The Holy Month of Ramadan

Naswiha Nowshad, 12-B, United Indian School
Tuesday, March 21, 2023

‘IQRA(read)', said angel Jibreel to Muhammed who was sitting alone in the cave of hira, immersed in thoughts. The prophet replied 'I cannot read for I am illiterate', and further the angel recited the first 5 verses of surah alaq which were the first verses of quran to be revealed by ALLAH.

This incident had happened in the month of RAMADAN and thus it makes Ramadan a month of great importance among the Muslims.

Ramadan is the 9th month in the islamic calendar and falls between sha'abaan and shawwal.

Ramadan is the month on which allah’s revelation was first reached to the human kind. Ramadan has 29 or 30 days it and that depends on the sighting of the crescent. The Muslims all around the world are obliged to fast during this month from sunrise till sunset. Fasting not only means avoiding eatables and drinks, but it also refers to abstaining from evil habits which includes backbiting, gambling, fighting and so on.

Apart from fasting, the muslims spend their time performing prayers, reading the holy Qur'an, and in the remembrance of the Almighty.

Sawm which is arabic word for fasting is the third pillar of Islam and it is mandatory for the believers to fast during the whole month. Fasting has many spiritual as well health benefits at the same time. lt provides our body a chance to detoxify our digestive system. Fasting helps you to have a control on yourself to abstain from bad habits. This one month of avoiding food and drinks makes the people to think about the poor ones living in the corners of the world who are thriving to get a meal once.
By fasting allah purifies our soul by removing all our past sins. It is a path to become more close to our creator.

‘LAILATHUL QADR’ is the night when the holy quran was revealed to the humans. We expect this night during the odd days in the last ten days of Ramadan and hence the last ten days is the most important days of this month. During these nights the muslims perform special prayers and ask for forgiveness.

Ramadan is the month of blessings as allah showers his mercy upon the people. It is the month of happiness , everyone is away from bad habits and is focused on gaining good deeds and seeking forgiveness for themselves.

This month promotes peace and love among the fellow beings.

Ramadan has many other benefits and importance to the mankind which can be seen from the verses of the holy quran as well as from the narrations of the prophet muhammed [ﷺ].

Allah has given us many blessings and benefits, and Ramadan is the best time to return to allah, ask for repentance and to increase our closeness to allah.
May allah make this Ramadan easy and fruitful to all of us.


Naswiha Nowshad, 12-B, United Indian School


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