Malavika Vinod
Monday, January 23, 2023

‘A house is not a home’. This quote is almost known by everyone. But its specialty is that it means a lot.

Recently, I moved to a new house. We had to work day and night, taking out the furniture, arranging things, packing, the sorrow and the time it takes to adjust. As a child, I had mixed emotions the whole time- I did not want to go away but still I had the excitement of having a new room all by myself.

We had lived for 4 years at the location and I was really attached to the house. During the experience I learned that we humans always look for the better but when it comes to leaving, it’s really hard to move away.

A moving experience also contains happiness. At first, we feel really quaint in an unfamiliar house and it’s like living in a hotel. But soon we accept the fact that we are living at the place and strangely find immense pleasure in doing things in our daily routine, pleased to be in a new surroundings.

When the kids of the house are having new rooms, they have their own problems. I myself had sleeping problems for the first few days or so but then I longed for my room and my bed and I felt a strong feeling of possession, sitting at my place.

Moving out is difficult. But the funny thing is that we find excuses to avoid it. For example- if you are a plant-lover, you complain that the house doesn’t have a garden, a teenager always needs space to store her infinite clothes, and kids demand a bigger room to play and keep their stuff. But here are some tips.

No garden? You can create an indoor forest near sunny windows, complete with shelves and stands. No space? Again wall stands come to rescue. Kid’s room too small? Bunk beds are more fun and take up less space as well.

The most important thing is to just let go like a plant while replantation and settle down again in your brand new pot and continue growing.

“You’ve got a big windscreen on the front of your car, and a tiny rear view mirror. And the reason the windscreen is big and the rearview mirror so small is because the past is not nearly as important as what is in your future.” Joel Osteen

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