IAF Kuwait Elects New Office-Bearers for 2024-25

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Indian Arts Federation Kuwait (IAF) recently held its annual general meeting to elect office-bearers for the 2024-25 working year. The election took place at the Mangaf Sunrise Hall under the chairmanship of Advisory Committee member Guna Sundaramurthy.

The newly elected office-bearers are as follows: Sherine Mathew (President) Leo Kizhakkeveedan (General Secretary) Preman Illath (Chairman) Muzaffar Romani (Vice President) Lijo Jose (Finance Secretary) Murali Murukanandan (Joint Secretary) Sreepriya (Joint Secretary) Bony Kurian (Media Secretary) Nirmala Devi (Cultural Secretary) Jerry (P R O) Pratish (Social Secretary)

Chairman Preman Illath congratulated the new committee, and General Secretary Leo Kizhakkeveedan welcomed the new committee members.

The Federation has also decided to continue its art and cultural activities as being conducted from previous years.


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