Carmel School conducted special assembly on Republic Day of India

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Freedom in Mind, Faith in Words, Pride in our Heart, Memories in our Souls, Let’s Salute Our Nation, India on its 75th anniversary of the Republic Day, 2024.

Carmel school primary section conducted a special assembly on the occasion of the 75th Republic Day which was presented by the students of class-1 on 29th January 2024 in the school auditorium. The patriotic fervour warmed up the cold winter morning as the teachers and children of the school enthusiastically gathered to celebrate the occasion.

The students welcomed the sisters and teachers with tricoloured badges. The stage backdrop was decorated with an Indian National Flag and tricoloured balloons.

The assembly commenced with the recital of verse from the Holy Quran, prayer, and a thought-provoking Quotation “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” followed by a prayer song and a graceful prayer dance invoking God’s blessing.

The students explained the significance of this day followed by a skit highlighting the fundamental Rights of every citizen. Added to this, a ceremonious parade was shown through a short video. The auditorium reverberated with patriotic zeal and fervour when the children presented a beat breaking dance performance.

Finally principal, Sr. Christy Maria, in her address spoke about the Republic Day and its celebration. She urged every student to love and pray for India and its leaders. She also educated them with the values of loyalty and patriotism, equality, fraternity and respect for everyone. The programme came to a close with the Indian National Anthem.


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