Say No to Vapes- Indian Doctors forum organised Vaping awareness sessions in Indian schools

Monday, June 5, 2023

To create awareness of teenagers' dreaded habits of vaping, the Indian Doctors Forum (IDF Kuwait) held Anti-Vaping sessions in Indian schools across Kuwait.

The session, part of IDF School Health program, was organised in several Indian schools in Kuwait, targeting teenage students.

The session held at Indian Community School Salmiya was inaugurated by Principal Dr V Binumon, in which Former IDF president Dr Amir Ahmad gave an in-depth presentation on the effects of vape on teenagers. IDF Vice president Dr Sajna Mohammed also joined the team and gave an introduction about the subject.

"According to statistics, every year around 800,000 people die in India due to Tobacco related deceases," Dr Amir Ahmad said. "IDF is conducting this session in all schools targeting the teenagers as it is at this age, you can take the right decision to say no to Vaping," Dr Amir said.

Dr Amir explained the dangerous effects of Vaping and smoking to the students with various illustrations. Nine out of ten smokers start smoking in their teenage years, highlighting the importance of such school sessions.

"There is a common tendency for teenagers to experiment with new things and be influenced by peer groups," Dr said. "All you need to do is to set your mind to say NO," he added.

60% of the teens are getting their first vape from their friends. Think about it deeply, he said.

Dr Amir also highlights the role of parents and how they need to monitor their kids for any sudden changes in their behaviour.

"It is nothing but your willingness to say NO wherever it has to be a no." And those who are using it simply set a date to stop it and just stop. If required, keep away from those groups who are using it or try to involve in some other useful activities to divert your attention. Still difficult, open it with your parents. Even though they might shout at you for the moment, they will really help you to overcome this. If it is to that extent, you can approach the doctors. IDF doctors are always there to assist you, Dr Amir Ahmed said.

A similar session was organised in all other Indian schools by the doctors from IDF, which was attended by a large number of teenage students. These events are in association with Burhani Medical Society, Kuwait & Dawoodi Bohras.

"We encourage everyone to help spread the word about the dangers of vaping. Together we can make a difference and create a healthier, safer world for all. The IDF will be covering more informative and interesting topics pertaining to health in future," Dr Diwakara Chaluvaiah, President of IDF informed.


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