Final Exams

Halima Hussain Sayed
Sunday, March 12, 2023

As we all know annual exams came, and we all students started doing preparations for examinations ,during exam days my mother will tell me not to watch television ,stop playing games on phones.

my exams routine, in the morning i will get up at 6 i will pray (salah) and then i will have my breakfast something lite then i will start learning my hard subject maths .

I will give maximum time for maths,after studying maths I will take a break and do physical activities like play tennis ,run races etc with brother then I will have lunch .

At lunch I will have desi food ,after lunch I will take a rest .

My mother says learn one hard and one easy subject to balance my studies, as I said I will learn one easy subject which is hindi. After Hindi I will have dinner .
no doubt i take highest marks but my mother says i should be first topper in the class,

Exams have a important role in the process of taking education.Examinations help the students to organise their syllabus,

Exams are a way to test our knowledge. I always follow the below tips for preparation of exams .

Organise your study space.
Organise study groups with friends,
make your own notes.
underline or highlight important points in your textbook.
Every student has fear of exams but if we work hard it will be easy to face exams and score highest marks.


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