Kuwait Indian School Felicitated Kindergarten with Graduation Ceremony

Sunday, March 12, 2023

‘This is just the beginning…. You are a star in the making…. Shine on!

Kindergarten Graduation symbolises a sense of accomplishment, attainment and educational achievement. Graduation Day signifies a time of fruition with innate feeling resonates that growing up has just begun. Graduation is not the end; it’s the beginning. This ceremony is a great opportunity to little stars to celebrate learning and to ascertain an important milestone, one that may be the first of many milestones.

Kuwait Indian School commemorated Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony on 16th February 2023 to boost the sense of first accomplishment of little kids in their life and to give love of schooling and education. The theme of the programme was ‘Garden’. The auditorium and stage were ornamented with honeybees, butterflies and balloon tree according to the theme, handcrafted car and jeep were displayed. KIS Principal Mrs.Sabahat Khan, Primary wing Vice Principal Mrs.Sameena Sultana, senior wing Vice Principal Mrs.Vincy Saji, school staff, students and parents aggrandized the occasion. KIS celebrated this propitious day with parents to solace and comfort their kids as they move in the higher levels of academics.

A scintillating and lovely ceremony’s morning commenced with Holy Quran. Fawzan Muhammed of Grade I-C recited surah, followed by Kuwait National Anthem. U.K.G-A, B & C girls greeted the guests with their glamorous and astonishing welcome dance performance. The motivator, a woman of distinguished vision, KIS Principal Sabahat Khan and the idols of knowledge and experience of KIS Vice Principals were welcomed and venerated with magnificent bouquets. KIS Principal delivered the welcome address. In her welcome address she congratulated, and encouraged the U.K.G students for accomplishing their task. She motivated the students and advised the parents how to keep the kids away from electronic gadgets and encourage them to dedicate more time with their children. Later Primary wing’s Vice Principal Sameena Sultana addressed the gathering. She applauded the graduates for fulfilling and achieving their tasks and target successfully and fruitfully.

The next fragment was the most awaited and splendid part of the gathering, the tiny tots with stooping and dangling tassels on the graduation cap were acknowledged and honoured with certificates for the academic achievements. Class teachers of UKG Mrs. Jayasree, Mrs.Sujatha, and Mrs.Manjula introduced their respective class graduates to the convocation. The little graduates’ faces gloried with innate feeling of pride and gaiety when they were receiving the certificates from dignified KIS Principal and Vice Principal. The podium diffused tiny tot’s beauty in graduation attire to every corner.

The LKG – A & B girls students made the day illustrious and spectacular with their dazzling dance performance. Glimpse of full academic year activities were presented on the screen made the event captivating and alluring. Sugary and tasty lollipops decorated in handcrafted paper flowers were given to jollify the graduates. A refreshment table filled with Cookies, chocolates, juices and water bottles were kept ready for the guests, parents and whole assemblage.

U.K.G - A, B & C boys expressed their gratitude to the gathering with their cute and adorable ‘Thank You Song’. The programme was concluded with vote of thanks by Mrs. Naseem


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