India’s Fight Against Covid- The Success Story

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar, IIK Young Reporter
Sunday, January 15, 2023

A general entry in 2023 has been a challenging year for the world since the entire world had been gone through a drastic change due to covid-19. When covid-19 was declared a global pandemic the most affected people in India was the middle-class people, but as we all know, India is a diversified country, people from all different religious live together and have been there always for each other, therefore, we Indians are known for “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

The pandemic has taken a lot of things from us at time when everyone was trying to become wealthy and collect money, it was a big lesson from each and everyone that money is not everything one need to survive its rather the good will, kindness and the loved ones. Covid-19 was the time where the people of India came out to help the need. People from all races, castes, creed and religion came out and did their best to help each one in need. When the covid-19 attacked, it took away with even the riches, the celebrities and the common man too. It did not take away only the poor but so much of money could not even save the riches. But the India tried its level best to motivate people by following all the safety protocols at the personal level and some celebrities and even the common man had started becoming youtubers by showing their concern and not making the people afraid of this dangerous virus. People started making advertisement on Corona se darna nahi hai corona se hum sab ko milkar ladna hai (we should not be afraid of Covid-19, we all must fight against Covid.) In some cities the Indian women used to sing Corona Bhagh ja.(Corona go away) During Covid the most successful website was the social media and the YouTube. The Indian prime minister was also making the people alert by giving the message to stay home and stay safe. India is a country where the people are very strong and there are ample of successful stories where people are very strong to face this types of viruses and among all the Indians the Indian police had played a very important role during Covid by standing and not letting anyone to come out of their houses as the youngsters tried to come to meet their friends they were punished by making them murga (cock) and cops were ready with their sticks so the teenage were afraid and not coming out of their houses. The success story of India during covid was the people of India started their jobs, schools and many other works through online which gave a big success to the Indians by learning and earning from any part of the world, India has been success in making the covid vaccines, and different types of mask too. Either it is corona virus or omicron virus, or any other viruses India is a strong country which can face each and every virus.

Ladenga India, Na Darenga India Corona Ko Bhagayenga India.

Saniya Shanawaz Petkar
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