ICSK Khaitan Bids Farewell to Class XII with Aashirwaad

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

ICSK Khaitan bid a warm farewell to its Class XII batch of 2023-24 through a poignant blessing ceremony held at the school's auditorium on February 15, 2024. The event was not just a symbolic end to their school days but also a heartfelt send-off as they stepped into the threshold of UG era.

The ceremony commenced with a time-honored tradition—the lighting of the lamp—by esteemed chief guest Ms. Noura Ayman Boodai, Vice President, Kuwait Technical College.
This solemn act signified the spreading of knowledge, a beacon guiding the graduates into the next phase of their lives. The auspicious occasion was also graced with the benign presence of Dr. Sheena Varghese, Faculty from Kuwait Technical College, Mr. Shaik Abdul Rahiman, Hon. Chairman to the Board of Trustees, ICSK, Mr. Amer Mohammed, Hon. Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Mr. S.N. Raju, Hon. Treasurer, ICSK, principals of other ICSK schools, Dr. V. Binumon, Mr. Rajesh Nair and Ms. C. Sheeja, Vice principals and parents of the graduating students.

Principal Mr. K. Gangadhar welcomed the gathering heartily with offering of plants to all guests and offered his last official piece of advice to the students to take care of their health well and continue to live in the pursuit of knowledge saying these two, health and knowledge, as the best assets in life.

Ms. Noura’s address was a blend of wisdom and encouragement. Drawing inspiration from notable figures like M.A. Yusuff Ali and Sundar Pichai, she urged the students to embrace challenges with resilience and apply the lessons learned within the school's nurturing environment to carve their path to success.

Special accolades were bestowed upon outstanding students, recognizing their achievements in academics, sports, arts, leadership, and attendance. These acknowledgments served not only as a testament to their hard work but also as motivation for their peers. The awarded were presented with the special gifts from K-Tech by Ms. Noura.

The ceremony wasn't just about formalities; it was a journey down memory lane. Representatives from different academic streams reminisced about their shared experiences, expressing gratitude to their teachers and offering heartfelt advice to those following in their footsteps.

Entertainment intertwined with inspiration, as students showcased their talents through dances, songs, and speeches, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present. Vice Principal Mrs. Sushmeeta Prakash's words resonated deeply, instilling a sense of purpose and responsibility in the departing graduates.

The lighting of candles symbolized the students' commitment to carry forward the school's legacy of enlightenment, with each flicker representing a vow to dispel ignorance and uphold the motto "From Darkness to Light."

As the ceremony drew to a close, Mrs. Sharanya Devi Sr., Secondary Supervisor, extended gratitude to all attendees, encapsulating the collective sentiment of appreciation and hope for the future. A photo session captured the final moments of togetherness, marking the end of a chapter filled with cherished memories and the beginning of a new adventure.

With hearts brimming with nostalgia and anticipation, the Class XII students bid adieu to their alma mater, armed with knowledge, skills, and the resolve to make a positive impact on the world. The function ended with sumptuous buffet dinner allowing the students to cherish some enjoyable moments with their friends at last to last forever!


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