Unstable weather expected in Ramadan

Thursday, March 30, 2023

The unstable weather that the country is currently witnessing can be attributed to the transition in and overlap of seasons, said Al-Ujairi Scientific Center Wednesday. The change of seasons, added the center, results in high variable winds, thunderstorms and hail. “The periods of ‘Sabq Al-Sarayat’ and ‘Al-Sarayat’ that we are experiencing now result from an overlap between ‘Al-Hamim’ season, which ends on April 2, followed by the ‘Thar’aan’ season.

This results in continuously changing weather conditions,” the center said in a statement. “Al-Thar’aan season is characterized by the Sarayat. During this period, the sun is at an angle which allows it to heat the soil directly without heating the air. This increases the speed of air currents. Hot air then replaces cold air, causing dust.” Al-Thar’aan is also known for continuous changes in the speed and direction of wind, which makes it more difficult to predict weather conditions during the season. Sharp differences in temperature are also a hallmark of the season. Unstable weather conditions due to the season are expected throughout the second half of Ramadan, said the center.


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