IBAK Torpedoes Bring the Cup Home

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

In a fiercely Fought Contest that Involved eight of the best teams drawn across various clubs, THE IBAK TORPEDOES WON THE CHAIRMAN'S CUP 2023..SECOND EDITION. having lost it in the first edition by a whisker , The IBAK TORPEDOES were on a mission to get the cup back and in the process , they demolished the opposition one by one in a systematic and strategic manner . having finished on top of their group in the league stage , the IBAK TORPEDOES went toe to toe with the IBAK ARROWS who were the ONLY team to Mount a serious challenge . The IBAK TORPEDOES trounced the IBAK ARROWS 3-2 in The SEMIFINALS. Team VICTOR entered the finals with a hard fought 3-2 VICTORY over the RAPTORS Kuwait with the tie getting decided on the last point of the decider tie breaker mixed doubles match ! the finals was a thorough demolition job by THE IBAK TORPEDOES AS the took the first 3 ties of the match to deservedly lift the CHAIRMAN'S CUP 2023 AS CHAMPIONS.


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