Promoting Health and Empowering Wellness: Medical Camp at The ICSK for Staff and their Families

Monday, June 3, 2024

The Indian Community School, Kuwait, in collaboration with the Indian Doctors' Forum, Kuwait and the Indian Dentist Alliance, Kuwait (IDAK), hosted a Medical Camp for ICSK staff and their families on Friday, 31st May 2024 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This event underscored the institution's dedication to the well-being of its teaching and non – teaching staff. Detecting health issues early allows for timely intervention, empowering people to take proactive steps toward better health. The initiative aimed to raise health awareness and offer free medical consultations and check-ups for all staff members and their families.

The school premises were transformed into a fully equipped medical camp to accommodate the needs of the ICSK community. The highlight of the camp was a team of 34 dedicated doctors from the Indian Doctors' Forum, Kuwait and 10 doctors from the Indian Dentist Alliance in Kuwait (IDAK), specializing in various fields, who served 220 staff members of ICSK and their families. Additionally, the camp provided assistance to 72 members of the cleaning company from the local community.

Services offered at the medical camp included oncology, neurology, radiology, hematology, pediatrics, diabetology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, dermatology, ENT, pulmonology, neonatology, and dental care. Over 25 medical facilities were available, offering services such as blood glucose testing, urine testing, vision testing, ultrasound, ECG, and cholesterol testing.

The management, Principals, and staff of ICSK extended their heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Divakar Chaluvaiah, President of IDF, for coordinating with ICSK and contributing to the success of the medical camp. Mr. Amer Mohammed, Hon. Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Dr. V. Binumon, Principal and Senior Administrator of ICSK presented mementos to the doctors and organizations in recognition of their tireless dedication to this noble cause.

Notable doctors from the Indian Doctors Forum included Dr. Divakar Chaluvaiah (President, IDF & Radiology Consultant), Dr. Piyush Bafna (Radiology Consultant), Dr Rayavaram Raghu Nandan (Family Medicine Specialist), Dr. Antony Sebastian D'Cruz (Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation), Dr. Mohan Ram (Hematologist), Dr Susovana S. Nair (Medical Oncologist), Dr. Behju Balan (Pediatrician), Dr. Ashok Deb (General Physician), Dr. Philipose George (General Physician And Diabetologist), Dr. Tasneem Jasvi (Gynecologist), Dr. Thomas Koshy (Cardiologist), Dr. Ritesh Jaiswal (Orthopedic), Dr. Sajna Mohammed (Dermatologist), Dr. Ullanat Ramesh Menon (ENT Specialist), Dr. Jibin John Thomas (Internal Medicine), Dr Aparna Mahesh Kadam (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. Rayavaram Nirmala Saraswati (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Dr. Swati Kapadia (Dermatologist), Dr. Imtiyaz Nawaz (Family Medicine Specialist), Dr. Amir Ahmed (Family Medicine Specialist), Dr. Bibin Antony (Internal Medicine), Dr. Purshottam Reddy Padala (Orthopedic), Dr. Merley George (Ophthalmologist), Dr. Sujith H (Orthopedics), Dr. Suresh Ramakrishna (PMR/Orthopedics), Dr. Radhakrishna Panicker (Pulmonologist), Dr. King Kisku (Pulmonologist), Dr. Manu Kurian Baby (Respiratory Medicine), Dr. Mohd Umar Tak (Neonatologist) , Dr. Sameer Humad (Radiology Consultant), Dr. Syed M. Rahman (Clinical Tutor), Dr. Shekar Lamdhade (Neurologist), Dr. Avula Sreenivas (Orthopedic) and Dr. Sunny Joseph Varghese (Hematology).
From Indian Dentist Alliance in Kuwait, renowned doctors Dr. Prashathy Prasad (Periodontist), Dr. Dhanalakshmi Mannem (Prosthodontist), Dr. Jane John Thomas (GP), Dr. Nadia Shoukat (GP), Dr. Shashikala Savla (GP), Dr. Santosh C.V. (Orthodontist), Dr. Ajay Vazhiyodan (Endodontist), Dr. Suja Siby (GP), Dr. Asheel (GP) and Dr. Lini Mathew (Pedodontics) provided treatment with their expertise.

Special thanks were extended to the Indian Optometrists Association, Kuwait and the Kuwait Heart Foundation for their valuable services. Sri Sathya Sai Service Organization, Kuwait was acknowledged for their assistance in making infrastructure arrangements.

The medical camp held at ICSK proved highly successful, as doctors imparted valuable insights and expertise to enhance awareness regarding diverse health issues. Every member of the ICSK family benefited from the camp and was encouraged to embrace a healthy lifestyle for improved well-being.


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