Engage in Social Activism by Embracing History RSC

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Risala Study Circle (RSC) Kuwait conducted "Enlighten" meet for national councillors at Wisdom Centre Salmiya. The session evoked the need of incorporating historical facts while interacting and working with the modern society. The meet also focused the importance of social development along with individual growth. Discussions were held on the functioning of various clusters in the system.

RSC Kuwait Chairman Haris Puratheel presided and ICF Kuwait Secretary Rafeeq Kochanur inaugurated the meet. ICF Kuwait General Secretary Abdulla Vadakara addressed the leaders and gave necessary guidelines for leadership in the new era. Anwar Kasaragod, Nawaf Ahmed, Jassam Kundungal and Moosakkutty led various sessions. The meet applauded and awarded Jaleeb Zone for achieving the first place in Pravasi Risala magazine distribution system in December month.


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