New Indian School Mangaf hosted Annual Sports Day

Thursday, January 12, 2023

“Life is incomplete without sports, it’s the time to refresh ourselves so play as much as you can”. On 8th of January New Indian School hosted its Annual Sports Day, a day filled with excitement, thrills, and cheers. Since this was their opportunity to have fun outside of class, all the pupils were excited. Our distinguished guest, Ms. Anoud Mubarak Abdullah Al Maataoq, the administrative and academic supervisor for all the non-Arabic schools of the Al-Jeri group, along with our NIS Principal Mrs. Anita Sadanand and Vice Principal Mrs. Jeya Ananthi released the balloons to kick off the sports day.

The youthful, outstanding junior singers sang the prayer hymn to seek God’s blessings and the National Anthem of Kuwait. Our grade 6 student Mohamed Faizan, who won first place in the Ministry of Education's Quran recitation competition, recited verses from the holy Quran.

This was followed by the Inter-House march past. The school's four houses—Air, Water, Earth, and Fire— gathered on the track in preparation for the march past. As the drumbeat filled the air, the council members, house captains, and vice captains followed. Following an oath taken by the students and team captains, the other activities continued.

The event gained momentum when a variety of drill displays were presented. The tiny juniors opened the act with a rocking dance while flailing their arms while holding blue balloons and golden pompoms. Watching it caused a great deal of excitement.

The following portion of the day's program featured a stunning display of live sporting activities, including relay races for kindergarten and primary students. Many winners were jubilantly celebrating their victories.

Next, grade 2 and 3 students wowed the audience with a colorful hula-hoop and ribbon drill display. It was an absolutely a fantastic performance. Senior students got the opportunity to demonstrate their athletic prowess in relay races and 100 and 200-meter runs. There were numerous winners.
Our Principal Mrs. Anita Sadanand gave away the trophies, medals and certificates amid loud applause.

The games organized for the parents saw impressive participation. It was a day filled with sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and memories to cherish. The vote of thanks was proposed by our teacher, and the KOC administration was thanked for permitting the Sports Day event to be conducted in their stadium. The Indian National Anthem was sung with great pride by the entire gathering. Thus, a joyful day came to an end and everyone returned with a heart full of memories


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