Nostalgic Thoughts-

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
Tuesday, January 17, 2023

13 years of my nostalgic memories which I will remember till the end of my life and which will not come back. My sweet, loving, nostalgic memories of my school DPS(F.A.I.P.S). That is how long I have been a part of this school. I feel a special connection to this place, forged by a routine of 5 to 6 hours every day, for 13 years. I remember the time when I was a little kid in KG, crying desperately and trying not to let go of my mother’s hand. This place was too foreign and I was unwilling to accept it. I resented my mother’s choice about making me come here. Little did I know that 13 years later I would feel the same about leaving this place. It was here that I found friends. I found sweet memories to last me a lifetime.

Kinder garten ended quickly. So I was introduced to a new set of kids in the first standard. Eventually, I was curious about the school. I wanted to discover and explore the school. Soon, this feeling of inquisitiveness and curiosity intensified into a thirst for knowledge, the thirst I have today.

We often talk about our "best years" in school. For me and all the students around the world, we will not forget the year, it was the year 2019 where I was in grade 5th. This year was an unforgettable year because it was the year where the entire country was standstill due to COVID-19 and the exams were cancelled and this was the first time in life of my history. I remember there were final exams and that year every student was directly promoted to the next class. I still remember a lot of details of that time because everything was online and we all were working online that was work from home. That year was very special to me because it was the last year of primary school. After two years spending at home I could actually feel myself growing up within the four walls of my house where we couldn’t even go down to play. Now I have come in grade 8th I began to understand the nature of the world, the deceptiveness of the world. Yet it was this world in which I created my own small world. A world where only I existed. A world of infinite possibilities. A world which the school helped me nurtures even by giving me knowledge and teaching me online.

This shows that education will never stop you can get education through online too. COVID-19 has taught each and every one a very big lesson.

8th standard is the time when I found my best friends. I started to undergo a lot of change. I met positive people and negative people, crazy people. But the crazy thing was, I felt that all these people were my own kind. So in that sense each class became a big family. Also, it was here that my self-doubts increased. My trusting ability was tested. Yet it is a part of every teenager's. Here, the school helped me begin yet another journey, that of self-discovery. I no longer live under the

Pretense, the safe bubble which I was in. I had come out of the cocoon of innocence. 8th standard is the year when I got the most encouragement. It was a very colorful year, filled with surprises. I started to take things more seriously. Finally, my hard work was getting appreciated. Suddenly I was a famous kid in school, the one who knew everyone.

I am very proud of my school
Long live my school F.A.I.P.S
A special salute to my school F.A.I.P.S
Jai Hind

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
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