LuLu Hypermarket launches traditional ‘Ramadan Souqs’

Thursday, March 16, 2023

As part of its ongoing ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion that began on 8 March, LuLu Hypermarket, the retail leader in the region, held a ceremony to launch traditional ‘Ramadan Souqs’ at all outlets of the hypermarket.

The event was inaugurated at the Al-Qurain outlet of the brand on 15 March by top officials of three well-known charity groups in Kuwait — Humanitarian Relief Society, Namaa Charity and AlNajat Charity — along with top management of LuLu Hypermarket, and in the presence of a large gathering of shoppers and well wishers.

The opening ceremony also witnessed the launch of special charity gift cards by the three humanitarian groups, which people can purchase to support the mission of these organizations. Also on the occasion, LuLu Hypermarket announced that throughout the month of Ramadan it would daily distribute more than 400 free Iftar food kits to needy people around the country. Additionally, LuLu Hypermarket will also provide Namaa Charity with free Iftar food kits for distribution to indigent people in various locations all over Kuwait.

Besides the ‘Ramadan Souqs’ which highlight Kuwait’s traditional ways of marking the holy month, the ongoing ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion, which runs until the end of the holy month, features several promotions,discount offers and deals on Ramadan-related items, including on Ramadan foods, non-food items, household products, gifts and more.

Also available during the promotion period are special Ramadan kits, containing high-quality Ramadan food items that are available in a standard kit for KD10 and a premium kit for KD15. In addition, to make this holy month even more distinctive, there are exclusive ‘Naqsatna’ and ‘Naqsatna Premium Box’, packed with Ramadan goodies that can be purchased at all outlets. Special Iftar meal counters will also be open at all outlets of the hypermarket, to provide warm, ready-to-eat meals for those seeking to break the fast without the hassle and time taken to cook.

Heightening the spirit of the holy season and providing an attractive backdrop to the ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion are displays of traditional Ramadan decorations, monuments and other items that celebrate the holy month. Festive gift cards to mark the occasion are also available at all outlets of the hypermarket in denominations of KD10, KD25 and KD50 that can be purchased for presenting to family, friends or employees.

Other major promotions and offers during the month of Ramadan include the ‘Dates Festival’ with alluring offers on best quality dates; ‘Big TV Majlis’ that offers amazing deals on big-screen televisions; ‘Ramadan Home Fest’ with special offers on various appliances, household items and furnishings; as well as a ‘Ramadan Sweets Treat’ that provides special Ramadan sweet delicacies to cater to all those with a sweet tooth.

In addition, there will also be ‘Ramadan Meat Market’ offering discounts on the choicest cuts; and ‘Healthy Ramadan’ celebration that features organic foods, superfoods, vegan meals, and ‘free-from’ food products for those allergic to certain food items. A ‘Ramadan Nights’ festival planned for the promotion period will further attract shoppers of all ages with fun-filled activities and food counters.

The ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion reiterates LuLu Hypermarket’s continued commitment to participate in the community’s social and religious events and to provide shoppers with a comfortable and safe shopping experience in an unrivaled ambiance, while offering high-quality products from around the world at exceedingly competitive prices.


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