Tulu Koota Kuwait's Blood Donation Camp: A Lifesaving Success

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Tulu Koota Kuwait proudly announces the success of its recent blood donation camp, held on April 26th, 2024, at the Central Blood Bank in Jabriya, Kuwait. TKK, renowned for its dedication to social welfare initiatives in both India and Kuwait, orchestrated the event under the theme "Give Blood, Save Life," responding to the pressing need for blood donations in Kuwait.

The camp witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of individuals spanning different age groups, generously contributing the precious gift of life. TKK volunteers and committee members orchestrated the proceedings with unwavering enthusiasm and commitment. Donors were duly recognized for their noble gesture with certificates and refreshment kits. Throughout the event, TKK's advisors, ex-presidents, management, and committee members provided invaluable support, ensuring the smooth operation and success of the blood donation camp.

Mr. Vijaykumar Kairangala, the welfare officer of TKK, played a pivotal role in coordinating the program, ensuring its smooth execution. TKK extended its heartfelt gratitude to the medical staff and officials of the Kuwait Central Blood Bank for their invaluable support and cooperation throughout the event.

Mr. Manoj Kumar's excellent design skills made the event come alive with eye-catching certificates, and roll-up banners. Mr. Wilson D'Souza ensured the certificates were professionally printed. Sangeetha Restaurant provided evening snacks, adding a warm touch to the occasion. Salmiya Clinic generously sponsored refreshment kits for donors. TKK extends heartfelt thanks to all sponsors, including Al Mulla Exchange, Salmiya Clinic, Al-Ahleia Insurance, M A Haithar Group, Khain Properties - Udupi, and FK Jewellers, whose support played a key role in the camp's success.

In a moment of pride, Tulu Koota Kuwait received a token of appreciation from the Jabriya Blood Bank, marking the first of its kind recognition—an acknowledgment of TKK's unwavering commitment to community welfare TKK stays committed to its goal of making a good difference, showing compassion and unity. As the blood donation event ends, TKK confirms its strong commitment to helping others and is excited to keep working to make our community healthier and happier.


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