What is a teacher?

Mohammed Yousuf Khan, IIK Young Contributor
Monday, September 4, 2023

On the occasion of teacher’s day on 5th of September 2023, let us all understand the significance of teachers, and their role in society. First of all- what is a teacher? Who is a teacher? Whenever someone mentions the word ‘teacher’, we think about the teachers in our school teaching us boring subjects like math and interesting subjects like science and social science! Surely, those teachers are like our secondary parents, as we spend a fraction of our life with them, but in fact, teachers in our society are not limited to the teachers in our school. A teacher, is an experienced person, who teaches, educates, and instructs us on various aspects of life. A parent can be a teacher, a motivational speaker can be a teacher, someone of the same age as us can be a teacher, etc.

As a student, one should always ask questions and have a thirst for knowledge. And that, is where teachers come in handy. Teachers can be anyone, though the interconnection of teachers and students only goes well in educational institutions like schools. And that is why, we picture teachers as the divine beings in our schools. These teachers, have a great role in society. They educate students, give them a career, give them experience, give them knowledge, and most importantly, prepare students for the life ahead of them. School is a vital part of our life, and it is solely due to the presence of these teachers. One of the world’s greatest educators, Dr. Radhakrishnan, had the same emphasis of teachers, and believed that teachers play a key role in making the world a better place. Due to Dr. Radhakrishnan’s great contributions in the educational sector, his birthday is celebrated every year as teacher’s day.

Teachers duly deserve a day dedicated to them. They work hours, days, maybe even months, to prepare students and provide them with external knowledge- all in order to give them enough experience so that they can survive in the outside world. A student is incomplete without a school, and a school is incomplete without a teacher. Let us all celebrate teacher’s day every year to commemorate the contribution of teachers in our society, and appreciate them for their service. I would like to conclude by presenting a few self-written lines.

Teachers, society is incomplete without you,
Where we are, it is because of you,
We are thankful, and therefore we request you
Never give up, make the world a better place too!

Mohammed Yousuf Khan
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