The Tricolour

Reine Mary John, IIK young Reporter
Monday, August 8, 2022

Independence Day! A day that rewrote the history of our country. A day that marks how far our nation has come. And a day that will forever make the citizens of India proud.

Independence Day is a day that most of us know. If you didn't, then why don't I enlighten you? On the 15th of August 1947, India was declared independent from British colonialism, and the reins of control were handed over to the country's leaders. Hence the day is called Independence Day. I could write a 15-page essay about Independence Day, but that would take way too long. Instead, I will be writing about the Indian Flag.

The national flag of India is a horizontal rectangular tricolour of India saffron, white and India green, with the Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoke wheel, in navy blue at its centre. It was adopted in its present form during a meeting of the Constituent Assembly held on 22 July 1947, and it became the official flag of the Dominion of India on 15 August 1947. In India, the term "tricolour" almost always refers to the Indian national flag.

By law, the flag is made of khadi, a particular type of hand-spun cloth or silk, made famous by Mahatma Gandhi. The Bureau of Indian Standards lays out the manufacturing process and specifications for the flag. The Khadi Development and Village Industries Commission hold the right to manufacture the flag, which allocates it to regional groups. As of 2009, the Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha has been the sole manufacturer of the flag.

Now let's talk about what the Indian Flag symbolizes. In the national flag of India, the top band is of Saffron colour, indicating the strength and courage of the country. The white middle bar indicates peace and truth. The chakra signifies that there is life in movement and death in stagnation. It represents the dynamism of a peaceful change. The last band is green in colour, showing the land's fertility, growth and auspiciousness.
I hope you have enjoyed my article and learnt something new this Independence Day. Well, that is all I have to say. I hope you have a lovely Independence Day! Jai Hind!

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