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Happy 5th Birthday to our Cute Darling Daughter Mishita (Gudiya) Godishala


Happy 5th birthday to our Cute Daughter Mishita (Gudiya) Godishala, 5 facts on 5th birthday, One you are a cute cuddly baby, Two you are the sunshine that lights up my world, Three you are my rainbow after the rain, Four you are the warm chocolate fudge on my sundae, Five that’s how sweet my life is since having you! Being parents to a charming and genius baby like you is the same as being blessed thousand folds, A terrific child like you has brought immeasurable wonders in our lives. God has indeed sent an angel in form of you, our little bundle of joy.
Hearty Wishes From : Dad Suresh Godishala, Mom Abhilasha Godidhala Budida (Guddu), Naughty Bro Hansith (Gudish), Grand Mom Sujatha Budida, Grand Father Sammaiah Budida, Mama Ashtosh Goud Budida, and near & dear ones.

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