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The New Traffic law governing the Points system in effect from 1st Nov 2001. There is now a specific number of points assigned for every traffic violation and upon reaching a certain amount of points action is taken against the violator. Below is a summary taken from the Official Gazette .
  • 14 points - withdrawal of driving permit for 1month for 1st time violators
  • 12 points – second time violation, 6months withdrawal of driving permit
  • 10 points – third time violation, 9months withdrawal of driving permit
  • 8 points – one year withdrawal of driving permit for 4the time violators
  • 6 points – permanent withdrawal of driving license for 5th time violators
The points will be automatically deleted under the following 2 conditions.
  • upon withdrawal of a driving permit
  • non-repetition of any other violation within a year of the last violation
Table of violations Points.
Crossing red traffic signal 4
Exceeding speed limit 4
Driving on opposite direction 3
Driving a permit not suitable for that category 3
Driving with a withdrawn or invalid driving permit 3
Reckless driving 4
Driving an unlicensed vehicle 3
Driving a vehicle without its number plate 3
Using private car for transportation 2
Intentionally obstructing traffic 2
Driving a vehicle without proper function of brakes 2
Violation loading regulations 1
Exceeding vehicle stipulated   weight, width,   and length 1
Non – adherence to traffic lines and sign 1
Wrong ‘U’ turns 1
Driving without the compulsory insurance document 1
Invalid car permit 1
Vehicle emitting smoke or bad odor 1

Please note traffic fines and detention has likewise increased:
Violation Maximum Fine Maximum detention
Over speeding KD 100.000 3 months
Passing red signal KD 300.000 3 months
Driving under effect of alcohol KD 500.000 1 year plus withdrawal of license

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