The burdens and pain of books overload all childrens

Halima Hussain Sayed
Monday, July 3, 2023

The burdens and pain of books overload all childrens and they face many problems everyday. The pressure of books increases leads to backbone problems,muscle strain,shoulder and neck injuries,leg pain etc Worsening the physical health of students. Do you all know small childrens carrying heavy bags are suffering from orthopaedic problems.Many childrens are not happy to go to school because they get tired after reaching school.In foreign countries there are no such practices childrens are allocated with there own lockers to keep their study materials in the school itself.

As u can see above picture of lockers.

It's time to take steps towards these problems by implementing some proper plans to save students' futures. Let's make an easy way of learning and give a student comfort zone.All schools should implement some changes like
Instead of eight periods in a day there should be only four periods so that students can carry less books.
Instead of giving notes in class there should be a notebook with printed notes of each subject. And by this childrens can save more time to study and interact with their teachers.They can take a written test for students in a week.
For instance,If the English teacher is saying to complete the notes of lesson 1 and come,then the next period science teacher will also tell them to complete the notes and come,Imagine how tough it is for the children to complete all the notes in one day and they will not get the time to study. If there is an English printed notebook all English notes will come in one book,if the student will write the notes he will take two or three books to complete the notes of all the lessons and this increases the weight of bags.


One book can be divided into three terms. One book contains all subjects lessons for term 1, and the other book for term 2,and another book for final term. Carrying less books to school students will be stress free and active the whole day and they will be physically healthy.Education is not difficult. We are creating problems and making it difficult.Implementing such facilities in all schools can be a big favor to students.

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