Afia Shaikh
Sunday, May 7, 2023

(Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry ,smiles fade but the memories last forever. Truly memories are priceless.) by Malik Faisal. The quote out there has a very big meaning. In everyone’s life friends are very important. No one can live without friends. We also get toxic friends.There are different types of personalities. And when it comes to helping we should always help each other. My best friend is Rida. I can’t say that she is exactly my best friend because of the pandemic we were in 6th but online. Now we are in 8th and I have started meeting her and knowing her. We both have the same temperament, like we both like K-pop. I remember calling her by her nickname and tesing her. Actually not nickname I call her Bro from some days. We remember the days when we got free period especially Maths period when we cracked funny jokes and enjoyed a lot. Those were really funny moments. The best part was when our classteacher was taking attendance and many of them were absent. Rida was sitting outside right in front of ma’am and she said Rida is also absent. That was the biggest shock I got and I screamed. She couldn’t resist her laugh. Now eid holidays are going on and I miss my school, my class , my teachers and above all my friends. All these facts about friends would never change. We used to fight on small things but in the end we used to become Friends.Dedicated to all my friends of 8-D.

Afia Shaikh
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