My Memorable Family Tour to Hong Kong

Siddharth Vinod Kumar, Class-6, Indian Educational School, (Bhavans)
Tuesday, April 16, 2024

In October, I took a week off from school, and we traveled to Hong Kong. It was a fantastic experience and here I would like to share it with you all. Before I start, let me tell you about how we traveled to Hong Kong.

My parents and I boarded a Kuwait - Delhi flight, Oh!! Wait! Aren’t you asking now, if we are going to Hong Kong why did we board a flight to Delhi?? Well, that’s because at Delhi airport, my parents and I would meet my sister Shreyakka and my cousin Ammu Akka who are coming from Bangalore to travel along with us. Once we had everyone there, we boarded the Indigo flight to Hong Kong. Before traveling to Hong Kong, it is essential to obtain travel insurance and complete the pre-arrival registration form online, which is a form of arrival visa, and my parents did all these formalities.

We reached Hong Kong airport by the afternoon and, we first decided to take a taxi to go to the Hotel - The Salisbury YMCA. I have to mention here the road and the taxi system of Hong Kong. The taxis are colored differently like red, blue, and green depending on the place where they travel. We hired a red taxi to go to Kowloon City. After freshening up, by evening we headed towards Victoria Harbor which is like marina, with waterfront and skyscrapers. Daily night at 8 PM, there is a light show named Symphony of Lights through the skyscrapers that lasts for 10 minutes. The light show was not that good since it was random beams of lights flashing out from many buildings with some background music, however, the ambiance was great and worth seeing once. Later on, we had our dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui, where there are many Indian restaurants, and walked back to the Hotel.

The next day, we visited Ngong Ping Village. It is a place with a bunch of restaurants and shops, but the important thing is that you must go there using a cable car of about 25 min ride. The view during this cable car drive was spectacular. The panoramic view of the South China Sea and the lush greenery of Lantau Island was seen on our way, and we took a crystal cab, which was a very scenic drive and for me little scary too. The crystal cable cars had 4 transparent sidewalls with a clear bottom. So, I could see the lush greenery, steep mountains, and muddy trekking trails with people that looked as tiny as ants below me. At the end of our journey, as we approached the Village, we could see the Giant Statue of Buddha. The Buddha statue was majestic 34 meters high and we reached the base of it after climbing 268 steps. The view of Buddha was just jaw-dropping and nearby we visited a beautiful monastery too. Later in the evening we returned again by cable car and reached our hotel.

The next day we went to Victoria Peak and Madame Tussauds Wax Museum which is a museum of wax statues that are based on actual people in the world, and we had to go there by tram. The Victoria tram has been running since 1888, and serving Hong Kong for 116 years now. Victoria Peak is a hill on the western side of Hong Kong and is the highest point on Hong Kong Island from where we can see the 360-degree views of the city's amazing skyline. We had to travel to Central to catch the tram, and Central is a beautiful city in Hong Kong with modern skyscrapers and luxury brand shops. The Wax Museum was pretty good, and there were many restaurants that offered traditional Hong Kong food in the Galleria Mall in Victoria Peak.

The 4th day was very exciting as we went to Hong Kong Disneyland. The metro of Disneyland itself is unique with windows shaped like Mickey Mouse's head, and it operates between Sunny Bay to Disneyland theme park without any stops in between. This is the only and world’s first metro that connects to Disneyland theme park.

Inside Disneyland, there were a lot of rides, including a Star Wars Ride, a Wild West roller coaster that could go backward, and an Iron Man ride, which my sister and I enjoyed a lot, while Mom and Dad watched us. I also got this cool-looking cotton candy which was shaped like an alien spaceship. The Disneyland had many palaces with attractive shows and towards the day's end there was a mesmerizing firework display from the main palace with multimedia visuals of Disneyland stories. Long story short, it was the greatest time of my life.

On the last day, we took a speed jet ferry, to Macau Island, which is a hub of Casinos and known as the Las Vegas of Asia. The city is a super luxury town that hosts a number of five-star hotels and malls and showcases canals inside the mall, and a miniature Eiffel Tower on Quotai Street. One day was not sufficient to explore Macau island. As we had our return flight the next day we had to come back by 8 PM and the next day took our return flight via Delhi to Kuwait.

Overall, my family vacation to Hong Kong and Macau Island was super awesome. We did so many fun things like exploring amazing places, trying yummy foods, and learning about different cultures. I will never forget riding the thrilling roller coasters at Disneyland and feeling like I was flying over the city. The lights of the big city at night were like a magical painting, and the beautiful Senado square, ruins of St Pauls, and A-Ma temple in Macau were so peaceful. This vacation was the best and I can't wait to go on more adventures with my family in the future.


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