India – My Contribution towards Peace

Malavika Vinod, IIK Young Reporter
Sunday, January 15, 2023

The world weeps with sorrow,
Dozens of families in misery and loss.

The powerful army tanks, no longer needed,
What comfort they give to homeless widows and orphans?

The great minds of the Earth joined their powers at last,
Vowed to abide by the laws and keep forces near their hands,

But has anyone seen the destruction it caused?
Whether poor or rich, all our races are alike.

Let us contribute and give our share,
To creating happy smiles and that contented glare,
We have done so much but there lies a long road ahead,
Let us embark on the long journey and fly across the bumps and curves.

Hundreds of brave soldiers trek and climb the hills,
They defend us in troops and give us the assurance,
That we can enjoy the sun and the mild weather,
While they keep a watch on us, through the night when we sleep.

We, as a country have everything that is wanted,
So let us donate to the poor wanderers.

How much does it take to make a tiny home?
And warm the orphans’ hearts with the joy of hope,
And the glow of the feeling that floated over the world,

But now is so hard to find in the depths of the mines.


Malavika Vinod
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