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• iridology treatment • iridology sessions consist of the iridologist examining the iris of the eye with a magnifying glass, usually taking pictures of the iris using a special camera. the treatment is painless and noninvasive. the main purpose of iridology is to detect ailments in their beginning stages, before they become a problem. the iridologist can then refer the patient to the proper specialist for further treatment. according to the canadian institute of iridology , the practice does not diagnose disease, but actually reveals hereditary tendencies and conditions of the tissues in the body, for example by looking for inflammation or toxicity or acidity. in this way, an iridology treatment is concerned with supporting and increasing the patient`s overall health. a full iridology appointment should cost around $100, though prices vary depending on the level of service. read more: iridology treatment | the benefits of reflexology are explained in detail below: 1. reflexology us a non-invasive way of restoring the body to its normal functioning. no special equipment of medication is needed.and the results can be felt almost immediately. all you need is a reflexology chart and/or book to guide you find the correct reflex points on your foot or hand. a good reflexology book will also show you how to apply the pressure. though foot reflexology is much more popular, for diy purposes the hand is much easier to work on. reflexology foot socks or hand gloves can also be used. they are inexpensive and have all the pressure points marked on them, making it easy for anybody to do and learn reflexology. 2. by treating specific reflex areas of your foot, reflexology decreases the stress and tension in your body. pressure is applied to the sinus, eyes, throat and head reflex area on the foot. 3. with reflexology your blood and lymph circulation increases. consequently the cells of the body get cleansed and nourished, and the organs and glands of the body are revitalized. reflexology treatment on the liver and kidney reflexes encourages the elimination of toxins from the body. 4. most people use reflexology for pain relief especially from sinus headaches. there are some diy hand reflexology treatments that are very effective for headaches. one treatment involves using a golf ball to provide pressure to the palm of the hand. 5. some of the digestive disorders that reflexology can help with is acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. you need to see a qualified foot reflexologist for treatment for these problems. in this article only 5 of the benefits of reflexology have been discussed. reflexology can benefit you with many other health problems.. reflexology is a therapeutic and preventative therapy that involves applying specific pressure techniques to the foot or hand in order to create an environment within the body that allows it to heal itself and function at its best. take control of your health- go to for more useful information on reflexology. try out the free interactive hand and foot chart to learn how the foot is connected to other parts of the more at

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