AICA Presents Dastangoi & Comedy Unlimited

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Kuwait experienced an enthralling evening when luminaries from the Urdu literary and entertainment field mesmerized the audience for over 2 hours with their breathtaking individual performances.

It was a first for Kuwait when All India Cultural Association (AICA) invited Dr Himanshu Bajpai, a connoisseur of the Art of Dastangoi, to present this ancient art form before Kuwait’s culturally receptive audience. The impact was immediate and apparent the auditorium at SIMS Salmiya brimming to its capacity with eager people, many of whom had never experienced a live Dasgtangoi session in the past were left captivated. Dr Bajpai, narrated a beautiful well-structured prose on Kafi Azmi, a renowned Urdu poet and an accomplished song writer who has to his credit many many popular songs for the hindi cinema.

Dr. Bajpai’s repertoire of oratory skills were on display in the evening, spellbinding the audience to Kafi’s life-journey. Dr. Himanshu, a resident of Lucknow, India has been a proponent of this art form for the last few years and in this short span has managed to create an inimitable position for himself. Showing his appreciation to the adulations given to him by the audience, he professed that it is not often that he finds a crowd that gets so immersed and receptive to the narration.

After the moving Dastangoi narration the evening progressed to get a dose of comedy. Rehman Khan the famous stand-up comedian from India was there to lighten up sprits and bring a smile to all present. Rehman Khan who has been featuring in the Kapil Sharma shows recently captivated the audience with his rib-tickling one-liners and punches. He was particularly generous with his jokes on Bollywood which was greatly appreciated by all.

The evening concluded with AICA team expressing their gratitude to the Major sponsors AL MULLA EXCHANGE, AL AHLIA CHEMICALS, AL RASHID SHIPPING CO., KUWAIT SWEDISH CLEANING CO., and announcing that they were overwhelmed with the audience response to the program. The team went on to mention that they would be shortly declaring the date for convening the annual AICA-Mushaira that could not be held for the last few years.


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