My Pillars of Knowledge

Ayman Muhammed, IIK Young Reporter
Monday, September 4, 2023

September 5 – a day of great memories, a day of gratefulness, a day filled with emotions and many faces in every student. They were Oceans of knowledge, lanterns of light and they taught us how to read and write. Teachers' Day is a day that is filled with importance and acknowledgment of the contributions, made by these encyclopedias.

This year, we the students of 8th had the privilege of hosting the teacher's day assembly live in the auditorium. And I am going to be a part of it, for the speech. And the day ma’am asked me to prepare one, I was in deep thought, of how I should write it. Many faces, countless smiles, hundreds of shoutings, and numerous angry faces passed through my mind. Each and every teacher, from kindergarten to 8th, from the beginning of my journey of education till now, everything unveiled itself in front of me. It was just like a movie, every moment filmed, every step, every achievement, every teacher, unfolded just like a movie would.

Each and every teacher who entered my life was a source of inspiration and influence on me. There were different kinds of teachers, some strict, some friendly, some kind, and a lot more of different kinds. When I started my life in school, I was unfamiliar with the faces and used to be very shy, but during every moment of difficulty, there used to be a hand on my back, asking if I was alright. Every single teacher used to support me and give me opportunities to express my talent. Just like a rainbow with seven colors, I too obtained many of my colors from my teachers, who helped me discover and utilize them. They are the ones who founded the writer, the quizzer, the speaker, and the active me of myself. They were just like a matchstick that lighted a spark in me which continues to grow till this day, it is not only me, but the entire students in the class.

Teacher's Day celebrations in our school are a very much awaited occasion, as it is filled with many fun-filled activities and many surprises. One such example was when we were in fourth grade, we surprised our class teacher by switching off the lights and showered her with small pieces of paper when she entered, the first thing she asked was, who was going to clean that mess, it was a really funny moment, and after that, we unleashed upon her a tornado of gifts, ranging from cakes and muffins to chocolates and roses. It was a very memorable moment, just before COVID hit. So this year too we are planning to do some unexpected surprises for our teachers.

A teacher who taught me right from wrong, who taught me that A2 + B2 = C2, the teacher who pulled out the qualities locked in me – my mother. Mother - our first teacher is our teacher for life, she is the one who is waiting to see us grow and become a tall and great tree, and she is the one who sacrifices her nutrients so that the young tree can grow. Teachers’ Day is a day also for our mothers because every mother in the world is a teacher with no pay. So the biggest and grateful thing that we can do for our teachers and mentors, is to respect and be helpful towards them at all times.


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