BSK Cricket Tournament - Billava Trophy 2024 - Season 10

Sunday, March 3, 2024

BSK Cricket Tournament for Men, Women and Kids

Billava Sangha Kuwait (BSK) successfully conducted their 10th Season of Cricket Tournament “Billava Trophy” on Sunday 25th February 2024 at TRC New Ground, Reggai, Kuwait. Along with men’s cricket, first time BSK conducted cricket tournament for Women and kids.

The daylong sporting event commenced at 6:30 am with the prayer and breaking of the coconut by Advisor Mr. Raghu C Poojary.
President Mr. Amarnath Suvarna in his welcome speech conveyed his best wishes to the participating teams.

Under kids category two teams, Shining stars and Rising stars took part in the tournament. Both teams played very well and finally Rising star beat Shining star to win the trophy.
Following sportspersons won award under kids category:
Player of the Match: Master Nikilesh R. Poojary – Rising Star
Best Batter: Master Tejas P. Poojary – Shining Star
Best Bowler: Master Nish K. Poojary – Rising Star

Under Women’s category two teams namely Billava Strikers and Warriors participated in the tournament. Both teams had intense competition and finally Billava Strikers emerged as the winner.

Following sportspersons won award under women’s category:

Player of 1st Match: Ms. Sushmitha D. Suvarna – Billava Strikers.
Player of 2nd Match: Ms. Shwetha S. Kotian – Billava Strikers.
Player of the Series: Ms. Sushmitha D. Suvarna – Billava Strikers.
Best Batter of the Series: Ms. Mamta Sandeep – Warriors
Best Bowler of the Series: Ms. Pooja Poojary – Warriors
Best catch of the Series: Ms. Shwetha S. Kotian – Billava Strikers.

Under Men’s Category, the following eight teams participated in the tournament:
1.Billava Tigers Riggae - A
2.Billava Tigers - B
3.Abbasiya Cricketers
4.Khaitan Cricketers
5.Old is Gold
6.Billava Brothers
7.Tulunadu Cricketers
8.Karavali Cricketers

After extreme competitions in the 12 rounds of league matches followed by two semifinals, Karavali Cricketers and Billava Tigers Riggae - A faced-off in the finals.
Finally, Billava Tigers Riggae - A clinched the trophy and Karavali Cricketers settled for Runners up.

Following sportspersons won “Man of the Match” awards under men’s category:
1st Match:Mr. Rajesh Ramdas Poojary – Billava Tigers Riggae - A
2nd Match:Mr. Akshay – Karavali Cricketers
3rd Match:Mr. Raviraj Kotian – Billava Tigers Riggae - A
4th Match:Mr. Vijay Poojary – Karavali Cricketers
5th Match:Mr. Vijay Poojary – Karavali Cricketers
6th Match:Mr. Sachin Sundara Kotian – Abbasiya Cricketers
7th Match:Mr. Ajay Kumar – Tulunadu Cricketers
8th Match:Mr. Sankethraj Yadav Kunder – Billava Tigers - B
9th Match:Mr. Mahesh – Khaitan Cricketers
10th Match:Mr. Naveen Poojary – Tulunadu Cricketers
11th Match:Mr. Shailesh Kotian – Billava Tigers - B
12th Match:Mr. Ajay Kumar – Tulunadu Cricketers
Semi Final 1: Mr. Vijay Poojary – Karavali Cricketers
Semi Final 2: Mr. Sandesh Salian – Billava Tigers Riggae - A
Final Match:Mr. Rajesh Ramdas Poojary – Billava Tigers Riggae - A
Man of the Series:Mr. Vijay Poojary – Karavali Cricketers
Best Batter of the Series:Mr. Rajesh Ramdas Poojary – Billava Tigers Riggae - A
Best Bowler of the Series:Mr. Shailesh Kotian – Billava Tigers Riggae - B

All the teams exhibited great sportsman during the tournament and thoroughly entertained the spectators with fierce competitions.
The MC for the award ceremony, Mr. Mithun Vishwanath welcomed Chief guest Mr. Salah Saud Ali Al Fajji, Management Committee and all the BSK members. Chief guest was welcomed with the bouquet of flower by President Mr. Amarnath Suvarna.

Chief guest Mr. Salah Saud Ali Al Fajji, BSK President Mr. Amarnath Suvarna, Vice President Mr. Suresh Kunder, Sports Secretary Mr. Anish Kotian and other BSK members presented the Trophies and Medals to the winning teams and the players.

President Mr. Amarnath Suvarna congratulated the winners and thanked all the teams for their participation. He offered his special thanks to the committee members for organizing the tournament flawlessly and all the BSK members for their support in making the event successful & memorable.

The trophies and medals for the men’s and women’s category were sponsored by M/s Suvarna Traders, Mangaluru while for the kids section trophies and medals was sponsored by Mr. Manoj Kotian, ONGC, Mangaluru. Other Sponsors for the event were by BSK Members Mr. Santosh Kotian, Mr. Venugopal, Mr. Chethan Poojary, Mr. Anish Kotian, Mr. Prashanth Poojary, Mr. Amarnath Suvarna, Mr. Suresh Kunder, Mr. Chitrek Bangera, Mr. Pradeep Kotian, Mr. Raghu C Poojary and Mr. Manoj Kumar. First Aid was provided by M/s Salmiya Clinic.
Kids team was coordinated by Mr. Amith Sanil while Mr. Sandesh Amin and Mr. Krishna S. Poojary facilitated women’s team.

The matches were fairly umpired by Mr. Antony Vijay, Mr. Jagadish Kharvi, Mr. Charan Bhaskar Shetty and Dian Fernandes. The scores were efficiently monitored and recorded by Mr. Arsene Asker D’Souza, Mr. Royal and Mr. Tilak Mendon while Live cricket score updating in mobile app was ably handled by technical team of M/s Kapico Travels & Tours.
BSK Committee honored the Sponsors, Umpires and the Scorekeepers.

The best moments of the action-packed event were captured by Mr. Prashanth Ferraro. BSK served tasty lunch from M/s Mughal Tandoori restaurant which was sponsored by committee advisor Mr. Raghu C Poojary.

The event concluded at 05:00 pm with the Vote of thanks by Sports Secretary Mr. Anish Kotian. An invitation was extended to all the BSK members to attend the “Family Picnic” on Friday 19 April 2024.


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