Motivation – The Driving Force That Pushes You

Palani Dhanashree, IIK Young Contributor
Monday, March 18, 2024

Motivation is something we all need in this world to achieve our goals in life. Motivation is the driving force that pushes everyone to move forward to success. In this path we will face failures which are actually the motivation to move forward. We all will face many success and failures in the path or journey to success, It’s not only the path to success. It’s the path for learning and understanding our mistakes. We all should use every moment in this life like there is no second chance. That’s no easy to do we all are now focused on electronic gadgets, it is also part of our life but it is not only our life.

Motivation is not only speech, songs and videos, it is more than that it is what pushes over our limit. It can also be you itself, if you believe in yourself that you can do it that’s motivating you to do your best. Even if you fail a thousand times you find thousand ways that does not help or work. We all should focus on the present not on the future or past happenings. If you focus on your present you can decide your future, your past does not matter at that time. Even small things you do to improve you can make you better and will give you motivation to do better more. This generation people need more motivation to do their best and keep going. We may think success is only about hard-work but it is about smart work, discipline and self confidence that is you motivating yourself. Do it for yourself, not for others or anyone.

We all should set goals in our life not only for success also for learning and improving ourselves. When you fail don’t think about it only think also about where you went wrong and keep on trying and trying. Our greatest weakness is giving up. One day you will find the purpose so let us motivate ourselves and get prepared for the next year -2024. Let us challenge ourselves, learn new skill and so on. Keep trying, Never give up , keep going.

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