Tigar Tyres Launches New Campaign 3+1 FREE, Starting KD 14.5

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Tigar tyres, a leading tyre manufacturer, is excited to announce the launch of latest line of premium tyres. Designed for maximum performance and durability, these tyres are perfect choice for drivers looking for a smooth, safe, and comfortable ride.

Tigar tyres are built with advanced materials and cutting-edge technology to provide superior performance on the road. Whether it’s wet or dry, these tyres offer excellent grip and traction, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. With a focus on durability, Tigar tyres are built to last, making them cost-effective choice for drivers looking for long-lasting tyres.

Tigar brand provides safe tyres with modern design in all key categories like Passenger car and SUV segments.

Tigar tyres are being manufactured for more than 80 years in Serbia, Europe.

Ashish Tandon, General Manager of KAICO (Kuwait Automotive Imports Co WLL – Al shaya & Al sagar) stated, "Since Tigar Tyres leverages the expertise of Michelin, which will help us to accelerate our growth and continue to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable, and affordable tyres."

Mohan Uthappa, Business Manager of Michelin, stated, "Our mission is to provide our customers with the most innovative and sustainable tyre solutions that will meet their evolving mobility needs."

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