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Cash Loan

Address: jasim Tower 5th floor Mr James chacko 60953819

Place: Kuwait City
Mobile: 60953819

Phone no: 22960292

Business Description.

a leading financing is pleased to launch the new personal cash loan (qardi) program for expatriates and kuwaiti citizens. attached are the key features of the program. minimum salary requirement is kd 525 required documentation: • copy of valid kuwait civil id • copy of passport including residency page • salary certificate with authorized signatory paper • work permission paper • bank statement for last 3 months please contact me directly between 8 am to 3 pm sunday - thursday on 22960292 or 60953819 for more details on how to avail of this program. james chacko email: [email protected] office al soor finance (almulla group) jasim burje tower - 5th floor soor street kuwait city

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