about the design and installation of your air conditioning and ventilation system today, all makes and models are available in accordance to your need. kelong air conditioning services company w.l.l offers 24 hours / 7 days week service with response being immediate, depending on the nature of the call. areas of expertise our capabilities are extensive, and include the following: design and installation; programmed maintenance and service; air conditioning and refrigeration; heating, ventilation and extraction; cooling towers (new and upgrades); process cooling and heating; ducting systems; chillers and boilers; ventilation and condensation control; products storage and chilling;

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