Farook College ‘s 75th year celebration- the propagation event started in Kuwait

Sunday, January 22, 2023

The propagation event for Farook College’s 75th year celebration started in Kuwait under the auspices of Farook College Old Students Association (FOSA) Kuwait Chapter with the good & active participation of families of old students. The program started with the recital of Holy Quran by Misaj Rayees.

The family gathering to propagate the event was presided by chapter president Mohamed Rafi where chief guest Dr. K.M.Naseer – college principal delivered the key note address. He mentioned the great handworks made by the visionaries like K.M Seethi Saheb and Moulavi Abu Sabah and many sincere socially committed leaders for establishing such a wonderful institute for the educational upliftment of Malabar area, which delivered high quality education for generations and the positive contribution made to the society. He also talked about the milestones the college has achieved throughout its 75-year journey.

FOSA central committee General Secretary and the director self-financing unit Dr. P.P Yousef Ali has briefed the progress the college has achieved in academic front. A staunch supporter of the college who contributed to its growth Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman AlSaqer and former FOSA Kuwait president Ahmed Koya rendered felicitation speeches. Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman AlSaqer mentioned his long-term relation with the college and the area.

Token of appreciation were presented to the guests by Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman AlSaqer in the presence of Afsal Khan, Country Head of Malabar Gold & Diamonds. The Chapter General Secretary Riyas Ahmed rendered welcome speech and Organizing secretary Ramees Hydrose extended vote of thanks. After official event, there was orchestra led by Rafi Kozhikode and Anwar Sarang.Chapter Public Relation Secretary Basheer Batha was the anchor of the event. M.M. Zubair, Zaheer, Habeeb Kalathingal, Ashraf Vaakkath, Abdullah Kelloroth, Dr. Asheel, Yaqub Elathur, Aslam, Mudasser coordinated the event.

Overall, the program’s positive vibrance instigated a lot of nostalgia with the presence of different batches of old students and reminded this great institute’s contribution to the upliftment of the society. The attendees reiterated their commitment to its further growth with their involvement. The program turned to be a golden feather in FOSA Kuwait Chapter activities.


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