Kuwait’s National & Liberation Day – Substantial History, Significance & Celebration

Samaih, IIK Young Contributor
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

On the 25th and 26th February of every year, we celebrate Kuwait’s National & Liberation Day. But are we really aware of the significant history of these two dates? .
On 25th February every year, Kuwait celebrates its National Day to mark Sheikh Abdullah AI-Salem Al-Sabah's ascension to the throne in 1950 as well as his death in 1965. Sheikh Abdullah AIl-Salem Al-Sabah is a highly respected leader in Kuwait because of his significant contributions that helped the country achieve independence. Most countries celebrate their National day on which date they got independence but due to extreme heat on 19th June in Kuwait, the National Day of Kuwait is now marked as dated 25th Feb from 1963. Kuwait’s Liberation Day is celebrated on February 26th. This holiday marks the day when Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation in 1991. The Iraqi forces proved unable to resist the coalition forces, the ground war only lasted four days and the Iraqi tanks left Kuwait on February 26th 1991.

On Kuwait National Day, the streets are filled with the colors of the national flag. The national flag is the most important symbol of National Day celebrations in Kuwait. Each color symbolizes a part of Kuwait's national history: green represents fertility, white depicts peace, red symbolizes armed struggle during the quest for its independence, and black stands for the defeat of the country's enemies. In essence, the flag reminds the people of unity and pride as one nation.
The holidays allow people to indulge in dining out most of the time and you can see bazaars, souks and malls selling a variety of items depicting the national flag in forms of clothes, banners, hats, masks, wigs, etc. This majestic merriment creates a bond of brotherhood and unites the people in peace and harmony throughout Kuwait. This time of the year, the weather is beautiful and a great time for hospitality, thus Kuwait attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Not to forget this month of long celebrations offers huge discounts, shopping extravaganzas, special airfare and hotel packages.

People decorate their houses with colorful lights, flags, and even candles lit at dinner time. Historical places like “Kuwait National Museum, Al Bahhar Entertainment Historical Village, Mirror House, and Kuwait Towers” are decorated with light, and fireworks are also set up at night. Flags are set up at buildings and displayed at major points to show patriotism. From live concerts, water balloons to fireworks, and traditional culinary experiences, the streets are alive to the early hours of the next morning each year. Large crowds and heavy traffic congestion are always expected in downtown areas.

As per the 2019 reports, Kuwait people have made a record in the Guinness book for making the longest flag on Kuwait National day (العيد الوطني للكويت) caught by 4000 students and had a parade. Since the day of its independence, Kuwait has made great tread on the roads of progress and prosperity which are based on friendship, peace, and mutual cooperation. It has been working hard to manage the basic needs of people at the international level as well. We have immense respect & love for this nation.

Wishing everyone warm & splendid National & Liberation Day holidays!


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