Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Kuwait Association conducted Family Get-together & General Body Meet 2023

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Aligarh Muslim University Old Boys’ Association- Kuwait Chapter conducted Family Get-together & General Body Meet on 20th of January 2023.

Winter arrives and everyone in Kuwait gets tranquilized with the serenity of the pleasant weather. The season last for few days but everyone is out in the weekend to enjoy the weather.

Grabbing the opportunity to be out in the open along with family and friends, AMUOBA organized a get together along with the general body meet in the desert camps of Jula’ia on 20th January 2023 and the entire Alig fraternity was invited.

Usually General body meets are not arranged in such a manner but AMUOBA wanted every Alig to connect to the association hence it was made an event with full of activities fun filled laughter and heart-warming, along with a poetic evening with renowned Urdu poets of Kuwait.

The event started with the Friday prayer. Later delicious and warm lunch was served in the cold of desert.

The GBM was conducted by EC Member Mr. Ahmed Imroz Khan, he invited AMUOBA President Mr. Aslam Parvez to deliver the Presidential speech. Mr. Aslam Parvez briefed about the purpose of GB Meeting and AMUOBA accomplishment in the year 2022, while addressing the gathering Mr. Aslam Parvez thanked all Aligs for supporting the team to run AMUOBA in an organised and meticulous manner and serve the community for the whole year of 2022. He mentioned that his aim is to connect all the Alig living in Kuwait and the effort will be continued. It is to be noted that he started his journey for the presidential post with a motto “A home away from home” this is how he wanted to build a small world for the Alumni of AMU living in Kuwait.

General Secretary Mr. Asif Equbal presented the agenda of the meeting followed by the details of the program conducted along with the achievements of the previous year and upcoming program outline for the year 2023. Calendar of the year was released. President Mr. Aslam Parvez after a short note addressed the queries of the general body.

The event was attended by a many Aligs and their families. It was planned in such a way that everyone irrespective of age, gender could enjoy. There were games for children organised by Mrs. And Mr. Khursheed Anwer. Children enjoyed a lot and won many prizes on the spot.

Ladies also enjoyed the games arranged by Joint Secretary Mrs. Shazia Mansoor.

Later the poets from India and Pakistan living in Kuwait like Mr. Masood Hassas, Dr. Aamir Qidwai, Mrs. Shahjahan jaffery hejab, Mr. Faiyaaz Wardig, Mr.Nazar Kadpavi, Mr. Badr Seemab, Mr. Naseem Zahid, Mr. Ayub Khan Nezah, Mr. Ibrahim Qasid brightened the evening with their sublime poetry. Listening to them is a treat to the heart and soul. Warmth of their poetry made the camp in desert cosy and warm.

President thanked all the members of the Executive Committee as well as the members of the association for making it successful with their gracious presence. He mentioned that success of the event was combined effort of all members, be it those who were conducting the program or the members who contributed in the form of ideas and suggestions to improvise. The exceptional contribution from the esteem members of the Executive Committee Mr. Yusuf Abdullah, Mr. Masroor Alam, Mr. Adil Sareer ,Mr. Kashif Husain, Mr. Taqui Hasan, Mr. Syed Nadeem Iftikhar, Mr. Ahmad Imroz Khan & Mr. Faraz Shamsi is commendable.


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