Indo-Kuwait Relationship

Ann Treesa Tony, IIK Young Reporter
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

India and Kuwait have a long-standing and friendly relationship, built on strong economic and cultural ties.

Economically, India and Kuwait have close trade links, with Kuwait being a major supplier of oil to India. India is also a significant exporter of goods and services to Kuwait, including textiles, pharmaceuticals, and IT services. Culturally, the two countries share a rich heritage, with a large Indian diaspora living and working in Kuwait. This has helped to strengthen the bond between the two nations, as Indian expatriates have made valuable contributions to the Kuwaiti economy and society.

In recent years, both India and Kuwait have taken steps to further enhance their relationship. For example, the two countries have signed several agreements in areas such as trade, culture, and education. India and Kuwait have also held regular political consultations and joint commissions to discuss issues of mutual concern and to explore new avenues of cooperation.

Personally speaking, I have a great attachment with the country of Kuwait. I have been brought up here and have been living here for the past 14 years. I have nothing but gratitude towards this country for raising me up to the way I am today. The way Kuwait handled the situations during the pandemic and protecting the natives and the foreigners equally by providing us with vaccines, medical care, food, etc at the right time. If the ministry of education had not taken the steps of providing education via online classes, the future of the students would have been spoilt. Kuwait respects the traditions and culture of the Indians and has built churches to worship. Kuwait has also given me many opportunities in developing my talents by organising various competitions and courses. It is a great opportunity to write here in this portal and I am immensely grateful for that.


Overall, the relationship between India and Kuwait is one of mutual respect and cooperation, based on shared values and interests. Both countries are committed to working together to deepen their relationship and to address the challenges facing the region and the world.

May this amazing relationship between India, my motherland and Kuwait, my foster land continue to grow in the coming years.

Ann Treesa Tony
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