Meteorologists caution of poor visibility across Kuwait

Sunday, January 22, 2023

The Meteorological Department of Kuwait's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) forecasts that horizontal visibility will drop sharply to below one kilometer and to nil in some areas on Saturday/Sunday night.

Visibility will start improving by 10:00 am Sunday, and decline again next night due to dense fog, said Amira Al-Azemy, head of the DGCA's weather forecasts division.

Kuwait has come under a high pressure associated with a wet mass of air and mild wind, which usually leads to dense fog, she told KUNA.

Al-Azemy noted that the poor weather conditions forced halting the air traffic at Kuwait International Airport between 6:50 and 8:50 am. Saturday.

Meanwhile, a thick fog engulfed Kuwait on Saturday ebbing visibility and drenching the ground including roads with moisture. Visibility has ebbed thus people namely motorists ought to be quite cautious.


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